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I understand. Unfortunately the suit cannot be returned, so it makes the most sense to try attempt to fix it as much as possible. I'll post better pictures after the tailoring and see what styleforum thinks of the final suit.   I would like some advice for my next suit. My budget is $600-$900, and I am open to doing MTM or OTR. With my budget, where would you suggest I purchase my next suits?
All alterations are free. What would you recommend I get done to this jacket?
I am in the process of getting a suit tailored, and I need help deciding how long the jacket should be. Here a picture with the different lengths on each sides. Which length should I go with? Thanks.   .
They are a local tailoring company.
Hi all, I am in the process of ordering made to measure suits and have to decide whether to get the suit half-canvassed or full-canvassed. The company has a deal where they are charging $420 for the half-canvassed suit, while the full-canvassed suit costs $775. Full canvassing also comes with pick stitching and decorative lining for what its worth. Is the full-canvass suit worth it, or is the half-canvass fine? How much of a difference is there?
Hey all, I am preparing my office wardrobe and decided I will need 5 suits. I am plannings as follows:   -Dark navy suit (with subtle texture stripe) - I already have this suit -Lighter navy suit -Medium gray suit -Charcoal suit -Fifth suit? For the fifth suit, I am considering a pinstripe, but don't know if it should be navy or grey. What would recommend I get for this fifth suit?
Hey all, I just bought some shoe trees for my new shoes and I am worried if they are going to stretch my shoes. Do the shoe trees look to big or are they fine?  
Hey I have one quick question. In the last 5, how much space should you have after the big toe ends? I am wearing a pair of 9.5 and the ball of my foot is at the widest part of the shoe, but there is an inch between my big toe and the end of the shoe. Other than that, the shoe fits fine. Is this okay?
New Posts  All Forums: