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Agreed, it has it's place. I wouldn't want clear orange colored chairs at my dining room table though. 
It is my opinion, that "modern" plastic italian furniture is absolutely disgusting. It is nauseating to see that they charge such ridiculous prices for basically a molded plastic piece that you would expect to see at Kmart. If you want real furniture in NYC, you should check out DDC or Minotti. Both are very expensive, if you are looking for something mid-range I'd take a look at Lazzoni. 
I've been wanting to get a few shirts made and have read good things about Geneva here on SF and AAAC. Is it true that they do not produce a test shirt on your first order? If so, how was your first measurement? What is their selection of fabrics like? They seem to carry most of the better fabric makers, out of the fabrics they carry how much is their to choose from? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Regardless of the business you are in you will never be able to keep 100% of your customer base happy. Perception of atmosphere, staff, and service are all highly variable. There are the typical complainers that complain about not being attended to in the first 2 minutes upon entering the store. Then there are those that just do not know what they want and no matter what anyone does will not satisfy them. I did a fair bit of research on T&A NY on SF and AAAC and generally...
I appreciate all of the great information in this thread. As already mentioned, I would never get another shirt made through Barneys. At the time of purchase 3 years ago I was clueless. Hamilton was recommended by a sales person in their MTM suit department. While I think Hamilton makes a fairly decent shirt for the price if you buy direct or get fitted for them in Texas. I don't think their stock fabrics, stitching, or overall quality is that great. Especially when you...
I've had a very good experience at C&J New York. The sales staff, particularly Kevin, was attentive and helpful. We also had a interesting discussion about T&A after I recognized and complimented his shirt. I'd highly recommend C&J New York. 
I have taken on a lot of new anxiety after reading through countless thread on StyleForum and AAAC about shirt measurement and fittings. What are the things one should be looking for when getting measured and trying on a test shirt? I like to not only rely on my tailors opinion, but own opinion as well.   My experience with bespoke shirt makers has so far been limited to Hamilton through Barney's. I like to believe the shirts fit me fairly well, however, my knowledge...
I have no problem with the diversion. Those are fairly interesting features, T&A porn is welcome! 
I've scouted the store on several occasions and have fallen in love with some of the out of the ordinary not overly loud T&A exclusive patterns. No other shirt maker in my opinion has been able to define themselves quite like T&A has with their unique patterns. You can look at someone and instantly tell its a T&A shirt.    Has anyone had any experience with T&A New York? If so, how was it? How was your overall measuring experience? I've read a few negative reviews,...
Any more feedback? I'd like to choose a decent tailor and make an appointment ASAP. 
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