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Price lowered to $685 USD
Can you share the prices for bespoke and MTO?
For those that have ordered from Antonio, where can one find photos of available leathers, lasts, and models for MTO orders? 
Price lowered to $720
Eeek, my apologies. I was unaware of that, sorry! 
Crockett and Jones Seymour 2 Handgrade 10E   http://www.styleforum.net/t/520386/crockett-jones-seymour-double-monk-handgrade          
Does anyone know the cost of G&G boot trees? Are these available for MTO orders or only bespoke?
Just got these today in the mail. They're absolutely perfect, no quality issues. They shipped extremely fast as well, around 8 days from placing the order. The fit on the UETAM is perfect! There is zero heel slippage and the toe box is roomy.     
Aren't all G&G lasts the same? The TG73 and MH71 both felt similar in terms of toe area when I tried them on. 
Has anyone in this thread done bespoke with Antonio in person in Naples? If so, how is the fit? His MTO offering is pretty close to what most makers would consider bespoke. He seems pretty flexible to customize existing designs as well which gets you even closer to bespoke. 
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