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They are the same as the ones on the top right and bottom left i guess (same sole).They have less wear on this picture. I asked the same question a while back, Bela, and had no reply.It looks like a rubber/plastic sole.
I'll definitely try to come if there is another meet up. Depends of the date though. 
Found this... Probably an excerpt from a book (maybe some of you know it ?) Anyway, a brief testimony on the left about The Squire Shop.
Interesting the haircuts and look of the lads in left and center right (in the back).
^You still can find the 100% acrylic ones online, various brands... I saw six months ago a heavy grey one (in wool), really nice look, at M&S... On the expensive side, Mikkel Rude did a really nice waffle knit cardigan (wool, MIE) a few years ago, but it's sold out.
About the polo top button's done/undone, in my case it depends of the polo style (and of the weather too TBH !). With a Piqué, i prefer the top button undone, with a John Smedley style polo, i usually wear it à la Skinny Legs, maybe because the collar is bigger and too wide when opened.In winter i often wear polos under Vnecks, with the buttons always done, whatever the polo.In the early 80s i always wore my FP with the top button undone, so that the open collar would do a...
There is a drastic method to increase reduction.Put your 501 Jeans inside - out.Boil them for 20 minutes (keep the water boiling.) !Dry them in a dryer if possible (it will increase reduction further.) The problem with this method is that it fades your jeans a little more. That's why you musn't forget to put the inside out.
I guess it may depends of the cloth/denim, whether it's a Made in USA LVC (and it will vary according to the models), or a made in Wherever Levi's. In any case the result is always a bit of a surprise for me, and of course it depends too of how you do the first wash.
That's a bag that fits in with 'the look'...Now we're talking !  
Most of it, i agree. But not all. The duffle bag, plain and sober, would maybe fit in with 'the look' (in my idea that is) Not the case with their well known 'field bag' model which is the trendy one i think.I had a look at Saddleback, that Hypetrain mentioned. Quality gear for sure, but it's even better if you work for Pinkerton, Wells Fargo, or the Pony express. Yeehaw !
New Posts  All Forums: