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A bit really ? and just now ? You must be kidding 
Yes it's an absolute horror i agree. Everytime i eat a steak now, i do a little prayer before for the soul of the poor animal. I've got to do the same thing for vegetables.
I think you should change your pseudo for Veggyskin89 
 This bloke loves faux leather too Is girl skin veggie ?
You absolutely have to buy a 'veg' one !!And bury the old one with all the honours due to the poor old cow who was sacrified.
Probably referring to this ? 
The case of the Uniqlo U actually. TBH it's really good stuff, i ran into a bloke in the street yesterday who had a really nice bomber in grey/light green/metal color, then i realized it was the same than mine in another color (the 'grey', there is also a nice 'dark olive', and they had a 'maroon' who disappeared  - problem they are all already almost sold out, not surprising as they are quite cheap).  Oi Paul, you lost your pocket !
BTW Mr Knightley, this shirt's collar is lovely !  Of course, it would have been perfect without pocket flaps like on the early models. A very nice Alpha replica they made a few years ago  1961
Nice shirt ! Very canadian woodcutter style  
Yes totally agree with that. I've been searching for a picture of 68' or 69' football supporters we had on Mod to Suedehead, one is wearing a dark color MA-1 (Black and white picture - most probably a blue) that looks just like that. I remember Browniecj said the first ones he saw were Navy, with a lining of the same color than the outer.So indeed the look goes on...
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