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Another actor wearing a Baracuta, probably late 50s. Buzz cut and polo neck jumper. A nice look that won't go out of fashion.  
 And i'ts the year of my birthday, even better !Well, ahem, turning 50 soon...
Speaking of reggae/ska, i love this tune but i can't remember the name, will you help me folks ? BTW i can see one of our members dancing, even if it's quite dark...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH2_7oUS9D4   Last Birmingham Scorcher   (a longer version of the event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFEveiPbkxQ)
Speaking of Stamford Bridge, i don't think we had this one Unfortunately, poor quality. From the "Spirit of 69" book, i think.
Well that's exactly what i meant (sometimes it's a bit difficult for me to express exactly what i wanna say in English). They took the 80's bad taste to its limits. The "gabber" scene is (was?) quite huge, and not all of them are (was?) skinheads BTW. They have (had?) in common hardcore techno. 
Yes a kind of skinhead uchronia. The same happened with 80s skins, like if they continued to evolve to the contemporary sinister Gabber skins (not sure you heard of them before, you find them in the north of France, Belgium, and Netherlands), who replaced Oi by techno.
Personal preferences of course but... I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that shirt ! 
 Never been a big fan of Johnny i must say, even if he's a kind of institution here. He's not the only French singer (well in his case half French half Belgian) who made a lot of covers in the 60s/70s... Claude François was another one, and the first to sing My way, that he co-wrote.
That's part of what i understood thanks to this thread, while some of you - a minority ?- were into music, others were into gangs - street fighting men -, football, or just fashion. And maybe a mix of all of that for the others...
Well MoM, it's never too late. you could get a doctorate on skinheadology maybe, and you could use this scooter to go to university. 
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