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Thanks, I have spoken to jtang108 about the shirts and to be honest, to start, I want to sell my shirts (I have a brand I am starting) at a moderate price since they will be part of a collection (there will be custom pieces sold at a higher price) and if I buy a full run at your listed price, I may not be able to do so, either that or I'd have to take a substantial loss.   I really appreciate the help but as of right now, I am small time and shopping around.
I am starting to notice how much faster I can get books finished, it feels good, man.
Sent.   Is there a specific meaning in terms of the number of buttons on the placket?
I'm about to leave work haha!
Looking for blank polo shirts to get embroidered.
Can anyone point me in the direction of the thread where I can get some information on brands that sell high quality blank polo shirts? Something a bit softer than Lacoste but not as soft as a True Religion polo.
Not sure if this belongs here but I am looking for blank polo shirts similar to the feel of a PRPS polo (a bit softer than a Lacoste but not as soft as a True Religion) I want to grab about forty of them. Any help is appreciated.
  Providence, R.I.
How's it going, my name is Stephan checking in from R.I. I am making a transition from my old style (mainly kicks and jeans with t-shirts) into something that takes a bit more time and effort to master, so, I searched the web for a forum and now I am here. I am also on NT for those of you who are familiar haha. Peace and blessings to all!
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