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 Hah I'm guessing with a little effort you could name quite a few more in my "thrifted records" cube.
Couple things. Garish vintage Florsheim two-tones   [[SPOILER]]  Vintage buffalo? hide Cheaney for Church's gunboats   [[SPOILER]]  Just picked this up from the dry cleaners.  Women's Burberry London   [[SPOILER]]  Not thrifted, but Craiglisted for well under 50% retail Music Hall mmf 2.2 with acrylic platter   [[SPOILER]]
Cross post from the CM thrift thread.   Alden x J. Crew plain toe boots in camel suede + thrifted shirt / denim        
Some meager finds over the past week and a simple thrift fit  [[SPOILER]]
Oh hey   [[SPOILER]]
Couple things: Stone cold mint older Pendleton   [[SPOILER]]  Crispy older Woolrich John Rich and Bros Fair Isle   [[SPOILER]]  NWT Baldwin Ryan chinos   [[SPOILER]]  RRL tweed vest   [[SPOILER]]  NWT Ted Baker cotton blazer sample   [[SPOILER]]  Also took a chance on these sub-par quality NWT Andrew Marc leather jackets (at a thrift for slightly > thrift prices) because I knew they'd photograph well...   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
 I think this may be fake.  Check the maple leaf - it's definitely not the one on the real Canadian flag. I got burned on a similar jacket last year that I bought at a thrift without thoroughly inspecting in store.  The breast patch stitching on yours is cleaner than it was on mine though.  I hope I'm wrong!
Couple things from this morning. Cool Maus & Hoffman silk linen sweater   [[SPOILER]]  Sawyer of Napa shearling in excellent condition   [[SPOILER]]  Vintage AE Cambridge shells with a great patina and Park Avenues both in my size   [[SPOILER]]  Also grabbed this stone cold mint brown label North Face parka on MLK Day and forgot to post.  Have a feeling the fellow thrifters in my area know where this came from.   [[SPOILER]]
 Always a step ahead. Did grab this beat up Camp 7 to wear as an outdoor chore knockaround.   Also forced me to actually get outside and enjoy this unseasonably beautiful day.
*changes out of sweatpants, frantically looks for keys*
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