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Haven't posted finds in a while.  Was hit with some unplanned, rather serious expenses recently, so these are N/A unless you see something you can't live without. Mint Bean Boots   [[SPOILER]]  Sweet patina on these, but the shell is cracked .     [[SPOILER]]  The one (out of five) ties from the Barney's Warehouse sale that was worth keeping.   [[SPOILER]]  PRL Cookie patch.  Not all that valuable but pretty sure this is unworn.   [[SPOILER]]  Paul & Shark    [[SPOILER]]...
  A+ Google Fiber    That's whatImtalmbout
Several Isaia seven-folds for just over $50 as well...
Had a decent week and big plans to take a bunch of pics / measurements yesterday but played golf instead and continued drinking in a bad attempt to curtail the hangover from Friday night (Go Royals).   Did want to share this though - N/A.        
Sheesh the Royals don't quit. Couple of meager scraps this week   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]  This is really nice   [[SPOILER]]  Haven't come across one of these at a thrift in a while  
Was wondering why a sweater I had listed was getting so many views until @MJMcRibb let me know it was the main pic this week for the PTO Roundup.  Figured I'd brag about it here since my finds lately haven't been noteworthy. Some scraps I picked up last week: I found this same exact sweater two years ago   [[SPOILER]]  Alden calf for BB   [[SPOILER]]  Pretty sure this is NWOT   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
If any of you KC guys come across the pants for this unbelievable light gray flannel number at the Savers I know we all frequent multiple times per week, let me know.   [[SPOILER]]   Haven't been thrifting much lately.  Here are some meager finds over the last few weeks.  [[SPOILER]]
 Pretty neutral to my ears.  I pushed them last night and there was little to no distortion at either end.  Stoked on the find. I think it was you that said you like the look of the vintage chrome faced components, but not so much vintage speakers.  I agree - these look great and have a relatively small footprint for a floor stander. 
 Looks like I was at that store too early in the day yesterday - those HF suits weren't out yet. Did grab a few things from that big dude's donation.       Grabbed this record grail at a different store and a pair of NHT 2.1 towers with matching center channel for $15 all in.  Thought I hit the jackpot in the t-shirt section, but turns out the seller who has the red one listed is drunk.  Still cool though. MJ white glove Screen Stars hat trick   
Came across this oddity today.  Really wish it wasn't pink.   [[SPOILER]]  Also this amazing vintage madras half-canvassed SC for a local men's shop.   [[SPOILER]]
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