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oh my goodness I must get my hands on these.    
i've squeezed into 29 in the summer  all my friends are waiting until the day i blow up with a huge gut.  i keep saying "it might be some day, but it sure as fuck ain't today"
 what's outseam length?
Seeing your post just made me do a quote for shipping with a box.   comes out cheaper than shipping with a bubble mailer.   Guess I'm ordering boxes now.  
You don't expect to have to press jackets after it's been in the mail?
ain't that the truth
I suspect it's 90% off original sticker price, would make it a kop if you were buying it retail.  
I actually haven't used CP to ship int'l for a while. And I ship using bubble mailers. Shoes I will send in a box.Not sure if my answer helped any lol. The signature is default. Insurance is what's extra.
I ship DHL anytime packages go outside of Canada; so I just assume the receiver would have to sign for courier'd packages.  I don't go out of my way to choose that option if that's what you're asking.
Got a PP chargeback case for "unauthorized payment".     Just got a question as it's a first for me.  How does one proceed to resolve these?  He paid on the evening of the 31st, I shipped out on the 1st and tracking shows he signed for it on the 2nd.     Already uploaded tracking screen cap and shipment receipt to pp; should I call them to discuss?   edit:  called them; resolved after they saw tracking info.
New Posts  All Forums: