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so glad I stuck to my guns and waited out the for the clean cap toe.  
  thanks for the kind words everyone 
@sacafotos  that was GMTO from a while back.   that is natural light    i keeed; might not have a chance to get some outdoor shots for a while...roads are somewhat crappy out.  If i ever have an indoor function this month and i wear them, i'll snap a cell pic then.  
finally broke the burgundy adelaides out of the box for some pre-wear elbow grease  
Woot, shell boots in hand. Thanks steve!
 sweeeet i might be able to wear this for my pop up store next week then. 
can't do jacket shoulders under 17"; it'll be mad tight for me.  
just to show you how much i haven't thrifted lately; i didn't even know it was half off until i got to the cashier and told her that the rung up total wasn't the tag total and she told me "it's half off today" 
half price day no less. funny thing is i wasn't even planning to look at the rack.  i was looking for fucking winter boots for myself and figured, ah wtf let's go take a look.  put my hand on it, felt like cashmere.  looked at the sleeve buttons and went "hmmmmmm"
was a 42
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