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between writing business plan, selling my place, looking for a new place, haven't had time to thrift much.   but did enjoy a semi-pop moment.  
@TM79 property prices here are insane, just fyi.  
 if a HOuse of Salgado suit jacket is machine pad stitched in the chest and lapel; i don't think you'll see a jacket at rick's pricepoint to be hand made.   Not commenting whether that's a good or bad thing per se; just gotta keep expectations realistic.  
got a pair of pants made with the 400g mersolair and am fairly happy with it (nevermind the price of it was quite reasonable).   not sure how hot it'll wear as a jacket; but the wrinkling at the back of the knee is about par for the course.  
 i can't satisfy your curiosity; and i'm not gonna beg for forgiveness for mistakingly calling a suit with an odd vest a 3 piece either  have a nice friday 
would be iinterested. still can't believe i missed that shell boot. 
tag inside that right chest pocket would indicate it's authentic.   the guy's got 30k feedback; pretty sure he isn't going to mess with that on a 500 dollar suit.  
all the people i come across with wicked slopes all work out pretty gung ho.  comes a certain point where it's quite tricky getting a jacket to sit nicely on those frames.  It isn't a job left for dryclean shop seamstresses.     i usually check the shoulder and chest for the jacket.  sleeve length isn't that big an issue unless it's working cuff; but the shoulder and the side seams are the most costly alterations if you really like to keep the jacket.  I don't always...
 then he'll run into the potential problem of increasing his shoulder slope, (and risk having it uneven); which will cause creasing on one of the front panels.  
lol, with the stuff you do for your ebay store; what i just said shouldn't matter to you :) i posted that setup pic as an example that the setup doesn't need to be fancy with an obscene number of lights.  I see guys discussing about watts and power and THAT shit flies over my head lol.  I try to keep shit as minimal as possible using the least amount of space.  But having at least one white wall helps for sure when it comes to shooting stuff with a mannequin.  However, it...
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