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Still kick myself for not gettin those
are those the u wing shells? 
All NWT, all are the cashmere - nylon blend and all Med   Colours - Quantity Black -- 2 pr Navy -- 3 pr  1pr Blue -- 3 pr  2 pr Port -- 4 pr  3pr Mink -- 1 pr   Flat rate $10 shipped to north america regardless of quantity.  EU / AP we can split shipping. Price is per pair. Can offer discount on more than 3 pairs. 
Got 2 pieces of EZ, 1 PZ and 1 Canali for now available.  Size and measurement chart in album.  But to summarize:   1.  Blue EZ is a EU 54L 2. Gray EZ is a EU 56L   sold 3. PZ is EU 54R 4. Blue Canali is EU 58R   All are NWT, free shipping from Canada.  A couple of notes:  Gray EZ is not surgeon, Canali's breast pocket isn't basted shut (came that way).  Everything else is pretty standard affair (pockets shut, sleeves basted, surgeon)   Prices are in my ebay link...
Rifare, have you tried them
Exactly. And I avoid things in my pocket like a plague. Flat fronts on pants that fit is just no dice for moving around, and I am on the skinny side of the scale already.
single forward pleat. 3/8" depth   can't be beat IMO.  I won't 1/2" and haven't experimented with 1/4"; but 3/8 has worked so far.  
that sucks :(
I placed my order four months ahead. Got it just as spring arrived. Gabriel quoted sixteen weeks, so par for the course tbh.
Barring a couple of small things, pretty happy with the result
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