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I'm sorry, but all the proportion of the chair above is way off. Everything........
The only "off" things I see in your chair so far is the white string on the back of the cushion because the original ones don't have that and the originals have black rectangular clips that hold the cushion in place. I'm pointing these things out for the sake of noting the subtle differences, rather than being knit picky.   Since you offered, I"d like to see the bottom of the chair, especially a close up of the 5-star base. Very happy for you =) 
Hands down the best reproduction! I really can't believe how good it looks. Too bad I"m not able to feel the leather, but I take your word for how good and soft it is. I"m a believer!!!    Having said that, it brings us back to the questions whether it's worth it or not to buy a reproduction. It's a tough one considering how good this one is. $1,300 Vs. $3,000 is still a big difference although $1,300 for a reproduction still doesn't feel right, I have to admit. But...
Very nice, Britanny! I think they got the arm rests angle perfectly. If you don't mind and when you have the time, can you post some pix of the inside veneer and the back of the cushions? Again, I"m very impressed. As to your question about the rubber shock mounts, I believe they meant the shock mounts that connect the seat and back panels, but not the round washers on the back. Even the Herman Miller ones have plastic washers these days, so I don't think replicas would...
Hi Kevin, one thing you need to consider when buying brand new is that you won't know the grain pattern on the veneer until the chair arrives. For me, I'm pretty particular about the grain. So it's certainly a risk that you have to be willing to take. That's one advantage in buying used because you get to pick and choose until you find one that you like.
Can we see pix yet?
Forget it, Brittany. For whatever reason, some people just love attacking you. Personally, I enjoy reading your posts and experiences although I can't say I agree with everything you've said. Please don't let them stop you from expressing yourself.
Just emailed a local smaller retail store and asked what type of discount a designer would qualify. They said with Herman Miller, it'd be a 5%. That's a shame, considering the annual sale is 15% off. Btw, for Brittany, $2,900 is for the set or just the chair? 
  Wow, that to me is crazy. That's a very steep discount. If I was in the market for an Eames Lounge Chair right now, it'd be a no brainer for me to get the authentic one. Some may feel that labels don't matter. That's what I thought before as well, but then after I got my repro, the nagging feeling just kept growing until I pulled the trigger with an authentic one. Of course, my repro was a poor one and it sounds like people who purchased from Rove seem very happy with...
I'd love to hear an actual successful purchase through an architect. I casually asked an architect friend about purchasing Herman Miller furniture through her firm, she told me it'd only be a couple hundred dollar difference. So I don't think it's as big of a difference as some have claimed here.
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