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@troika's comment a few weeks ago about creating something instead of coveting other people's bullshit inspired me to refinish a vintage direct drive turntable.   [[SPOILER]]
Cross-post from Alden thread... Most definitely not thrifted, but my first real thrift-funded indulgent splurge. Alden for Unionmade Byron Plain Toe Boot in Brown Regina Grain   [[SPOILER]]  
Couldn't resist when these dropped on the Unionmade site last week...   [[SPOILER]]  
Thanks for all of the kind words fellas!   I'm no expert, but I obviously scoured the internet researching vintage Levi's when I first found these.  This website does a good job describing how to date pairs based on several tells.  Mine has the big E, no care tag, single stitch seams on the inside of the back pockets, a single digit on the back of the top waist button, a cardboard patch (not leather), and bar tacked rivets (not hidden).  Based on these details, they were...
Yessir. GW in Denver.
Wanted to wait until I received payment to brag about this.   I thrifted these at the end of last year, and they've been sitting in my closet wrapped in plastic only because I thought they were cool to own.  My girlfriend and I just moved in together and while I was organizing our spare bedroom, I unpacked them and thought "screw it."  Created the BIN listing at 4:56 PM yesterday; they were snatched up before 5:30 PM.  I've been keeping an eye on similar listings over...
 If you haven't already done so, you need to block buyers who have a primary shipping address in locations you've excluded.  On your seller page: My Account --> Site Preferences --> Selling Preferences --> Buyer requirements
Do you have a stool or a smaller end table you can rest the base of your mannequin on so the fabric doesn't gather at the bottom? You should also start pinning your jackets in the back to give them a better shape.
 Thank you !
Had a pretty good shoe haul yesterday afternoon / this morning: Vintage Bean Boots in mint condition   [[SPOILER]]  Church's Custom Grade   [[SPOILER]]  E.T. Wright   [[SPOILER]]  Santoni   [[SPOILER]]  Grenson   [[SPOILER]]  Tod's driving mocs (women's)   [[SPOILER]]  Minty Royal Imperials   [[SPOILER]]  And these odd Vtg Allen Edmonds (sealskin? elephant?) with Vibram soles   [[SPOILER]]  I'm having a difficult time tracking down this model in the archived AE catalogues.
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