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This whole "ecto-meso-whatevermorph" theory is complete bullshit, for starters. If you're tall and skinny, check out brands like Acne, A.P.C., and Saint Laurent Paris.
I'm an 11 D on the brannock and wear the same sizes as you...
To be fair, some rich teenager who saw that jacket on tumblr IS going to end up buying it for that price...
Too high or too low?
Selling a black/black toj0 in stock size 48 with very minimal wear. You all know what this is, it's one of the most hype jackets on the internet right now. I sincerely wish my wardrobe supported this. This is a rare chance to get a ToJ with no real wear besides minor arm creasing for below retail! No more orders are being taken, so this is really your last chance. Photo was taken with flash, which makes the arm creasing look worse than it really is. Under regular light,...
Anyone have sizing advice on the free flyknit Chukkas? I'm a 44 in MMM, a 43 in CP, but I'm a 10.5 in some Nike (Lunarglide 3) and an 11 in the Pegasus line.
Oh, I forgot the reason I came into this thread - someone should buy this Viridi-anne leather. I'm no longer an XS so it's not for me :(
I would pay good money to only live between 50 and 70 degrees every day.    Fortunately, I have family in San Francisco.
Naked and famous thread getting real. Distorbiant's shell is cracking
I don't have any dress shoes and those are pretty cool, but why is it such a great deal? Tempted. Sell me?
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