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What season is the Margiela Coat from? It is really nice
 What is Eytys sizing like? Do they fit true to size?
How do you size Eytys sneakers? Are they true to size?   For people who have seen them in person, thoughts? opinions? 
Hmm Interesting, what do you guys think of the Chelsea boots?
Yea I found a few places, there is amazon which will ship certain shoes to Australia and not others but it seemed portland trading co would send all their shoes to Australia where as amazon was hit or miss. I wanted a pair of 9013 and ended up getting them off rakuten best to use an on-shipper. My order is currently up in the air they send me an email saying they were unavailable in my size then the next day sent me a confirmation of shipping. Google translate japanese to...
No one has told me anything. I was asking if there were any stores that sell and ship red wings to Australia. So what's the story? No international sales? The only place that sells them here (Melbourne AU) is a dinky little store with not much stock and inflated prices. Sounds like I might have to use an on shipper
What's the best place to buy some red wing boots online that ship to Australia?
Void the brand, they were on sale when I looked on their site a few days ago. There is probably some silent and drkshdw ss13 still around on sale
I had my Guidi's topy'd really there is no difference just comes down to what the cobbler uses/prefers. In Australia topy seems to be the preferred brand I don't know why just seems to be
Not going to lie I went out and bought 5 rugby shirts when I saw how good they looked layered with a button down and a tie  
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