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Hey guys, I need advice on what shoe size would fit me well   Shoe in question is Herring Hampstead (using last 026 only in width F)   I fit into Clarks DB size 9 and most of my shoes are US 10.5 (only with exception of my Converse shoes idk why it's in size UK11 ?)   I have a flat foot though.. my feet measures 4.4 inches wide and 10.77 inches long
do you have any advice for the fitting of shoes?   HerringShoes did reply suggesting to get a 9/9.5F, I'm not sure if that's normal. Don't wanna end up with a pair of shoes I can't wear =\     the shoes you posted looks really good! doubt i can afford it though 
Hello all, this is my first post on SF. Been lurking around the forums for a few months now, mainly around the WIWT and shoe threads.   Right now I'm looking for a shoe that's good enough for formal wear (I'm still a student). AE isn't going to make it for me as their shoes are priced rather high and also shipping cost would make it not worthwhile.   Hence, I've narrowed my options to a few shoes and I need your opinions on them. My main concern now is the fit...
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