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i used to have a pair of Yuketen Johnson Boots in size US9...all my Vibergs are a size 9 (stamped on the inside), so i'd suggest the same size. 8.5 in Viberg for you.and yes, my Viberg 66 Hikers are a size 9 as well ;)
     the above 3 posts is what VIBERG is all about...great customer service & great craftmanship. all in all you'll get some fucking great boots for your money! can't wait until vacation is over, so that i can go back home and check out my latest purchase from the sample sale #29 - derby shoe in color #8 shell cordovan, 1035 last, dainite sole and heel...stoked as feck!
 damn, i need these... guy, any idea on a possible release date? thanks.
great collection right there j.! love the blk cxl short shifts especially...
 4 guys need to be d'accord with the exact same make yes, all of those 4 will get the exact same boot in the end!the quantity of people doesn't set the price, it's just that viberg needs at least 4 of the exact same make up so that it's reasonable for them to do a run (please correct me if i'm wrong Guy or others!). so if there are 4 or 10 guys ordering the same thing...the price will remain the same!if you want viberg, you also have to pay viberg...quality and... way!mine were 575USD shipped (ordered through ironheart forum and group order of 4 people!)...didn't infact the pricing though.hikers are priced 200-300less than your standard service boot (unless you go the horsehide route on your hikers that is!)...
just flew over the last 10 pages i've missed reading during the last few weeks/months...saw a lot of great boots. congrats to all of you!   just took delivery of these babies... ironheartXviberg 66 hikers ...needed some new boots for hiking, so why the hell not, right ;)       went for a 2h hike the other are the "after* pics:                            
tbh. i haven't bought these from viberg directly...i was fortunate enough to score them through an online shop (not manufactum!), so they came with those laces.imo it sholdn't be a problem for viberg to ship a pair of laces or two!...
 will do, ha :P try to give them some hard times...these are my best looking and best fitting shoes boots i own (atm.)! haven't tried it yet, but will post pics as soon as i do! still looking for the right laces though... ha, sry for giving you some hard times buddy, but you def. not gonna regret that purchase! these boots are heaven on earth if i may say so....brilliant in their own way and i'm not even talking about how beautyful they are ^^
just because i'm in love, i'll share another one with ya :)  
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