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Thank you. I appreciate the recommendations, thoughts & the posted illustrations: Glad I checked before applying any products to my boots.
What is best for treating natural cxl boots: Lexol, Saphir renovateur or a paste wax. The dealer provided me with Meltonian boot & shoe cream polish; is that OK to use? Just want to be sure, as I don't want to darken the natural leather. Thanks:)
Thank you!
Thank you. I'm pleased with the color. They match up rather well with British tan Khakis:)
Wanted to include a photo, but did not know how to do it on this tablet. Finally figured it out:)
My new Alden's
I did not receive cloth bags either, was wondering myself about that
Hi, I posted this in the wrong area initially & was guided here. I purchased a pair of natural chrome excell boots in size 9 1/2D. (These are the plain toe model without the white stitching) I usually wear 10D (sometimes a 9 1/2) but based on the last, I went down a half size. I received them yesterday and put them on in the evening. The fit seemed good overall, my concern is with the area over the big toe, as it seems a bit tight. Will this stretch over time? Or should...
OK Thanks
Yes, good point about the socks. I had slightly thicker socks (bottom slightly thicker) initially. Today, I tried them on with lighter wool dress socks. Still tight, but better. I think you're right, they will stretch out though. I just want to be close to certain:)
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