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Sold! Thank you!
Hi guys, Got a pair of CP white leather low-cut sneaker in size 44 (US11) up for sale. It's been worn only a few times, almost no wear on the soles. Fits slim so I got myself a size 45 instead. Paypal accepted, local pickup available in Hong Kong.
Going to watch it, from what I hear its not bad.
Just got back from Laguna Phuket and Bangkok. Amazing beaches! Wish I could've stayed a few more days.
Its about damn time. Fucking as ugly as their lesbian sister UGGs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr T You sir, are quite lame. I have had hair on my package for 25 years and it has caused no problems. Occassionslly women even touch it. How long is the pube? Tell the seller that they need to have a trim.
I'm in! To show everyone I'm commited, I will go out and buy myself a new shirt!
Awwww gay'd.
Had the potential to be a good thread.
I'm heading over to Thailand next week. Phuket for 3 nights and bangkok for another 3 nights. So one week thailand trip including tickets, hotel + breakfast cost me $600usd.
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