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Agree with you about the personal preference, and agree with M-o-M with the 'do the best you can'. Attention to detail can be tricky sometimes and it's often better to get around the rules. I don't like 'things to look too studied' too. Real elegance must look 'effortless' i think. I dislike the overdressed style (that's why i don't like much threads on Styleforum TBH).  Speaking of belts, in my case, being very tall, it's not bad if the belt doesn't blend too much with...
Naughty boy For the record
Thought you'd be interested Gramps  
  Do you recognize them ? Some of them (like 'Gary' and the bunch on the last pic) are on the infamous gay skinhead pics that created controversy on this thread. Dated 1972 (probably magazine publication date, not pictures. Nicked on Brieul.) Most probably coming from a gay revue. Some seem to wear 6 eyelets DMs BTW.
I'm the same. It's a suedehead favorite, but more than that just a matter of classic elegance. I have 3 belt colors to match my shoes : black, brown, and oxblood.You can match your (leather) watch strap too (if you wear a watch) with your shoes and belt. Something people do here.
Only if he wears his stockings !Do you have a massage for me ? Sacrebleu BTW This thread is so boring and uninteresting now, that there's only aggro to have some fun !  I understand why Browniecj (and a lot of other posters) are gone...
Dr Martens made some commercials (short films) a few years ago for the Made In England line, you could see the making of some sole units in the Northern England factory.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwPX5nwz73c  and  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIqJBx_C4WY  (at 2.17) Probably, when they relocated before in Thailand and China they had the sole units made there, furthermore as for a few years (i think) they had stopped the production in England. So most likely now,...
Saint, that would be "ne pas" or "pas avec" (eventually). "ne pas avec" don't exist. To be precise, in the context of your sentence it should be "sans"As you've already got some little problems with English, you should avoid French (imho).   And speaking of the DM sole composition, i guess it depends of the models.
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