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I bought a pair of EG Walcot in olive (unsure of the exact colour) from eBay, they've been worn once and the original purchaser decided they were too small - I took a chance on them but they are too small for me and wondered if anyone was interested in them? Can provide pics tomorrow (PC problems right now). Size is 8.5D UK - I paid £290 for them and would be looking to sell them for the same. Will be relisting them on eBay this weekend but thought I'd see if there was any...
Thanks for bringing this to my attention! It's one of those items where I'm not 100% on it but depending what the price I might throw my hat in the ring
I just bought my first jacket, things rarely come up in a 58R and when they fo there are rarely other people to bid against!
Is anyone going to be visitng EG on the 22nd for the factory sale? I'm strongly considering it, 9 hour drive though. Does anyone have any ideas what's likely to be on offer?
I would if I could, I'm afraid this factory sale comes too early for me, I'm in a particularly sticky part of my current job and can't get the time away to visit the factory. I hope someone else is able to proxy for you, I'd like to grovel to the collected members of SF regarding a proxy as well. I'm in the UK so no expensive deliveries!
I appreciate the info and the invitation Cleav, I may well take you up on that! I'm becoming more and more of a shoe fan of late, I tend not to be able to get jackets / suits in my size and it's refreshing to be considered normal in size!
When I get the time I'm going to have to take a drive down and procure some new shoes at those prices! Aberdeen is a bit of a drive but not too bad, unfortunately my car isn't great on storage space but I'm sure I can find enough to warrant the trip!!Out of interest, what size are you Cleav? Just wondering if you noticed anything particularly awesome in a 9E??
Something has finally come up in my size and I've bid straight away, wish me luck!
I wear my Galways pretty much every day, I figure that any items true price is its cost divided by the number of times you wear them I'd rather pay £800 for daily wear items than pay £150 for a pair of shoes that hardly see the light of day
UG I love those, what are they!?   Due to boredom during the next week as my family are away I'm going to attempt to draw my Galways in SketchUp!
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