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It depends of the models. For example 'Michaels' are known for their Norwegian welt.The guy says they are one of the very rare shoemakers in the world still doing Norwegian welt/stitching.
You might be interested.They explain that Paraboot founder had rubber soles put on his shoes as soon as 1926, and it is what made the success of the brand, with the Goodyear construction or the Norwegian construction according to the models. The actual boss (the guy talking) is the grand-grand son of the founder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV1HRJHcdC8
Quote : Cerneabbas 'I have seen a few pictures of Original skinheads wearing Waffle knit cardigans,but I can not remember ever seeing one worn here...not to say that they werent but I dont remember it.'   Most probably the regional thing again...   This is a detail of a picture posted on the other thread a while back...   And the two young skins on the famous BBC 1969 documentary wear them.   But  agree they were probably more common in the 80s...
Yep it was the acrylic version most often in the 80s... It was an item worn by the 'originals' too, most probably wool at the time ? You can hardly see the logo on the blue FP japan one. Nice.
Speaking of knitwear (strange as it's damn hot here today) i spotted this FP Waffle knit cardigan   http://www.fredperry.jp/category/M_KNIT/F3161.html   I really like the blue one, but none in my size. The small text on the left seems to refer to SKINS who wore this kind of cardigan in the time...
What about a first Look Goes On/Mod To Suedehead Paris meet-up in February ? I know Cerneabbas is interested, and MoM and Browniecj were thinking about a Paris trip in 2017 (well maybe not in February - could be damn cold here - but with the global warming the cold Paris winters are not like they used to be), and maybe Mr K might be interested as well ? (the next Winter sales last until february the 14th) … Matt let us know your dates ASAP ...
Would be really cool to meet you mate, if you plan to go to England next summer, let us know and we will arrange the meet up date...PS and if you drop in Paris, let me know !
Ditto !
From personal experience i would avoid the 'segs', because they are fixed with nails, and sooner or later you'll loose them.  This is better i think, done by a proper cobbler it should last :     This is for horses i suppose ?
DJ, i agree it is too expensive, but i found the leather ( at least on the one that i tried ) very supple, nice looking, and of good quality. The fact that leather is thicker doesnt always mean better quality.They are said to be in 'Buffalo leather'. Could be interesting in the next sales.Now for sure, you pay for the brand. Same with their jeans TBH, for example Uniqlo selvedge jeans are better than basic Levi for half price...
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