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Their ad worked.
I've noticed a lot of guys gunning for the april77 tapered look, but its fucking disgusting when they have thunder thighs and big ass calves, especially here in asia where most guys play soccer. One bulge is enough on a tight pair of jeans.
Depends on the occasion. I usually don't mind, and she hasn't let me down so far.
I'm rich.
Tough crowd.
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ I thought it said pimping. Were you checking out your own ass? That has got to be the most embarrassing. Would've been a much more interesting thread. What about checking to see if you have boogers?
They can take any schmo and turn them into models. Thank God for photoshop.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I find the concept of well-appointed underground bunkers quite fascinating. There probably exist several of these bunkers in the former Soviet Bloc. If I had enough money, I would definitely get one of those and furnish it in a very luxurious period-correct decor. LK, I was just waiting for your interesting .02 Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ Before the invention of the...
Been there, done that. Once you begin to think about breaking up, most likely you will, sooner or later. Same thing happened to me, long d relationship through school and now half way across the world. We dated for 6 years, fought all the time, she's always being jealous, etc, etc. Finally broke up (very tough for the first few months) and now I've wonder why I didn't break up sooner. I got to enjoy my life, feel happier and met a great gal. (Experience may vary)
I was just thinking about if I should call in sick tomorrow, this thread put me over. Thanks.
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