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...The smooth life...
Looks late 70s-early 80s to me. 
In "Music maker" , July 1970. Nothing new in the text, but i had never seen the first picture. They describe the skinheads combat uniform for week-end aggro in Brighton or Southend as follow : security boots, blue-jean or white-jean, red braces and T-shirt. And otherwise they are said to wear clothes by Burton's...    BTW we know now for sure that the pic of the lad in sheepskin is from the "first wave".
A while back, Browniecj posted a link to a video about Dr martens history, and said the DM shoes he had in 1970 (close to the ones on this first pic) had a shallower shape than the recent models.     I just bought the new 4 eyelets "Smiths" DMs, said to be based on an early 70s model,  & part of the "Archive collection" : "the last shape is shallower and the sole colour has also been altered to match the older shade. Laces are flat and cotton, exact copies of the...
Still a nice look... If you avoid thicker cord and leather patches !   Not surprised with the schoolteacher reference , but i doubt they wore them with jeans at the time...
In fact, when you said "jacket in foreground" i thought of the jackets in the back (French, and Inspecteur, am i not). I just checked the meaning of "foreground"... So when i spoke of my recollections of Wrangler cord jackets, i didn't mean a cord jacket wit a denim jacket cut. It's true it's difficult to see on this picture if the jackets three of the lads in the back are wearing are cord or not. But anyway Wrangler made one with that traditional shape (and big lapels)...
I remember well the Wrangler Cord jacket too. it was all the rage here a bit later in the 70s.Even if i was a small kid then, i remember my older brother and his friends wore them. They existed in a range of colors, and i think they had wide lapels. I wear cord jacket with jeans regularly. A nice smart casual look.
 Looking forward to seeing some pictures !
We had a lot of pictures of Football fans arrested, and i'd be surprised if this one wasn't posted before. Late 60s. Did you notice that a lot of players at the last World cup had razor partings (and unfortunately weird mohicans)?
@ Mr.K. I was thinking late 60s, but quite surprised by the Ivy style T-shirt under a BD, as several Originals here said it was something they never done. And i'm careful now with black and white pictures that can be tricky to date. Btw i'm surprised if this pic wasn't post before. Have good fun in Nottingham gentlemen !
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