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Lai En made a few batches of shirts for me. Finish is okay and price is right, fit isn't great and they don't adapt well to necessary adjustments. Shirts are holding up pretty well, but the points of the collars seem to be blunting on a couple shirts.CSM made a couple shirts for me. Fit was decent, but there are lose threads on every button and in other places so the construction seems lower quality. Never tried Madam Neo. I'm still looking for a shirt maker that I...
I know Navy blue suits vary, but here's a pic of the #76 swatch with my suit for what it's worth. Not much contrast. Here's a few other swatches (Mac 121, 123, 128 and Oxt-7) that you might consider, the iPhone camera makes them look brighter, but they look good in real life.
I bought these fabrics for a suit (top) and a sport coat (bottom) along with some lighter and darker horn buttons. Originally I was thinking darker buttons for the top and lighter for the bottom. Any thoughts on this choice?
  Buy one that you will be comfortable with wearing to many other weddings and other events in the upcoming years and one that's not so distinct that everyone will remember it.  Remember that for the next wedding, your girlfriend will probably want to get another dress because she will not want to be seen as having only one dress.  You on the other hand, will be able to wear the same grey suit and well chosen tie many times.  I shudder at the thought of having to buy a...
Thanks, now I must admit that there are a few I didn't get, such as the wedding and regimental stripes, but it sure seems like ALL of them.
  Great looking tie Pink!   Funny, I was just flipping through all the diamond weave swatches and there are some stunning choices.
So many it occurs to me that you might have meant to just get all of the grenadines, not all of the swatches 😄. I think I might be in trouble, so many beautiful swatches!
No, I left it behind to research it and the bracelet but I may go back for it later.  Also checked another store in the same Mall that had a sweet JLC Master Control and IWC Portuguese, didn't get any pics though.
I searched for info on the bracelet for this Omega Seamaster Chrono 176.007 and it seems like finding an original replacement might be a challenge.
[/IMG] This funky cool vintage Seamaster chrono caught my eye in a shop today. The strap is crap and too small, but I like this retro 70s look if I could find a strap with a good matching style. Apologies for the poor photo quality.
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