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Agreed Nike nearly ruined the name of this brand. I am glad Nike is now out of the picture. What business pro wants air technology in his shoes...gonna play basketball on his lunch break?
I own six pairs or so of Santoni shoes. Had them forever and have had a few of them re-soled multiple times. There are one of the best around so do not let one bad experience move you towards another shoe. It could be defective and that happens, no one is perfect. That being said it is important to understand that shoes more than anything are the most difficult part of your outfit to deal with. EX: you walk out of the store with em on they are yours no matter what, once...
Well many people have many different opinions on To Boot. One reviewer said you will find better quality at Alden or Allen Edmonds.....maybe but they are old man shoes and haven't come up with something creative in years. I sell all types of shoes and work in one of the best specialty shops in the country according to Esquire. I have worn these shoes and they are stylish, good quality and certainly cannot be readily found at a discount online. I cannot keep these shoes...
New Posts  All Forums: