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@steveyoo1983  any chance we could get betty to install the flush toe taps on the burgundy adelaides?  saw that on the balligator balmoral at skoak's thread, so surely it's doable by now.  
do not find my 28420 wearing heavy at all.  Thicker than expected? Yes.  Heavy?  No.     hottest i've worn it outside is 26-28'C.  coldest is minus 5.  mine's half lined; not unlined.  
The tie looks big because it's 3/4" bigger than your lapels :)   95% of people probably won't notice; I have one slim lapel suit vs my others and there's no way I'd wear my "normal" ties with that one.  Even if other people won't notice, it'd almost be like wearing sandals with socks.  
 showed up today   
i'll snap some after i get it. traded a steinhart for it.  
got a king seiko 45-7001 en route atm.   can't wait.  wanted something more formal than my dive watch for a while.  finally have something that fits the bill.  
dark navy; not black
Steve, pm'd u
David, when are you in TO again? (if you plan to return at all lol )
we talking LP cash grail or vicuna grail :D
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