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175 Peternorth ($3200) 176 Distorbiant ($820) 177 masshi ($1680) 178 friyaz ($1640) 179 ricesuit ($145) 180 OnehitWonder ($870) 181 jabster410 ($1200) 182 guayabera ($835) 183 etz ($380) 184 bones86 ($780) 185 ahshadow ($780) 186 Exileon ($380)
Retails for 175. Professionally hemmed and tapered to a 29 inseam and a 6.4 inch leg opening. Almost no fading, just a small amount on the back pocket, no combs or whiskers yet. 100% 19oz deep indigo japanese denim, beige weft, 1/4 inch thick leather patch. These fade phenomenally well, I just cant wear them since I'm moving somewhere really...
Hey,long shot, but is this still available?
Do you have a picture of the cut on the toj? And how much would be shipping to san francisco?
Wow those apc xs's fit huge. Did they stretch a lot?
Does the $15 include shipping CONUS?
Hi is this sold yet?   Raw, 21 oz, brand new denim in unbranded's taper fit. Pretty hesitant to let these go since, but they're just too big for my skinny legs and the alternative is to tailor them, so I'm trying to help someone out on here before i try that.    This is their old styling, so equivalent to their new, vanity sized 27's.   These jeans never go on...
I've got a uniqlo light gray in xs, which is pretty close to the slim s if youre interested. Does uniqlo not ship to Connecticut?
The tag on the picture says medium, is this a different shirt or...?
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