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The dryskin on Mission Workshops's Division pants is different from the OGs? If yes, is it more durable as compared to the snag-happy 4season?   I have been hiking in my slim dungarees and it just ain't as great without the stretch, I am afraid that my 'repetitive motions' and constant leg stretches will break the gusseted crotch. 
F. Cloth    Definitely ain't Schoeller right? Anyone knows the proprietary name of the fabric? 
Thank you! Appreciate the replies.   I was afraid of stretching my legs too much when navigating through challenging terrains in fear of ripping my dungarees.  But yea the pants survived scraping against rocks, getting pricked by thorns and absorbed buckets of sweat without any visible damage and odour. 
How's the sizing for the poplin shirts and the chambrays? Similar to the OCBCs?
Are the 60/30's fabric more durable than the dryskin ones? I do a lot of jungle trekking and the slim dungarees are close to perfect save for the lack of stretch.   I tried trekking wearing a pair of Climbers and the snags are just crazy.
Anyone experienced blown side seams on the climbers? The thread holding the front pocket bag to the pants snapped. Funny thing is the thread is part of the side seams that hold your pants together. Maybe it snapped due to the load.  Hope my tailor can fix it.   Man it's not like I do yoga in it.
Anyone tried the 60/30 before? Somehow no one has ever written a review on them. 
4season is the least durable?
I wish I could take pictures of the hole from the snag, I don't have such a lens that can take such detailed macro shots.   Judging from everyones reply here, looks like I will only be buying Outlier because of its stretch and breathability (which is really really awesome), not so much on durability then. If it snags so easily, so what is this durability Outlier is promoting about? 
  A few threads snagged out, and it was getting bigger so I snipped it with scissors. Hope it is not a wrong move. I can now see a 0.5 inch line on the fabric, and light can actually be seen when you hold it up against a light source.    Kinda making me doubt the durability of these things, I actually plan to hike in it next month.
New Posts  All Forums: