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 Looking forward to seeing some pictures !
We had a lot of pictures of Football fans arrested, and i'd be surprised if this one wasn't posted before. Late 60s. Did you notice that a lot of players at the last World cup had razor partings (and unfortunately weird mohicans)?
@ Mr.K. I was thinking late 60s, but quite surprised by the Ivy style T-shirt under a BD, as several Originals here said it was something they never done. And i'm careful now with black and white pictures that can be tricky to date. Btw i'm surprised if this pic wasn't post before. Have good fun in Nottingham gentlemen !
Got the same problem here with clothes's big sizes, as i'm rather tall, it's a problem to find something that suits me, well at least with the proper length... The good point, i spend less money on clobber i suppose.    This picture is supposed '69. I'm a bit puzzled about the t-shirt under the BD shirt. It was not too common i think ?
He should be wearing Royals !   My last find during the sales: Lee 101z dry selvage. 80% off.
His "little" brother maybe,   Oi Buttons, got something against giants?
An idea of the period ? i would say early 70s. Don't you think he looks like the lad on that photo we couldn't really date ?
If it's only called "smooth", it's probably corrected grain leather. They used to make so-called "Analine" smooth that was said to be full grain.
From what i know, MIE DMs use full grain or corrected grain leather. It depends of the models. In both cases they usually have an additional surface coating added, which is designed to add to its durability. 
One last word about the Dr Martens "spirit of 69" collection. If i can understand the association with Brutus, Trojan, or Alpha MA-1s, i don't get it with Edwin jeans. OK the brand was founded in Japan in 1969, but i doubt you could find their jeans in UK at the time ! Levi's, Lee, or Wrangler would have been more appropriate. Speaking of boots/shoes, well that's what DMs are known for, they speak for their "Spirit of 69" collection of "archive models". All i can see...
New Posts  All Forums: