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I remember Donkey jackets in the early 80s, never liked them, the shoulders were PVC and not leather...I always heard that in the beginning the skinheads who wore them were working as garbage men, that they weren't considered as a "proper" piece of clobber, and that they were mostly wear for practical reasons...
Indeed, but this is an english-speaking forum isn't it ?  Just to end this private conversation, i spoke recently of the Avirex (Italy) MA-1 that i tried in Firenze, here's a picture. Wish they had my size...
You know this is impossible, MoM... 
 It should be your new avatar, MoM ! Speaking of badges, i just dig of the dump my old 80s personal collection. My god. Well i was 15 at the time. Lot of 80s skinhead memorabilia... Off topic i know!
Grumpy old man !   They should have invented the timecode in the 60s because of you MoM !
Said to be Manchester city versus Leeds, 1967.       if so, borstal haircut or proto-skinhead ? (or both )
Seeing this badge, i guess this picture is from 1980 ? Or 1979 maybe if it's a "target" ?  
The guys on the right could look late 60s, the lads on the left more early 70s...An interesting picture anyhow.
Said "late 1960s" with no more details...
Barrow Boot Boys
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