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anniv tweed 90009
Turned two pieces of unfunded liability in.  The conquest is ready to be picked up tomorrow.  The anniv tweed I told my tailor to let me know when he lays his shears on it.  I'll be doing a pictorial from start to finish for that one.       .  
@Handmadeshoes justin those montlake and the denim oxfords are incredible
one full size too big :(
that lee baron jacket is hardly "too short"   it both covers the guy's ass AND its hem is inline with his first knuckles    the guy has a lower right shoulder; and you can see the effect it has on the back of the jacket because the LB guys didn't account for the difference in shoulder slope.  Left half of the coat is clean while the right half has creases, all from the sloping shoulder.     questionable gorge height from both houses considering the height of the...
looking for a solid navy and a solid grey (mid to charcoal) tie.  wool preferred, but will take silk (texture preferred). (3 to 3-5")  i have stuff up for trade (suit / sc / ties....LOTs of ties).     also collar bars and pins (round barbell ends preferred for bars, brass preferred)   if u dont' feel like trading, i can purchase, no prob.   located in canada.   thanks
 nah, us canadians are nice.  i've always said to people, if Quebec goes, leave the bitches and race cars behind; the rest of the shit can go   the fact that he knows other thrifters' schedules, that's a bit much :D
 i don't really care for the stuff he types, but some of those finds are fucking incredible.  
 Hope you have closet space, because you're on  your way to getting unfunded liabilities soon   With regards to DB, ricky provides good service for a hong kong establishment.  This is coming from an overseas customer who was only there for 2 fittings for a jacket, but i've had him make me two more suits (most recent one being a 520) w/o actually doing a fitting.  The frontier needed to be tweaked locally, but Ricky took all my notes on adjustments and this fresco suit was...
i have nothing against slim lapels per se, but not when a guy's front chest measurement is almost 18 or 19"  
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