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Headed down to Chinatown for dim sum this morning, so I needed something spicy and Eastern...Ambre Sultan worked quite nicely, I think.
I'm curious why they've got that reputation...they seem to be the only Alden retailer around Boston, so it's be curious if I ought to be avoiding them.
Is there anywhere other than J Gilbert to get plaza lasted boots? I love the plaza last, but J Gilbert never seems to stock large enough sizes for me (at least per their website).
So I just picked up a pair of Fifth Streets and was a bit miffed to find some major manufacturing defects in the right boot -- specifically, one of the top eyelets is only half-inserted and there's a funny crease in the leather on the side, as though the shoe was put together a bit wonky. I'd ordered them from the AE website, since I couldn't be bothered to go downtown, but now I'm wondering whether I should email or call their main CS or just take the shoes down to the...
I think I'll be wearing Hermes Terre d'Hermes parfum...just got a brand-new full bottle, and I can't wait to see how it compares to the EdT.
Just snapped up these ravellos off eBay:
Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan. My decant is on its last legs; just ordered a full bottle. Totally worth it...this's going to be my go-to amber. Almost wore Muscs Koublai Khan, but that turns out to smell like a rancid men's room on my skin.
Grey Flannel. Nothing special, just wanted my violet fix.
I used to work for the federal gov't, and most of what I saw was sneakers, dirty jeans, and t-shirts. That might be because I was a programmer for the gov't...   This reminds me of a story my uncle told me about interviewing for civilian work at a military base. He was straight out of college, and, naturally, wore a standard dark suit for the interview. While on the base, he noticed everybody was being really nice to him...opening doors, being super-polite, &c. He asked...
I've been trying to get into straight shaving, but honestly I keep going back to my DE. The problems I've been having:   * Good DE blades are *very* sharp (think Iridiums, Feathers, &c.). My honing technique is pretty shoddy, but even a terrific edge off a super-hard JNAT isn't going to match up to the sharpness of a DE blade. My annoyingly picky face (sensitive skin, tough hair) demands sharpness. * Hones theoretically don't cost much over their lifetime, but...
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