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 willing to bet those are grass court shoes.  
Wanted another pindot tie for a while, looked up their recent stuff they dont look like this. (three fold self tipped) But fuck if this is a fake, it's a great fake.
 u sure the pockets are fake and not still basted when the owner doesn't realise he has to open them up with a thread-ripper?
 note the slope of the gorge seam, break line and lapel line.  stuff that's cut w/i the past 5 years or so is different from stuff that's cut back in the 90s.  HUGE difference.  google 1990s notch lapel and you'll see some pictures that has cuts that just looks dated.  It isn't the type of lapel, it's how it's shaped as well.   the only way to be sure is to check the tag.  chk the maker / tag thread before u go back tomorrow :)  
 provided the shape of the lapel isn't too dated?  i've kopped shittier brand with less features for more. 
@jdrizzy  i've seen dormeuil ties before; but none were as nice as the 3 you kopped.  That purple one actually looks fucking great :D 
6x1 DB for an interview.   please find an alternative. 
that floral / paisley thing is purely coincidence  
Nm the db suit, which one of yall bought my trofeo blazer with working cuffs
who just e-thrifted my zega DB suit :D
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