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Yes, the summer sale definitely started in London, at least for the 2 Jermyn St stores.    There are quite a few shoes on sale, but can't recall all even if i tried. Picked up a pair of Savile in dark brown. It is the most comfortable shoe I have owned ever since my high-end shoe obsession began a few months ago... I also have the Lowndes and Westbourne (both i picked up in February). Will post some pictures in the next couple of days!   Sales are generally 50 to...
Went to the EG on Jermyn St for the sale. Unfortunately they only had a pair of black and tan loafers on sale in my size (12 UK) which didn't really interest me. So disappointing because i saw so many shoes i loved in all sizes but mine!   Didn't come out empty handed though, got some socks... but its just not the same, haha.
Hey guys, do anyone of you have any experience with 'The London Textile Co' on Regent Street? If so, what do you think of the quality of their offering? I have bought a few fabrics previously which were 120's but only had 'Made in England' on it. I am thinking about going there tomorrow as im on a short trip to London but just want to make sure what im buying is decent stuff!
Received my AS Moore in Oxblood from AFPOS, they were fantastic to deal with!   The shoes itself are gorgeous. More brown than I would have expected, look forward to polish them with saphir's burgundy wax to give it a little reddish tint.    Will try to post some pictures in the coming days!
Thanks guys! Will definitely check out Nick's site. Would he be able to give advice on sizing based on the shoes I have?
Hi All, unfortunately I missed the sale and the G&G website does not have my size (12UK) in stock. I am now seriously considering a pair or two MTO's... Haven't decided which ones yet as they are so difficult to choose! But I am contemplating Hayes / Hilton / Kensington / Carlyle...   I just have a question about pricing as I tried searching the web and the forums and couldnt seem to find much. I know the RTW's are GBP 700+. would it be safe to assume that MTO's will...
Sorry, i meant oxblood! I was thinking of the saphir burgundy wax cream / polish i bought along with it :)
Just purchased the last AS Moore in Burgundy from AFPOS. Excited and can't wait to try them on! The pictures here really helped make my decision!
That looks fantastic DpprDr! You're convincing me to go and give AFPOS a shot on the oxblood... I love the cherry color but I already have Westbourne's so theyre quite similar. Thanks for the great picture
Hi all, I am looking to pick up the AS Moore in Oxblood from AFPOS but have some concern about the 724 last width (I believe they are an F). I have C&J Lowndes and Westbourne which fit perfectly and are E's, but I understand it differs for each last / manufacturer. Anyone know the Moore's are more narrow than C&J's 348 last? Would love to get my first pair of AS shoes.   I am a bit skeptical because last year I picked up some Allen Edmonds online that were on sale...
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