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I did wear my grey suit with a sky blue shirt and navy blue tie before   . 
 The Emily Post helps a lot. Thanks for pointing out.The hostess contacted me back and say that as long as I don't wear jeans, I'll be fine. I also looked at the photos of previous event and noticed that no one donned a whole suit. Mostly they wore sweater over a shirt or just shirt and tie. Guess I'm gonna go with either the posted photo or without the blazer.
Return the suit, you'll regret later down the road. Rock it with a brown oxford if you dare.
What's the dress code for semi-formal? I'm going to an event at school at night and the dress code is semi-formal. This is what I have in mind. 
Well, it's gonna be the exact same suit as the pic. So different tie or different tie and shirt as well?
Quick q, what should I wear for the wedding ceremony at the church? I already have the suit for the reception at night, though. Thinking about this assemble for the morning, but with chocolate brown shoes
Yeah I have heard about the matching-ps-and-tie-no-no memo lol
Have you considered wearing the suit with a pink shirt and navy tie? I'm gonna try that combo at my cousin's wedding this month.
That suit looks really really great! I'd rock it with a purple gingham shirt, not sure about tie yet. If you decided to go with the light blue shirt, pair it with purple tie like Mr. Bentley here
  Beside that, any other color for ps? Should I match it with my shirt (pink)?
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