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in for austerity
Dont have the shell wholecut, did have the tan. i sold the tan, because of lack of versatility imo.
 will post pics when it arrives 
update:   changed the 7.5 to a 7 on the 804.  fits pretty much perfect.   which leads me to now worry my 7.5 on the 946 on a MTO is the wrong size :(     was not expecting the 7 at all, when i take 7.5 rain, 8 siimpson and 8 on the 48 from AS
feels wider even; AND longer.  
 no way the 804 fits like the rain.   I've had 3 pairs of rain, and not one of em fits like the 804.   Might have to go half size smaller
Pre-wear maint done; time to break them in at home.    
anyone find the 804 fitting even more generous than the Rain?  
oh my goodness I must get my hands on these.    
i've squeezed into 29 in the summer  all my friends are waiting until the day i blow up with a huge gut.  i keep saying "it might be some day, but it sure as fuck ain't today"
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