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Just to add to what's being said: I ordered mid June and added excella zips and bemberg to one of my orders beginning of July.  Come September I was refunded my excella zips.   For those on the fence on whether or not to upgrade to bemberg, GET IT.   It's noticeably that much nicer looking.  Really wish I got it on my navy MDR as well.
Your right, something is missing, but I can't quite put my finger on what... Anyways, good news! My jackets arrived today! About 4 days from notification to delivery in Los Angeles
Sure, here's a link-back to AriGold's post that made me change my order to oxblood in the first place:
My jackets have shipped! I ordered June 21. Drew refunded me $70 yesterday, I guess they no longer have excella zips. 2013 DR Oxblood calf 2010 DR black lamb
20 weeks right now
  Oh, no! I like your MDR--it's just that it looks so close to black that I feel my dark blue MDR might be redundant with my 2010 DR
I have a Blue calf MDR and Black 2010 DR in queue but after seeing Nyarkies navy MDR I feel like changing it to a 2013 DR like Ari...   Oh decisions decisions....
Okay guys, I'm at an impasse now. I have no clue what the difference in zipper quality excella is but now I don't know if I should pay the extra to upgrade my TOJ to them. Help?! It's driving me crazy!
That sounds like a good idea. But I think Willy is running it without fees so I'm thankful that he just has it up. Maybe donations for upgrades should be in place
I can't really see too much of a difference between your brown goat vs dark brown goat. Is is basically brown goat looks like milk chocolate while dark brown goat looks like dark chocolate? dereksfavouritethings Yes, dark brown goat looks almost black, which you can see here (far left): and the brown goat looks like the color of the brown lamb, seen here:
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