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Botolph, i know you're a serious clothes/clobber amateur, but i have to partially disagree with you. I've got a pre-Lavori Baracuta slim-fit version, and a Lavori one. OK, i don't understand why they put so big buttons on the new version (definitely the downside). But: the zip is bigger, but far more convenient than the precedent one, way too small IMO. The material: Its not of lesser quality, it's just different. More breathable and really rainproof (that was not the case...
Found it here: http://revolverproject.com/journal/journal/vintage-style-fred-perry-through-the-ages/ Well they don't look that bad only in photo ! I still remember when i had my first 'real' one. I was a big boy at last !
 I remember the 80s cheap Imitation MA-1sThe one on the right is an imitation for sure (the one in the center too, most probably). You can tell as it's thin and there is no storm flap under the zipper.The one on the left is probably an imitation too, but a bit closer to the real thing (i had one like that !), bulkier than the other imitations.
I think we never had this picture before, just called : a skinhead in the 1960s  
Monsieur, we don't look like monkeys in this country.  From what i know of this story, the locals thought the monkey was a spy operating for the French. One of our members location is "land of the hanged monkey". He maybe knows better than you and i this story. Totally off topic !
  Something a bit different, new at Oi Polloi : Lee honey cord Rider jacket
  Another with the same credits : Ewing Galloway (an American journalist that owned a photo agency, he died in 1953), dated january1st 1960.  The other picture is dated january 1st 1950 ! But it's the same photo shoot, you can recognize the people. So 1950, or 1960 ? Both are possible as even if he died in 1953, if the picture is from 1960 it has the name of the agency.   Well, most probably shot in the USA then, but there is no precision of the location...   I...
Found this You'll notice it's a better quality image (click on it), and that the former we had was resized. Here, you can see on the left a girl's handbag. Most probably a very distinctive old Chanel handbag.   OK, that proves nothing, and it could be a copy. Still, they were not that common early 60s, and they already were very expensive.
I think i first saw that picture when i was doing some research on the Minets, but that proves nothing.The girl's skirts, the girl's and men's shoes doesn't look either American or English to me.The lad's haircuts look "Caesar", but are close to American haircuts at the same time.Something in the way they dance: "le Jerk", "le Twist"...Then, it's a general impression that makes me think of 60s France, but i guess all the European and American teenagers at the time looked...
I'm almost sure i already saw this picture and they are french teenagers.i could be wrong of course.
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