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Couple things... Jos A Bank 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers braces   [[SPOILER]]  AE Byron   [[SPOILER]]  Pendleton blackwatch   [[SPOILER]]  NWOT new old stock Levi's 501 XX STF made in USA small e non-selvedge   [[SPOILER]]  Crispy made in USA wool overshirts   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]  Vtg Made in England belted trench   [[SPOILER]]  Really cool McKenzie Tribe wool houndstooth harrington like jacket with patch pockets and zip-out lining   [[SPOILER]]  Canali  ...
 Hah I saw a few people walking around that particular Savers that I see every so often.  I figured at least one was a thread regular.  I don't make it out very frequently these days.  Maybe once a week max.  I keep up with the thread though and am glad to see the KC crew is still holding it down.  I thought the cashmere tag looked familiar - thanks!
Camera battery died, so figured I'd share a few things from this week (and the new photo setup) while it charges. Breuer, RLPL, Charvet, Ferragamo x2  CRISP Zegna hidden button down collar shirts x3   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]  and this guy who is sooo close to being perfect.  Full canvas.  Thick, plush cashmere.  wood buttons  sweet lining      Unvented
Haven't posted any finds in a while. Finally got around to taking some festive pics of a Canali piece I snagged for 90% off retail at a local men's store closing liquidation sale.   [[SPOILER]]
@troika's comment a few weeks ago about creating something instead of coveting other people's bullshit inspired me to refinish a vintage direct drive turntable.   [[SPOILER]]
Cross-post from Alden thread... Most definitely not thrifted, but my first real thrift-funded indulgent splurge. Alden for Unionmade Byron Plain Toe Boot in Brown Regina Grain   [[SPOILER]]  
Couldn't resist when these dropped on the Unionmade site last week...   [[SPOILER]]  
Thanks for all of the kind words fellas!   I'm no expert, but I obviously scoured the internet researching vintage Levi's when I first found these.  This website does a good job describing how to date pairs based on several tells.  Mine has the big E, no care tag, single stitch seams on the inside of the back pockets, a single digit on the back of the top waist button, a cardboard patch (not leather), and bar tacked rivets (not hidden).  Based on these details, they were...
Yessir. GW in Denver.
Wanted to wait until I received payment to brag about this.   I thrifted these at the end of last year, and they've been sitting in my closet wrapped in plastic only because I thought they were cool to own.  My girlfriend and I just moved in together and while I was organizing our spare bedroom, I unpacked them and thought "screw it."  Created the BIN listing at 4:56 PM yesterday; they were snatched up before 5:30 PM.  I've been keeping an eye on similar listings over...
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