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Did not get any responses to this in the "Show me your closet." Any of you have experience living with one of the high-end prefab closets from Poliform, Motleni & C, or something similar?      
I'm at this point also. Internet search has delivered the following, in some sort of cost order: 1. Ikea2. Container Store(Elfa)3. EasyClosets.com4. California Closets5. Molteni & C6. Poliform7. Container Store(TCS) Internet browsing can only do so much. Every store display looks good. Anyone have good or bad experiences actually living with one of these? I really love the Molteni & C designs, but haven't found anyone that has this system. Most people do Ikea, but I'm...
On my way to see "Wicked," and I'm running LATE!  
First Batch...         I don't even want to take them out of the plastic...I just want to hug them.
Greetings!  I have what I thought was a nice wardrobe, although my preferred style is basketball shorts, running shoes, and a soccer jersey.  It's entirely too hot down here in Texas to wear much more.   Looking forward to learning what style is really about.
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