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Continental look. Nino Ferrer, French-italian singer, considered as a Minet (at least for his attire) because he used to dress in Paris at Renoma and Mayfair. Picture taken in Roma, (date unknown, i'd say mid to late 60s) Piazza di Spagna.  
A nice looking couple But what year ? The girl is wearing Scholl style sandals, i remember a discussion on the subject here, some members said they were popular with skinhead girls in 69-70 (and even with some boys!). But girls apparently wore them since mid-sixties. And what about the boy's "look" : mod, skinhead, or suedehead ?...
Barca : great team, great players, great coach. Fair play, respect of opponents. We can just tip our hats... And hope Ibra will do a hat trick next week ! We can still dream...
I can tell you he was worth the cost for Paris as he helped us to beat Chelsea and their pretentious coach . Maybe they'll be less contemptuous (c...) next time. Speaking of yesterday game, we didn't buy the good Uruguayan !
Very interesting picture and anecdote, is it a kind of Monkey jacket the lad on the right is wearing ? (No pun intended) BTW Do you have a licence for that monkey ?
Maybe you're right, to be sure we have to see Robert Duvall's jacket's pockets (they are very typical on a CWU). If Countdown was influential on the "look", (as the astronauts are supposed to have been anyway) you can had to the BD, Butch haircuts, and Zipper jacket... ... a MA-1 flight jacket worn by James Caan.
Difficult to say of course, as we can only see the top of the jacket. It's a bit shiny, so it could be made of a kind of nylon. MA1s, L2s, and CWUs were flight jackets used by the different NASA personnels, in a range of different colors. This jacket could be a blue CWU. Not the actual nylon one, too shiny, but the type of polyester and cotton mix blended fabric.
Did you know the first skinhead gang was from germany ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNwFUzhKBxI
The MA-1 subject has been touched here several times. BTW the recent point/question was more about (army) overalls than MA-1.   About colors, a restatement of facts:   The MA-1 was initially produced in midnight blue and sage green. Blue was the original color used by the military, but it was soon replaced by green (...) Presumably, the green was eventually adopted because it blended more easily with the environment. (From MA-1 article on wikipedia. You can do other...
Interesting, thanks A&E. What color were these overalls ? (I'm thinking of the white or navy overalls that some football supporters worn, around the early 70s i think.)  
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