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For black captors, I doubt 99% of people you meet in the next 10 years will even know the brand of shoes on your feet. I've only met one person in the past 18 months who bothered to ask me about what I had on my feet that day. Having said that I don't know how a MTO will help if you feel your feet is an odd shape. That doesn't sound like something an MTO w/o a last adjustment can solve.
This works better as a deterrent. If the dollar is strong, people just treat the duties as part of it. When it's weak, it's almost a second penalty.
aren't navitimers 3-6-9 config for chronos?
Was so not thinking when I was contemplating my eb makeup when the same shoe was staring at me in the face.
Gah. Shearling lined Galway's gone
feel free to block this fucker.       he'll try to pull a fast one on you in shipping rates.  Guy lives in Portugal, claims he has an address in new jersey.  Sent him an updated invoice for a lower shipping rate, and what happens is his paypal address is you guessed it, Portugal.
Have a pair as stated.  There are creases on the upper; but the insole and sole are absolutely brand new.  Did put a high shine already on the toe box.   Does not come with original box or shoe trees.  Will split shipping (via DHL anywhere except Canada where it'll be Can Post)
i size down half size on the 804 from the 946; is that true for you as well?
how many people here have the 804, 946 and 74945 last in their rota (or have tried) in the 7-8uk range, and how do you size between the 946 and 74945?   thanks :)
Glad you liked it @akoustas
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