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 Yes the Smiths soles are darker and more resistant, like the soles of the late 70s DMs (first time i had some was summer 1979 if i remember well, can't speak of before). This Smiths are great, i have them for several years now and they are still going strong. They are 4 eyelets indeed, like the Astronaut shoes were, and they really look alike.  Here they are, i regret i didn't buy an oxblood pair too. Speaking of the Steeds (yes now Archie), they are my favorite DMs since...
My favorite cap at the moment. Family deadstock. Quite warm so very appropriate these days.    
Always find the legs of the LVC 505 far to slim, still i'm rather thin. Never liked the tight jeans look anyway. I wore Levi's late 70s early 80s, 501s usually but never with a snug fit that crushed your balls and made you look like a Flamingo.  Some LVCs 501s are not too bad, but it depends of the years (both the year they are suppose to recreate and the year they are actually made) and the price is crazy.
The fit of the LVC 505 is terrible, that's probably why you can find them quite cheap (for LVCs). Too bad as the detailing is not bad.
Yes i've seen it and it is very nice. The cord material is of great quality, the cut of the jacket is good, and the color - a kind of mid-Brown, not too light or dark - is nice.I am just a bit reserved about the back 'umbrella' vent, i don't know why, maybe because it is in corduroy, it doesn't look totally right to me, while it is not a problem on the classic version.
Agree with you, and i prefer sta prest style trousers. Your interpretation - between jeans and dress trousers - is true, that is why they are practical, for example for travelling. Comfy and at the same time if you have a business appointment they will do the trick.Agree about the Stereotype too, makes me think of the Specials tune...
Never been a big fan TBH… But they are versatile.I had some in the time by Carhartt. They were cheap and sturdy.I've actually got two pairs by Uniqlo, one Navy, one Cream (this one is shorts). Good for the price (cheap again).I was tempted a few years ago by very nice 'Khakis' repros made by Avirex Italy, based on the original 1950s US army-issue 'Khakis' (Chinos). I don't know if they still make them.Otherwise there is the Brooks Brothers, and a lot of other brands...
On the contrary of the MA-1 they were fire resistant (Nomex), that's why USAF took them as the MA-1 successor.I never liked their look, but that's personal preference. I far prefer the simple and epurate lines of the MA-1.Now, speaking of 'groups' associated with them, they are in France the privilege of neo-nazi boneheads that use them as a uniform, usually in black.  i wouldn't be seen dead wearing one.
Reading 'Ask Andy', the Van Heusen licensed product didn't have much in common with the original Manchester jacket.   A rare early 70s picture showing a lad in what seems a Baracuta, at least it has the trademark Fraser Clan Tartan lining. You will notice the Symarip record of course.  
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