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Apologies for being late to the party, but does anyone know how I can get my grubby mitts (er, feets) on (in) a pair of black scotchgrain balmoral epaulet x carmina boots, in US 9.5, medium width? Is it too late to order these? Many thanks in advance.
Hi, I am interested in the Lavender Large Checkered Shirt but it would have to be shipped to me in Los Angeles.
Great stuff. Just wish you had something in a short. Attolini jackets are always too long on me. Boglioli fit me perfect.
I got a great pair of Vass shoes from this seller - first class.
I really like Talisker 10. You can get deals on it too, sometimes, because some people (especially bars/restaurants) think because it is 10 years it should be priced lower. Talisker is probably kicking themselves on that count. I also love Laphroaig (10 year on that is great, too). Lagavulin never did it for me, for some reason. I used to buy more of the older, high-end scotches but have decided that, for me, the solid mid-range delievers all the excitement I need, and...
Darn - I'm a true US 9.5 so these are a 1/2 size too small for me.
What size are these US? 10?
Well, you are certainly doing your part to boost the economy
I bought a LV black canvas backpack from the LV store on Champs d'Elysees in fall 2005 for around a thousand Euro. A few weeks after I bought it, the cord at the top that is used to pull the backpack closed burst in four or five places, so that big chunks of the interior white mesh of the cord were visible against the outside black. This had absolutely nothing to do with use and was a design flaw. I can only imagine that it was wound too tightly. That's something that...
BTW I checked, and my Burberry sportcoat is a size 52 (I presume = 42 US)...
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