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  Yes indeed it is 'overlocking'  sorry I dont have the pictures with me now. Is that a sign of inferior construction?
Anyone heard of Schnayderman's. Good fabric but I couldn't understand the construction, seams felt like something inside of a tee shirt instead of a shirt. Sorry for my lack of proper shirt construction vocabulary
elaborate on the fit please!
Sorry if this has been answered before, don't they use similar fabrics for both regular and vintage Gitmans?   I once purchased a regular Gitman with a fabric as seen on the Gitman website.    Is it the fit that differs?
Anyone here experienced altering their sleeve lengths?   I just sent mine for altering, fingers crossed.
Buttero Tanino Low  Colour: Cuoio Size: 41.5 Condition: 9/10   Sized wrongly. This could easily fit anyone wearing US10 Nikes.   Wore it for a week during the holidays. Will clean and condition the shoe before shipping.   I live in Malaysia. Price will include FedEx.
I bought a pair of tanino sz4.1.5 but it fits big =( Wore it for just about a week.   Where can I sell it?     of course I will clean the soles if I were to sell it.    
Clothes are only as durable as the seams which hold the fabrics together.   What are your thoughts on this? 
Any advice on keeping my white oxford, white?   I am like a stain magnet right now.   Bleaching is out of the question as greatly harms the fabric.
 Thanks! Can it be resoled? If yes what is the cost?
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