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NP, there is an article about the lad in Toppers (on the last picture i posted) here : https://theballroomblitz.wordpress.com/page/7/ It says they are "Toppers shoes in black and brown contrasting shades". BTW Buttons is the person that could probably help you in your Toppers quest. He didn't post for a while, but tomorrow never knows.
I was rather thinking of the one on the left with the light green trousers.Anyway NP, on this next picture (1974) the lad is said to wear Toppers.This photo was posted a long time ago by Buttons. (A better view if you click.)
Could it be the ones on the left, on this 1974 picture ?
Mike Dow is most likely the photographer's name.
This lad looks class of 69 indeed, i'm just a bit puzzled by the "skins" graffiti. The abbreviation was used as early ? BTW i wonder if he is not one of the three lads from the dubious pictures serie.
It's not an excuse at all, especially as i didn't seen the drama in question, but TV dramas usually have quite a low budget and a very limited shooting time. That can explain the failures of this program. It's sure the BBC won't put a lot of money on Inspector George gently, as it's not one of their prestige drama.
Great find Yankmod, i think we never had this picture before.I was expecting more reaction from our members, as this rare picture shows skinheads (with real crops) during the events related to the "London Street Commune" squatters, where amongst other things group of skinheads faced Hippies squatters and their Hell's Angels allies. The main squat of the LSC was located 144 Picadilly, and the famous American director Samuel Fuller wanted to make a film about it. The movie...
Yes i am, Monsieur ! BTW if someone could provide a link (that works) to see this episode in streaming...The BBC player doesn't work outside UK.
Definitely the only extract i want to see. Just to judge of the historical accuracy of course (i've got to inspect that Fred Perry).
(Just trying too piss you off a bit more Paul ! )
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