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For the record. London, yesterday. Mr Knightley, Man-of-Mystery, Aces and Eights. Sorry, poor quality (and not much light in zis pub), taken with my pheun.     Guess you left your Sheepie in your reum today, M-o-M... I like your new harrington on 'the steps' pic BTW
Well done Mr Knightley ! Thanks for the organization. Nice place and very nice fellas. Great atmosphere and we had a good time.
Great meet up !     What a club !
Actually they launched this line after they saw the success of LVC. And like with LVC, some models are good while some others are terrible.  As i said, in Japan most Lee repros (Archive/Vintage) are made by Edwin: The dry/raw ones are named “Lee Archives”, while the sanforized ones (usually cheaper) are sold as “Lee Vintage” . Now, just for fun, there are some 'special' models. I can't tell you if the details are really accurate.This one, from Lee Archives, is the "James...
The small z is for zipper. So the 101z is the zipper version while the 101b is the buttons version. There were a lot successive versions of the 101z Riders jeans. I think in the time the 101z and Riders were two names for the same jeans. Not exactly the case now. The last contemporary Lee europe Riders have a slimmer cut indeed (especially for two years) compared to the vintage range by Lee Japan (made under license by Edwin). There are other vintage versions made by Mc...
Well Bob, of course i had noticed the collar difference too. What i wanted to point out was the pattern/color/ similarity despite the huge cost difference.  Now, maybe i'm a bit old fashioned but is it natural that this thread becomes an online selling place where petty salesman advertise their stuff ?(which i personally find terrible, but this is personal preference) Save the sales pitch ! I think i never paid more than 50 euros for a shirt. For that price i can have a...
This is a very (& too) easy answer i was waiting for. Anyway both are horrid. Lumberjack is back. And i wouldn't pay 150 dollars for a shirt, even made by a 'USA craftsman' who is most probably a chinese immigrant BTW  
who can tell the difference between this one...   ....And that one from Uniqlo ?   Yes, the price of course !
Damon Albarn knows his roots from "hard mod" to "casual". But let's face it, all the traditional clobber is mainstream for a long time now. In this 2012 show, he sports a harrington, oxblood DMs and turn-ups https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfAkRuMWIFs In 2015, he seems to favor the MA-1  and the leather version too
I did. It is crazy. They just say that 100 people were killed only in the Bataclan. France 9/11
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