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For sale a pair of C&J boots on the 238 last in excellent condition; used three or four times. The soles have topys glued on them by a cobbler. I paid £370 for the boots and I'm looking for $320. The boots are located in EU and I will shop anywhere. Pictures: (the creases are not as prominent in reality as depict in the photos)
Price drop
Price drop
Up for sale is a pair of Chelseas from C&J in size 9E (no subs), never worn except for 10 minutes when tried on over a carpet. These boots are beautiful but my photos are not unfortunately, theyy are terrible due to bad lighting and camera. I embedded one photo fron C&J with proper lighting etc. for better reference. Retail price is around £345, I'm asking $400 320 290 including free shipping anywhere. The boots are in EU
Up for sale is a pair of Tetbury's (no subs), worn once during two hours indoors, so practially new. Comes with box and bags. , Shoes are in EU and can ship anywhere
Not shetland or lambswool but the best out there: http://www.johnsmedley.com/uk/mens/m...ers/bobby.html
Check out John Smedley.
Quote: Mostly to berate idiots who need to ask for internet advice on how to wear a jacket. Need tips on what to pair with blue jeans next? How about which direction to part your hair? Retard. Classy.
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