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Mark, would you mind sharing pricing information on the trousers you hade made, either here or by PM? Thanks in advance.
I can understand why some folks don't mind the lack of a keeper, but I find it annoying and sloppy to have the back blade flopping around all the time. To each his own, indeed. I wish the Vanda folks would accommodate my preference, but I suppose it's their prerogative to decline to do so. Oh, well.Incidentally, my recollection is that they will cut a longer tie for a slight upcharge if they still have uncut lengths of a particular fabric. When I bought a batch of ties...
Yes, and they won't even add one by request on custom orders, which, unfortunately, is a deal breaker for me. I think their product is otherwise great, but the no-keeper thing just doesn't work for me. Fortunately for them, they seem to have enough customers who don't share my view.
well, this actually raises a good example re: the formality point. prince charles has worn a solid grey morning suit to ascot more than once, but when he married camilla parker bowles, for example, he wore a dark coat and striped trousers. draw whatever conclusions you wish. I like the all-grey rig, but I do think it is perceived as less formal.
I actually did this, using a mid-grey sharkskin from the Smith's formals book (I think the same cloth is also in one of their suiting books). I did the second jacket with one button and peak lapels, and it made for a great lounge suit that was slightly on the formal side, but not so much so that it was beyond the realm of normal office wear. As noted, the trousers for a morning suit tend to be cut rather high, but that never really bothered me. The only problem with...
quoted for accuracy. riviera, rangoon, airborne, crown classic, and apparently now the lambswool jacketing book are all history. I cannot understand why they killed these books.
this is no fun given google's "search by image" feature.
I tend to look at it from this perspective: if a particular LL cloth is something I really can't find elsewhere, then I need to decide whether it's a cloth for which I'm willing to pay the tariff demanded. If a particular LL cloth is something for which there appears to be a reasonable substitute available in the marketplace, then the question becomes whether I prefer the alternative at its price over the LL offering at its price.I realize this is stating the obvious a...
the everest 1000g cashmere was 450GBP per meter. have you come across it in real life? the tariff was stratospheric, to be sure, but the cloth is amazing. it has an incredible, dense hand that is both soft and resilient. I actually think the cloth will take more of a beating than one would ever expect cashmere to be able to withstand. really, I've never seen anything like it.
I'm pretty sure the first edition of the eden in paris flannel was a lighter weight offering than the version that's in the new book of LL flannel offerings.
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