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Digging up an old thread, I own several BV pieces, and find them to be quiet nice and understated. You have to see the pieces in person. Are they overpriced? Horrendously, but they are of decent quality and look nice. With that being said, they're also very delicate. Outside of wallet, credit holder, or small briefcase like the one in this thread I would not get any of their stuff. Travel duffles, totes, etc...Frank Clegg, hands down! 
What kind of tassle loafers are those?
How about ties is NSM still bringing along fabric samples for E.G Capelli? 
This is a truly spectacular thread, your garments look great AmericanGent! Gennaro DiNocera looks do some amazing work. 
Does anyone know is NSM has started offering Riva fabrics again? It seems as though they offered this, but briefly from what I recall stopped after a price increase. 
How are NSM's ties? Can she make a true 7 fold? Also, are they made in-house or outsourced? Some of the patterns in this thread looked great. 
Who's the maker and what fabric?
Thanks for the response. Out of curiosity, do you remember which mills they carried for fabrics? Also, did you get any extra handwork?
 Awesome, do you recall what mills the fabrics were from? Also, what was the price? I know pricing is largely dependent on fabrics, but it gives a ballpark. I've never had shirts shrink much from the better mills when washed cold and ironed at home. 
Does anyone have any feedback on NSM dress shirts? What sort of fabrics do they have available? Is there handwork available for an extra cost? Does NSM produce these in-house or farm them out to another tailor in Naples? How is the fit?
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