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I was thinking about this to, it is apparently well stocked. 
They ship orders from my experience, but they never respond. Additionally, social media, their blog, and everything else has been dead silent. 
I would be deeply saddened if ET went under. They have the best selection of rare brands like Calabrese1924, Bigi Milano, Andrea, 7 Fold, Tie Your Time, Capelli, Drakes. Their house brand is also great, their scarfs are beautiful. I hope they restock their spring / summer collections soon, fingers crossed. 
Calabrese1924 scarf from Zampa Di Gallina  
Lets do some deals, PM me! 
Does anyone know when they're going to add new pocket squares, scarfs, or ties?
Picked up this today from NMWA. I had my eye on it for quite some time, but could not find it locally anymore. The Drakes popup store in Soho sold out and it was more expensive at Todd Synder in Madison Park. NMWA service was impressive as was the packaging.   
What is the best product to restore the rich natural moisturized color of the leather on a leather sole? After wearing a my Carmina tie loafers on wet ground after it had rained the bottom of my shoes turned a washed out almost flour like white color. I tired to condition the leather, but the color never came back. See pics below, you can still see the original color closer to the heal.          Additionally, what is the best way to keep the sides of soles looking...
I did not see any Tie Your Tie at Barney's NY. I will take a look next time I am there to be sure. 
Does anyone know who else sells Tie Your Tie besides The Armoury, NoManWalksAlone, and Exquisite Trimmings? They have always had a certain aura to them for me. Their fabrics are also usually unique and not found anywhere else. Is this brand still based in Florence? I believe they were acquired by a Japanese company. Does anyone know the whole story?   Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,  PSNY
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