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Congrats Rosace , overwhelming victory !
TBH i don't know what these numbers mean. But i ran into a pair just like that in a country shop in England around 1983. Not sure it was deadstock, so the first number 1983 might be the production date indeed.
Inks are Baracuta, John.Mine are DMs Penton bar loafer. Funny thing, i hesitated between them, Steeds, and Italian tassel loafers. The Penton have the advantage of being sturdy, very comfy, and don't look too bad, So perfect for travellling. I know that loafers (tasseled or not) with DM sole are not everyone cup of tea, but TBH i don't give a...
You will notice it's the Frenchy who found the Weejun shop ! Yeah the pebble grain ones were nice. I ve got to buy a pair of Weejun once in my life, but i always hesitated with the Sebagos, and the Paint House Gang ones are looking damm' good...Speaking of Penny Loafers, the Minets favorites, the JM Weston, are the best IMO, but not in the same price range...
Good to meet you lads ! (you'll notice they are nine on the picture)
Yes i think too this kind of jacket looks better with jeans. And it needs more wear, looks too 'new'. I have got the same problem with my alpha M65 field jacket, i have got it for years but still looks too 'new' to my taste.Might look better opened and without the belt too... But that is the usual personal preference debate !
Never saw them i think, but i heard of Major Domo. I think they were cheap copies of DMs, a bit like Sargeant Pepper (that i remember)? At the time a lot of shoe brands had DM style soles, licensed or not.Have a look at Blackmans, they do some dealer boots, and dealer brogue boots, with look alike DM soles, not bad at all (and quite cheap !)
Doesn't it tear in the crotch area ? The longer i did is four month i think, then first wash in cold water with just a little of Washing liquid special for dark colors. Usually gives good result.
Ok for a jacket, but for jeans trousers only a few months, otherwise they most probably will tear apart.
I mean Lee USA of course.
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