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Not something i could guess, not being of your generation, and not being from UK. I must say i discovered this picture only yesterday ! Still a good looking fella.
I don't know if we already had this 1964 press-cut. On the photo, it looks like an example of "The Spartan look" (and well... attitude). The haircut is close to a skinhead haircut, it's either Jumper and BD or cardy and shirt, and i think you can even see a small turn-up on Jeans to show the selvedge...
I agree those jeans look a bit flared. I'm sure Buttons could tell us exactly what they are. (Make, model, year, etc.)About "Solatios", from what i know, they have been discussed previously on this forum. And i think they differed in memories. 
Dolcis or Ravel ???
Inverted turn-ups, i guess. Too bad we can't see the shoes. I imagine Solatios or loafers?
Cheers !
I don't remember seeing this picture before...
From the same "shooting"...
I'd keep away of the clothes. Some of the shoes ain't bad. I bought the "Smiths", as they reminded me of 4 holes Astros i had in the time, and i'm quite happy with them.
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