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My Viberg Collection L to R Black CXL Short Shift, 110 Last, Christy Sole Copper Task Short Shift, 110 Last, Christy Sole Black Chromexcel, Engineer 8", 310 Last, Cat's Paw & Biltrite Sole (The Flat Head Collab) Blue Latiga CXL, Oxford, 110 Last, Vibram 2060 Sole  
Here is the video for the Viberg x The Flat Head Collab 8" Engineer, Black CXL IH-666S
From the sample sale, Viberg Short Shift, 110 Last. Video featuring fit/wear.    
So far they are VERY comfortable, with the vibram soles it's almost like I am wearing sneakers. I am sure as I keep wearing them they will get even more comfy. I haven't broken them in too much yet because I wanted to make the videos look nice first.
  I revised the video and added fit/wear clips.  
That is for another video.
I made a video featuring the Oak Street - Natural Trench Oxfords       Also, here are some photos I took today.          
I made a video featuring the Viberg Blue Oxford from the sample sale.  
Will there be a round 4 of the sample sale? I am debating on waiting or going ahead and requesting a custom boot to be made.
Thanks for the info, I am used to seeing the Viberg logo on the inside of the heel.
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