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Why would anyone wear shorts when they are over 14?
Just received my suit in the mail. Jason has been extremely helpful during the process, from helping me get the measurements right until delivery.
Just to let you know: I have finally found a nice hotel, albeit at a horrible price.(around 400$ a night) There did not seem to be nat alernatives, though. Thanks to all who helped me.
So here is my story. After thinking aboutit for a long time, I decided i want to get myself a JLC reverso duo. At first I thought about getting a JLC reverso grande date but decided against it, given my small wrists. So my question is the following. Would you recommend buying a watch online on the grey market or at a dealer in New York? What would be the relative price difference? How much can one...
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G I just googled it, don't know how reliable it is. "Ik koop" means "I buy" in Dutch. There must be something there.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF FWIW recently on Priceline I grabbed a last minute room at the Grand Hyatt next to Grand Central for one night at $150. Not the most charming hotel but more than fine for the price. So depending on the date there are deals to be had. That would be great but I am a little anxious about going to NY for a full week without a hotel reservation.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty You're just not trying. Great location. Cool place. lefty I am already waiting for an answer from them. Looks cool indeed.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Do you have access to corporate rates? That can often get you rates below $300 in many good hotels. If not, I'd say that it's pretty much impossible to stay in a proper hotel in NYC for that price nowadays. Try either a depressing hotel (read 2* Times Square fleabag, Econolodge...) or a proper hotel not in Manhattan (Jersey City, Brooklyn). If you're young enough, go for the Gershwin or another of those budget...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Did you try W Tuscany? You ought to be able to get close there. No the avarge is 500 $ a night at the W Tuscany
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