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Sneakerboy should have some. 
 I have a Bedale SL in 36 @ 5'8" ~135 lbs. You would need a 34. A Commander in XS would be another option. These are the only two I am familiar with, someone else might be able to weigh in here. 
 Sorry, should have specified, 62kg/173cm.
This season's Stark is definitely longer than last. I recently received a small black lake which is too long in the body for me (~62/173, prefer a more fitted look).
Jason, with custom tie orders, is it possible to shorten the length?
Any plans for plain scarves as per the last batch? 
That is brilliant! Can even pick out my jacket.Just to follow up on my post, Barbour themselves just responded to my inquiry confirming that Content Store is an authorized retailer and their counterfeit page has yet to be updated.
Thanks for the reassurance. I have something on the way from them and only stopped to think about the legitimacy after I purchased.
Can anyone confirm whether http://www.contentstorelondon.com/ are an authorized Barbour re-seller? They don't come up on Barbour's counterfeit page however they appear to be a legitimate business. 
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