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I ordered last week on Wed. I am an American and this was shipped to NYC. It was shipped via UPS and arrived today, one day later then originally estimated due to Presidents Day. Last time I ordered my item was sent via Royal Mail. My order this time was over £400, I am guessing that is why it was sent via UPS.    I am very happy with the items, the house scarf is beautiful, as is the Andrea. Several other sellers that were selling the same Andrea scarf were 20% more...
UPS confirmed the package has been dropped off and is in shipment. I placed an order two days ago for £366. My previous order shipped Royal Mail, I guess UPS is used on higher ticket orders. It should arrive much sooner then the projected 14 days that is noted on the invoice. Last time I ordered the wait time was around 2 1/2 weeks. 
I received a UPS quantum ship notification via email today. It is not yet active, I will keep the forum updated. 
I don't think so, the company seems fine.
I put an order today in for an 19 Andrea 47 scarf and ET scarf. I will keep the thread posted on my order.    Cheers,  PSNY
 I like their ties, but do not think they're the best on the market. E.G Capelli, Drakes, Bigi Milano, Shibumi, Berg and Berg, Calabrese 1924, and E.Marinella all make ties equally as beautiful. 
Nice pocket square sir who is the maker?
Following up on my order from Chester Jeffery's. I was disappointed. The gloves were totally off. It was like my measurements were never used to make the gloves. The points were also crooked. In addition the gloves were not made with wrist stitching like I asked. I ended up returning them and got a full refund. I have gloves from a mystery maker, 4 pairs actually, that I will reveal once they ship. I already have 2 in my possession that are absolutely perfect. 
That is true, but it would not be a return. If you never receive an item that was charged to your card, then that is just plain fraud. The money is reversed from their merchanting reserve. I ordered December 9th and received the item on December 16th. They were unresponsive then to.
I may just pull the trigger and order. Worst thing that can happen is I am forced to charge back via AMEX to get my money back if they don't ship. I really hope they come around and update the store and also restock their house brand Grenadine ties, they're beautiful and at £55 cannot be beat. 
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