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For the record, I have no affiliation with this store, I am just a huge fan of their stuff:   For me, the obvious ideal boot would be a cross of something that looks good and is made for riding so you don't hurt yourself when you eventually go down... with that being said, Union Garage in NYC has a decent selection of stuff that looks good and is also functional. I find that if you look at the brands that they carry, you can usually explore the manufacturer's website to...
Precisely. A suit light enough to be appropriate for the warmer months of NYC.
 Totally forgot about Kent Wang. Thanks.
Does anyone have a suggestion for a summer suit for about $1000? I can go a little over, but I don't want to blow the budget too much here. I have not resigned myself just yet to Suit Supply, which I don't necessarily have an issue with; unless there is something out there that is much better for the budget.   Any suggestions?
Uni jet stream, with a 0.5 ink cartridge. It writes well enough that more often than not, when someone borrows my pen, they ask a series of questions about it. For under $40 for the pen and the finer than standard ink cartridge, it's a great deal.
 I have a SuitSupply tuxedo, and for the money, I thought it was an excellent deal. It was a little over $500. Remember, you'll need alterations, so expect to pay a little more than the rack price.
Thank you all for your input.    Now what about a top hat? Any suggestions in New York City where I might find one, or should I wait until I return to London?
Well... I did not consider a was completely wrong. Interesting, my instincts were in the right place, I just didn't manage to come up with the correct answer on my own.I don't find the Kemptons on the C&J website, but they are precisely what I'm looking for. Are they an older model, if so, do you know of anyone else that makes an equivalent?
I've been searching through the forum for appropriate footwear for a morning suit that I'll be wearing at my wedding. The morning suit is very traditional and has a black jacket, grey trouser. I own opera pumps, but they seem to be a little too "fun" or casual for the morning suit ( I can't quite put my finger on it, but they just don't go together in my mind, something about the bow and the low vamp).    I think I would like a patent leather formal pump, but with no...
New Posts  All Forums: