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or if you do a lot of BST and guys pay thru paypal, keep it all in usd 
nope, it isn't. been using DHL for almost a year and i've never gotten dinged that bad.   the worst was about 28 bucks on a 80 dollar order from the states.  
What are you shipping in terms of size
Thats why i've gone to using dhl. The duties is palatable, and it doesnt sit in customs. I get it fast too.
Agreed. Thought it wouldnt be, but wearing my pair a lot as well.
Most noticeable difference on my feet, higher instep on the eb. Maybe slightly wider across the ball as well.
I take 7 in 804, 7.5 in 946, 7.5 in rain. 804 is longer than rain in same sizeYes
i use dhl; but only because i have a hookup.   no way will i courier rack rate. 
How would sf ebayers handle this?
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