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 Thanks! Can it be resoled? If yes what is the cost?
Hey guys I'm new to RW. Got myself a Moc toe oxford with a crepe sole. I love its sturdy nature but I find the crepe sole wearing out faster than I thought it would. Is this normal?
Thanks! I also heard they consistently give out discount coupons, is that true?
Oh sorry for the double post, can anyone give a brief review on the fit and construction quality? Fabric is similar to OG pants right?
I got mine last year. Are you familar with the climbers? I wear 29 on them too.   But from what you've said, looks like I will need to wait for a restock of the size 29s Nomads.
How is the sizing for Nomads? I wear a 29 for Outliers' OG pants. 
How does MyHabit.com source for such cheap GBV and GB? I just got a shirt for only $20. Can someone enlighten me?
 So I should skip the hang dry part and move straight from the washer to the dryer? Hope it will work for me! 
There is a huge difference in water repellency when it comes to outlier's various fabrics even though all are 'NanoSphere'ed.   Climbers continue to repel water after 1 year of consistent wear, slim dungs won't even repel 1 drop after 3 months.    I machine wash both pairs cold, dry flat and tumble dry to restore the treatment. Out of the dryer fresh, the slim dungs still don't repel water.
report back on the futureworks too!    Sounds like a good entry level pants
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