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OptoDoc, I have the Rutledge in walnut. As some have posted here, the walnut isn't the traditional walnut color of most AE shoes. I hope the pics I upload will show it clearly. I have to say that wearing this shoe, it's the most comfortable shoe I've worn. Very soft leather and fits like a glove. I love my Pakr Avenues and my McAllisters too. But this is even better. I'd like to get them in black next. Or perhaps the Harrison in black? Anyone have the Harrison...
I have those in brown. I'll take a picture and upload it so you could see.
I can relate to your situation, OptoDoc. It took over 2 months to get my rutledges. Was an awful long wait. But when they finally arrived, was worth the wait! I wish I had the Mcallister in Bourbon. I'm going to shine up my Rutledges and try to post some pics here this week.
A repellant I think would damage the leather. But I'm curious to see what the more experienced guys here say?
Shartmann, I think it's awesome you still pay attention to all of those details. I really always looked up so much to those in the military in my home town. There was an automatic amount of respect that was given to those who were representing and defending our Country. And then to see the attention to detail in every way, just really I think inspired me and others to try to live up to that standard too. So really just a thanks.
I've been looking to really step up my look. I don't know if anyone here has used a style consultant or someone you'd recommend? Or is this even helpful? Or, is there someone here who would like to mentor someone? By a mentor, i just mean someone who could chat cia skype, or even just email to help provide some friendly advice? I find a lot of great posts on here but want to jump in to paying attention to all the fine details of putting my best image out there.
Wow. I'd love to learn to get a mirror shine on my park avenues. I recently bought allen edmonds cream polish and applied that and then wax polish. I'm pretty detailed about shining my shoes and I have to say I had a hard time getting more than a dull shine. I do love my AE shoes but does anyone else have this problem?
I think variety is good. I dress conservatively but also find it fun to change it up with a more bold or exciting tie to add a splash of color. ,,I think what makes,it work is that it's an occasional thing, thus making more of a,statement.
Hi everyone! I'm new to the site. I'm 42 and here because I want to interact with, share with, and learn from others here. I've recently come to a point in my career where I'm wanting to take a step forward and step up my style. I have a good collection of suits, ties,shoes (love Allen edmond shoes) but I'd like to really like to find others here who could help mentor or provide some guidance on raising the bar on my image and style. I'm a guy with a positive...
I agree- I would love to have that chair. As for the briefcase, I prefer a more glossy black leather one.
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