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Brown seems so boring now what with Leopard , cheetah and rhino testicle sack on the table
The loafers are obtainable by all !
So one more and good to go ?Come on peeps this loafer ranks up there with other once in a lifetime experiences such as summiting Mt everest, skydiving and participating in the running of the bulls...Although I've never done any of these things myself I can tell that owning this loafer would be way more exciting and fulfilling anyway!
Side note these chuks turned out awesome thanks for the smooth transaction once again. I had forgot these were in Simpson and I had sized up. Anyway they fit well and look great
I'm in on the Grey loafer however I think there should be a medallion. ...A skull medallion because how bad ass would that be !OK just kidding ...but not really ..count me in on these however they shake out !
I'm in regardless of last in the Grey loafer ...prefer rain simply cause I know it fits
I have one of these and it has been quite useful
These look awesome!
I understand you want to 1/2 size up on a simpson/ uteam...er...something from rain to fit??? The more I look at this loafer the more I want!!I understand also suede is a bit more forgiving on the width issues?
Well would you look at those chuks....SEND INVOICE ASAP   on a side note if you think you can get enough participants on the grey loafer idea id be in !
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