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up on ebay now: still open to offers here though
putting these on ebay soon if no one here wants 'em...
ACommon Projects Achilles Mid Grey Sz 45 now on ebay: (price drop!) asking: 200 185 shipped in the US SOLD on ebay got these brand new a few years ago. box came beat-up, but shoes are in perfect condition: only tried on once indoors, and it was too big for me but i never got around to selling them. looking to move these fairly quickly, so i'm open to offers paypal only please
measurements on the BoO and the tiger fleece please
crosspostin, still looking for a new haircut Quote: Originally Posted by poppies anyone got suggestions for a haircut cause I need one
anyone got suggestions for a haircut cause I need one
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Aren't Gorillaz sort of a proto-hipster band? who's to say what really counts as hipster these days? it's thrown around so much now that everything can be hipster and not hipster all at once also gorillaz are pretty sweet
I don't know if it's the best jazz song ever, but the album is certainly great, and my personal art blakey fave is the drum thunder suite
this is so easy to mock that it's not even funny (pretty much everything on my itunes is there because I really like it, so I basically just took my top 5 most played bands): dirty projectors yo la tengo animal collective dr dog girl talk
first waywt in sf. it's funny how internet approved my brands are today uniqlo spruce THxuniqlo crate ll bean
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