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 Thank you for good advise, both to me and to GBR.
 Thank you! The take on my throat expanding during performance was very usefull, I never took that in to  consideration! 
Easy. Because I have been in need of shirts, but I have not found shirts that fit my neck size though small-medium shirts often fit the rest of my body well. Im looking to improve on this, and that is why Im here to ask of your expertise, which you´re obviously not interested in lending. 
Thank you for your reply! I will make sure to check out the site you gave me, youre right- I actually never seen a shirt sold with differing size except the usual industry overall size of the garment. Perhaps Im looking in all the wrong places.
Are you limited to one? I prefer wearing casual in casual settings, but Im not as good at it as I am with formal wear. I don´t get why one bothers replying something not relevant to the thread in any way. 
The purpose on this is not being naked, but getting dressed. 
If one were naked, with an interest in looking good- but not too much personal preference, what would you PERSONALLY advise buying first? List 15 items, preferably not brand specific. Use your own economy as limitations.
Dear Styleforum.   Ive been having the issue of not being able to button my top button on any shirts, both formal and casual. This has been annoying, as I use shirts a lot in my work as an opera singer, but I have managed so far by just hiding it under the knot of my tie, or bow tie. As my recent performances has gotten reasonably sizable, I would like to get this right as Its a somewhat important aspect of the job.   Im slim, fit- and I very often fit perfectly in...
Thanks for the best reply yet!
The legal age in Norway is 18.:- )
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