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My Viberg Collection L to R Black CXL Short Shift, 110 Last, Christy Sole Copper Task Short Shift, 110 Last, Christy Sole Black Chromexcel, Engineer 8", 310 Last, Cat's Paw & Biltrite Sole (The Flat Head Collab) Blue Latiga CXL, Oxford, 110 Last, Vibram 2060 Sole  
Here is the video for the Viberg x The Flat Head Collab 8" Engineer, Black CXL IH-666S
From the sample sale, Viberg Short Shift, 110 Last. Video featuring fit/wear.    
So far they are VERY comfortable, with the vibram soles it's almost like I am wearing sneakers. I am sure as I keep wearing them they will get even more comfy. I haven't broken them in too much yet because I wanted to make the videos look nice first.
  I revised the video and added fit/wear clips.  
That is for another video.
I made a video featuring the Viberg Blue Oxford from the sample sale.  
Will there be a round 4 of the sample sale? I am debating on waiting or going ahead and requesting a custom boot to be made.
Thanks for the info, I am used to seeing the Viberg logo on the inside of the heel.
I am sorry if this might have been answered before but I wasn't able to find the answer, the images posted for the sample sale look as if they do not have insoles in them. Is that how they are sold or will there be insoles with them?
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