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Looks like a different shot of a famous picture
Comes a little late, i know, but in case you missed    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAgKHSNqxa8&feature=youtu.be   Don't pass the final song !
Funny thing is that for a few days it just happened i wore my STF 501s without a belt, as liked said MoM it doesn't need one, and with a Brutus shirt i thought it was a kind of cool summer look.. But i felt a bit uncomfortable with that, just strange for me to wear trousers without belt. So i've finally put a light belt (kind of braided elastic one) on my 501 since yesterday, and i must say it looks much better.   
This week's challenge poll is open, and Mr Knightley is a serious contestant...   http://www.styleforum.net/t/524428/friday-challenge-10th-of-june-2016-the-bow
The all text is to be taken with a large pinch of salt, MoM, as you speak french you Should Read it. It is interesting as it is from 1969, but from a continental point of view, full of cliches of course... The funny thing is that the same kind of thing was written about second wave lads...
I was lurking for a while at a Levi's Vintage Clothing Corduroy Navy Sta-Prest 1964 repro. Never had before any LVC, as it's very expensive. But the (mod-friendly) shop is having a sale, and it was 40% off ! Fits like a glove (well like a trouser...). Very nice details, and frogmouth pockets.        
Apparently, it could happen with a sleeveless jumper too ! Or maybe he wears a v-neck t-shirt under it.
It has, but the interesting thing is that you can see two 'skins' graffitis. I remember one of the 'Original' posters (i don't remember who) said it was a common sight early seventies.About 'gay skinheads', most probably you could find as many gays among late 60s skinheads than among 'straights' , 'hairies' or 'mockers'...Still, they had a reputation as state this 1969 book : 'Les mauvais lieux de Londres' , that has two pages about skinheads. An extract : 'If by night at...
'Ruperts' or 'Oxford bags' ?   I wonder what shoes are they ? Trainers or some kind of monkey boots/boots?
“We’ve restored the signature rolled collar.”   Apparently Brooks Brothers BD collars were not what they used to be, so they re-launched quality BDs with their traditional collars :  the 'Original Polo button down'. They seem very nice, exist in three different fits, but come with a price.   http://www.gq.com/story/brooks-brothers-new-oxford-button-down-release   http://www.ivy-style.com/brooks-introduces-140-unlined-rolled-collar-oxford.html
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