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I know, i know, but it works even better if then you wash it WITH vinegar (mixed with Washing liquid)! So it's stinky, but what i wouldn't do for style !
White vinegar works with natural dyes, not sure it will do the trick on modern/chemical dyes.I used to do it on some Traditional colored Indigo stuff. Worked very well, but it stinked vinegar a little !
Impressive Lacoste collection ! i manage to keep the dye vibrant in my darker colored polos by using some special washing liquid they do now for dark colors. It works pretty well. But it depends a lot of the quality of the polo and the dyeing. We are a few here who noticed that for example MIChina ones usually fade much more and quicker. i wouldn't dare to remove the pocket of a Sunspel polo (if i had one) because they are pretty expensive !
i don't think we had this one before...
Them… Again !   
Looks familiar ?  
Maybe because the Poly-Cotton mix was out of favor at one point ?Interesting discussion about sta-prest pages 852 to 854...
 If you want to break the bank, this madras BD shirt is really nice... http://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/gitman_vintage/slim-fit-madras-checked-cotton-shirt/709066?ppv=2&cm_mmc=LinkshareUK-_-TnL5HPStwNw-_-Custom-_-LinkBuilder&ranMID=36586&ranEAID=TnL5HPStwNw&ranSiteID=TnL5HPStwNw&siteID=TnL5HPStwNw-ajJG2KIRO1vpRF_8v2VfvA
Congrats for the organization, i guess it's a bit boring...Your outfit was nice Alex, mais on ne peut pas gagner à tous les coups !
This week's challenge is interesting, it opens the door to less traditional outfits.    http://www.styleforum.net/t/523367/friday-challenge-may-20-2016-the-particular-jacket-challenge   But not an easy one. 
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