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[quote Flyfronted : He  said ' dm sole on weejuns ' ..  he  edited it to loafers . I think they are pretty authentic and very nice ladies shoe . OK, i understand now
It's a DM type sole branded Solovair, if you prefer. But it has the same caracteristics. (if we speak of the shoe picture you posted) Nether referred to Bass Weejuns BTW, but to Loake (Brighton).
Gsvs5 Quote .. Talking of Northern and Album covers,I picked up this one in a junk shop in 1970.I remember it like yesterday.Great compilation that was part of group of releases that were all Hendrix/ Who I'm told, except this Soul one? It remains one of my favorites.. Slightly off topic but this disturbing picture reminds me of another one used by McLaren/Westwood for a late 70s Pistols tshirt showing a naked child smoking. Maybe they thought of this Vietnam pic....
I think this picture was used for the cover of a reggae album or compilation. I'm sure you know...
The second picture has already been posted, but i'm not sure with the first one, that i find really interesting and to tell you the truth very close to the look of some "second wave" lads. Not as smart as the guys on the second photo of course, but more relaxed and still ominous at the same time . Speaking of Hawkins, i didn't know they made boots without a DM sole. The boots of the guy with the hat seems to have commando soles, as did "Cherry reds", but did they have a...
I think the guy with the hat looks like the guy in the middle of the second picture (alleged to be Les Kent,but not for sure).Anyway, if the first picture is "first wave" (?), what kind of boots is the lad with the hat wearing, and is the guy next to him wearing a denim shirt ?
I'm a bit puzzled about this picture (date). Could the lad on the left be Les Kent (from Richard Allen "skinhead" book cover) ?
Lasttye, great pic ! Not sure this one was posted. Smart !
I think "preppy" came after "Ivy League style", and is a natural evolution of the style, less formal, more popular (less elitist, or when Ivy came to the streets), with the adoption of pastel colors and of a more casual/sport style :  for example chino, madras, jean; where Ivy was more into flannels, tweeds, corduroys, regimental ties, grey shades, etc. Of course this is a simplification. I know some people in Europe make the distinction between the two styles, but i don't...
And what about a MA-1 and a Lee Rider, by the same style icon, but a few years later? American main street staple, but very skinhead indeed. And still the military influence.
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