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Hello,   I'm an attorney living in New York, originally from Chicago (city, not suburbs).  I love good suits, when I can afford them (or snag a good buy).  I also like street wear - raw selvedge denim, cool sneakers, crazy patterned shirts (no Robert Graham please), too much jewelry and accessories (for a dude - but no earrings), and baseball caps (once in a while.    Favorite recent purchases are a genuine panama hat from JJ Hatters on Fifth in Midtown...
Hi, I'm new to the forum. I picked up a Bartorelli Napoli suit yesterday at a "sample sale" at the same store on W. Broadway for $320. The suit fits great, and for the price, the fabric is some of the softest and lightest I've ever had - comparing with my (much) more expensive Pal Zileri suit. I'm a bit worried now because I can't find any information about the brand online, so I suppose only time will tell. It does fit and look great though.    How would one tell if...
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