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Depends on the type of socks you want to wear with the boots.  Thinner or thicker? 6.5 is tight initially but will stretch out.  Or get them stretched out.  Thinner socks required but nice snug fit7 will do without need for stretching.  Will fit better with thicker socks.   I have and wear both 6.5 and 7. For reference I also wear 7.5 and 7 Alden Barrie.  7.5 fits fine and 7 is snug.  See 7 vs 6.5 above So it will come down to sock preference as much as size of boot.
Oh really.  Of all the boots sold and all the complaints heard here,  this is really disconcerting?  Really tough crowd to please.  Just saying
Here you go There was a 20% off coupon code recently.  Dont know if still valid though  Ooops just realized this is a scout boot and not service boot.
I purchased the Cinnamon boot and to be honest my initial impression was of disappointment. I thought the colour was off, too light. However after spraying them, they got darker and with some wear and scuffing the colour is amazing now. Really loving the boot!
No they are long gone.
Looking for Black Cordovan Tanker boots.  Anybody with leads?
Boots look awsome!
Here are some EG on sale   Prices seem pretty good   Just kopped the grey CPO jacket.
^ which ones are you guys talking about?  The decade collection or the newer ones?
Cool   I happen to be visiting the the city that weekend.  I'll drop by for a drink or two.    Hey Fok if the Vibergs are ready by then maybe you can bring mine along to save on shipping. 
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