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Quote: Originally Posted by bsyde82 thinkin of coppin a pair of nudies off cultizm cuz they're the only ones that currently carry a 30x32.... anyone ever buy from them? is it based in germanY? im afraid, once i buy, if it don't fit right, im stuck with it I got a pair of SJs from them a few weeks ago. I think they're great, 2 day delivery, jeans as described and the price is not bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May ^I will take pics in a bit, batts are charging. hold off on the util shirt until you see the imperfection I referred to. IMO it adds character given the shirt type but your opinion may differ. There are a couple of items I might have to auction because I literally have had like 6-7 people ask about them and I can't really come up with an order of priority. Ie, The white henley and the brown tiger hoodie. Shawl...
I've seen PRPS on big guys, looks good but I'm not a fan of their brand for some reason.
parisvegas. I wish I know how to haggle better.
Age? Physique?
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Yes. If someone comments negatively, poke them with your umbrella. lefty If its those thick yellow heavy duty type then you can forget about it.
Wear good looking underwear or suspenders.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T my brother used to constantly take my clothes way-back-when I lived at home. Used to drive me crazy because he smokes and I don't, so whatever he took would come back stinking of cigarettes. In the end I chained my closet shut (seriously) I sent him a sms message a couple of days ago. I told him I would lock my door if he keep this shit up. He just loves to leave expensive clothing on the floor like an old...
Looks delicious. so what kind of puppy is it?
I've always been clean and tidy, while my brother is kind of a slob. The clothing always come back smelling like cigarettes, alcohol and vomit. Just last month , he puked on my dior jeans and my white goat leather y's. He didn't even have the courtesy to clean it. Argggg, oh well he's my brother and I ought to kick his ass.
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