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BB if slim fit def sells, TB not sure; Pink and Zegna should sell.     Heck, I've unloaded JCrew and Tyrwhitt before 
Jok: got a pair of tan wholecuts that could use this. Shall we discuss?
@jdrizzy Do you need a mannequin? Got an extra one kicking around
really hate it when the shirt is mint EXCEPT for the holes created by the tags.  
Chest of 41 and shoulder of 18.5 a child size? FUCK THIS GUY
rofl does he even care is what I'm wondering.  guy's got that place on lockdown.  
Can't find the pants
do you both piss at all the places south of the 401
Thing? Or wrong lanvin
Nothing crazy today, just a bunch of dress shirts that isn't worth mentioning; but did snag an untagged EZ Traveller (specs matches a 46L).  SB, 2B, full canvas dual exhaust.  Available. pics:  [[SPOILER]]    specs:  shoulder 20"1/2 back 10" (half back is from back centre seam to back side seam at the point where the back side seam meets the armscye)sleeve 26.5"p2p: 24"waist: 22.5"boc: 32 3/8" avail until Sunday 530pm eastern.  will trade 
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