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That is very good to hear, particularly the positives. Are those the included shoelaces? Looks a bit thick in the photo. Quite a unique colour, quite purple-red in sunlight.
Ah, it's one of those names which could be either. Good to know at least... ta.
Meermin said to me "Our measurements for the belts are from the buckle to the middle hole" unless you like different hole configurations than the standard 5. Depending on the leather, it can stretch too as leetpuma said. Still waiting for my belt and shoes to arrive. 14 more days to go according to the order update.
Best last is the one which fits best! Still, Herring's 1966 looks more 'modern' with a slight square toe.. 
The Capital is a generous last compared to most others. Those who like it snug may need to size 0.5 down
Put on a tie too for the full ensemble...
Don't think prices will be too advantageous with the SGD/AUD exchange being so close these days? Would likely get one done faster than in Oz, for sure.
SS great pictures. The one from Suit Shop is half canvassed I presume?
11028 is long and narrow compared to the Capital. Suggest you try the same size as a starting point. Sizing the 11028 up half a size would make it too long in most cases. I wear a 10.5UK in both but where the Capital fits me comfortably but with still some small wiggle room in the width and heel, the 11028 is more tight. I find the Cheaneys to be a lighter shoe than the Capital too.
New Posts  All Forums: