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It's funny you're not the first person to tell me that about the lapels. I dunno if its a European thing, but I bought the suit from Milan (Versace Collection).  
Hey everybody,    Do these 3 items go together? Any and all opinions are welcome.   Its a light blue shirt (Hard to tell from picture)   Thanks  
Hey everybody,    Do these 3 items go together? Any and all opinions are welcome.   Thanks  
I see what you are saying mainly in the 3rd photo, I think it came out like that because the camera time went off a little quickly and I had to get in place. That's why the shoulders look the way they are there. (I think at least) I wouldn't say I'm uncomfortable in it.    And a note on the lapels, that's how the suit is. It's a Versace Collection suit I got from Milan. 
Pretty good, it feels kinda loose around the chest though. Its kind of throwing me off. How much room should be around the chest area? I can tell if that's because of the fabric (its lighter than any other suit I own).
Hey guys,   I have this suit jacket and I wanted to know what y'all thought about the fit of jacket? I know it might be hard to tell in pictures but let me know what you guys think. Too loose? Too tight? (probably) Just right?   Thanks.   .    
Thanks for for your help. I think I'm going to stick with the grey suit, with the blue shirt. Change it up a bit, plus its a brand new suit so why not try it out. 
Hey everybody,   Needed some opinions on a few things, so here we go. I'm headed to a wedding (at night) and was thinking about wearing the suit in the link below, its the exact same one.   I was gonna wear it with a light blue shirt as well just like in the picture, I was wondering what you guys thought about as tie. I have a...
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