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^ That or Loake from Herring Shoes. Herring gives you a free shoe tree with a code which is floating around somewhere. Pediwear gives you a 15% off for all future Loakes for being part of the club. Both Herring and Pediwear send their shoes quite quick, 4 days for my previous orders. Well done for graduating and welcome to the workforce!
Nice looking soft chisel toes. An existing last I presume?
^ It looked more like the toe was darkened deliberately?  Interesting that the patina did that. Looks good.
And they come with shoe trees! Likely AS lasted ones too... grrrr..
^ Aaargh! D-o-n-t do that!
^ Time to stay away! Good buys. I have an itch to get a grenadine very soon.   Today's Hober, the navy diamond weave (apologies for not having a jacket & bad picture - still figuring out how to snap oneself)  
Very nice on the burgundy! It is a most versatile colour, along with oxblood. I am sure I do not have symmetrical feet however . In fact the right is up to half a size larger than the left and I didn't realise my instep would be considered high either. Makes me wonder really as only my spanish shoes give me the 'vee' across the lacings while my english makes do not (they close almost neatly). 
 Thank you all for your observations. It is most likely the leather itself (being not the best piece chosen when making that particular area) but with Meermins at the price point that they were (before the recent hike), still represented great value.@DWFII could very well be right too on fit as it's on the left shoe, where my foot is up to 0.5 size smaller than my right. H-B means Heel to Ball joint right? Will moisturise the bugger and see if it does anything. As long as...
Herring has belts too... happy shopping  Their 20% discount just lapsed a week ago. But I recall seeing another 10% still active. I think it's TWEET10 but check their twitter site to be sure.
Is there much space between the top of your foot and the uppers? Creases get more pronounced with excessive space (it's a function of the fit not being good in that area). Are your other shoes capped and on the same last/fit? This being capless would also be another factor.
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