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what is shoulder to shoulder measurement?
Do these still run a bit large like other cp considering the extra padding?
Does anyone know if the Japanese denim used on the 1936 buckle back slim rigid is the same as the Japanese denim that was used on the slim fit rigid? In terms of weight, texture, etc?
How are the slim fits compared to the low straight?  I have the low straight rigid and am looking at a buckle back pair of slim fit rigid.  I really like the low straight fit, but I wouldn't mind a slightly higher rise.
Always happy to support good people committed to their craft.
Here are fit pics.  i'm partial to 7 slimmy fit, so these are similar in fit .  
All good.  Unfortunately, my room with the full size mirror has terrible lighting at night, so none of the fit pics I just took are any good.  I'll be able to take some fit pics over the weekend when I'm home during the day.    Until then, here are a few pics of the actual jeans.      
i'll post a suspect pic shortly.  
Just got my first pair and they all signs point to an excellent pair of jeans.  Receommended.
I live in Bangkok and am hoping to meet up with the guy tomorrow to get a pair made.  Will let you know.  He's super cool guy though and what I've seen from his displays look really good.
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