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That is true GBR however not all shirts are created equal, some are better than others.   I am attempting to learn which are the better ones.
I saw proper cloth's web site, going to need to take some measurements in order to order from them.  Will look at Blank Label and Black Lapel.  Any recommendations on shoe makers: I have Alen Edmonds and Johnson and Murphy.  I will ptrobably get roasted as a heritic but here goes,  Itend to prefer my Johnson and Murphy.
What is a good brand of shirts to wear to the office with my ties?  I have a few Joseph A. Banks, Moderna and Charles Trywhitt.   What is a good brand of shoes for the office?
Of an internet retailer called, makes custom made shoes?
Used to think that there was no difference in brands of shoes, walked around in $20 State Street Mardell Oxford shoes now I am sporting Allen Edmonds Fiesols and let me tell you I can feel the difference.  I like to say, blind fold me, spin me around five times and strap on either the State Street or my Allen Edmonds and I can tell the difference real easily.  The State Street are like wearing lead weights on my feet.
Excellent question.  Would like to keep it somewhere around $100.  Let's not get much higher than that. There is a store in my home town that sells Italian ties for around $70, called Andrew's Ties, have you heard of the store?
Whats a good brand of ties?    Mine tend to be from the Knot Shop or some no name brand, the one I am wearing is a Henry Jacobson.
Where do you go on the internet for a good quality tie?
I agree that shirt should not be paired with those shorts.  Something with out designs would work a lot better.
I don't think that's normal wear for a shoe of Allen Edmonds quality, perhaps you should send them back to Allen Edmonds for a replacement from the company.
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