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Do you have a stool or a smaller end table you can rest the base of your mannequin on so the fabric doesn't gather at the bottom? You should also start pinning your jackets in the back to give them a better shape.
 Thank you !
Had a pretty good shoe haul yesterday afternoon / this morning: Vintage Bean Boots in mint condition   [[SPOILER]]  Church's Custom Grade   [[SPOILER]]  E.T. Wright   [[SPOILER]]  Santoni   [[SPOILER]]  Grenson   [[SPOILER]]  Tod's driving mocs (women's)   [[SPOILER]]  Minty Royal Imperials   [[SPOILER]]  And these odd Vtg Allen Edmonds (sealskin? elephant?) with Vibram soles   [[SPOILER]]  I'm having a difficult time tracking down this model in the archived AE catalogues.
If the item is washed it is most certainly not NWOT.
 Wouldn't it be easier to just post pictures of your items?  Serious question.
Crashed the shell party this afternoon.  Older pair of AE Randolphs.  First time actually handling shell in person.  It's amazing what a damp rag and a brush can accomplish with these things.   [[SPOILER]]  N/A at the moment. Have a good weekend everybody!
  I sold a BR cotton / linen orphan with a hand attached collar last month.  It was actually quite nice. Happy Easter everybody!
 Had the afternoon off so stopped by my local Nordstrom Rack, which is normally a Calvin Klein and David Donahue desert.  Buh Bam.   [[SPOILER]]  This had either been sitting around for months, or they marked it so low because some threads from the "Made in Italy" collar tag are loose. After another hour of tearing the place to shreds, found this in the long sleeve shirt racks.   [[SPOILER]]  After stacking 25% to the original discount, this was effectively 75% off   Also...
I ordered mine on Tuesday at like 6:00 pm CDT and they were on my porch in KCMO when I got home from work today. I got a pair of green Ladbroke Grove cords.     Not too thrilled about the fabric content, but that's the chance you take with these things.  I also own a pair from another maker that are very similar to these.  I really do like the fit - I'll probably buy some denim from Tellason in the future. I'm assuming the time of year / poly blend will throw people off,...
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