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Of an internet retailer called iTailor.com, makes custom made shoes?
Used to think that there was no difference in brands of shoes, walked around in $20 State Street Mardell Oxford shoes now I am sporting Allen Edmonds Fiesols and let me tell you I can feel the difference.  I like to say, blind fold me, spin me around five times and strap on either the State Street or my Allen Edmonds and I can tell the difference real easily.  The State Street are like wearing lead weights on my feet.
Excellent question.  Would like to keep it somewhere around $100.  Let's not get much higher than that. There is a store in my home town that sells Italian ties for around $70, called Andrew's Ties, have you heard of the store?
Whats a good brand of ties?    Mine tend to be from the Knot Shop or some no name brand, the one I am wearing is a Henry Jacobson.
Where do you go on the internet for a good quality tie?
I agree that shirt should not be paired with those shorts.  Something with out designs would work a lot better.
I don't think that's normal wear for a shoe of Allen Edmonds quality, perhaps you should send them back to Allen Edmonds for a replacement from the company.
Certainly that would be defect, however I would try to buff it out before I went to the trouble of sending it back to Allen Edmond.
My quick question: Here in my local area we have the following stores, please help me by putting these stores in order from best to worse in terms of quality, until recently I did not know that my area had a WM Fox:   WM Fox Brooks Brothers Macy's Jos A Banks Men's Warehouse
Are those all Allen Edmonds brand?  I am finally in a position to say that I do appreciate Allen Edmonds fine quality in shoes.  My recent purchase of some fiesols do prove what you all have been saying about the fine quality of Allen Edmonds.   I previously thought that there was no difference in quality between different brands of men's dress shoes so I walked around in State Street shoes which I got at Payless, based on what I paid for them I did in fact get my...
New Posts  All Forums: