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Thought this might be of interest to some of you here... From 'Record collector' N°389 
This is quite interesting i think, as it's the story of the beginning of the so-called Années Drugstore.As usual, rough translation, and only the most relevant part. This could be an introduction to the posts i wrote a few years ago on the Mod to suedehead (page 883) thread about the Drugstore gang (or crowd).  From the Français to the Drugstore. 1956-1962  1956. A bunch of mostly wealthy kids (who loved Elvis, Bill haley, Cochran, Fats Domino, The Platters, The Teddy...
 Go for the Pub Grub then... I found some 'new' material on the Minet subject. I think this thread may be more appropriate than the 'Mod to suedehead' one.Let me know if some of you are interested.They are recollections of several 'Drugstore' originals. I would only (try to) translate what i think are the most interesting parts...
Thanks Browniecj. But i'm just for two days in London, so i think i won't feel homesick ! A good pint and some fish n chips would be perfect !
In fact i will go where the majority wants to go Mr Knightley ! A good old English pub with a nice atmosphere would be the best indeed, but i'm open minded. I don't really mind about the shopping.I just will have to leave you around 4.30 to catch my train in St Pancras, maybe if we could meet a bit earlier, around 12 or 12.30 we would have more time together ? 
Ouch !
I'm in Mr Knightley !   It will be very nice to meet you and the others in The Old Smoke...   Cheers 
Even if all of it have to be taken with a pinch of salt, this book is still a reference (at least here) in the field of cultural studies.I would be interested in reading it, do you have a (free) link for the PDF ?
True it's a bit thin for a Levi's suede, but i blew the picture up and it doesn't really look like a cord jacket either... I don't want to engage into a semantic discussion,  but there are difference between Safari jackets (for Safari) and Saharian jackets (for Sahara/desert), even if they are close indeed.The Saharian jacket was in the beginning a light army jacket with 4 pockets,  first wore by the Brits in India, then by the Desert Rats and the Afrika Korps in WW2. So...
The lad on the left sports most probably a Levi's suede trucker jacket (with press studs), to match his Desert boots. The guy in white 'strange looking' jacket (with buttons) is a 'Saharian' jacket i think.
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