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Just curious, but how is that disappointing and misleading?Alden of Carmel used to be located in Carmel, but moved in the 2003 timeframe. I assume Adam kept the name for brand identity. I could see that it might be disappointing if you were planning on visiting Carmel, but otherwise?Misleading? He still sells grade A Aldens of all variety.I thing Nike is misleading. They don't sell winged Mythological goddesses...
Gentlemen,   I am selling the Alden Black Calfskin Indy Boot (AF108) in size 9D. I purchased these boots in 2013 directly from Alden of Carmel. The calfskin and commando soles make these an outstanding all-weather boot. They were made on the Truebalance Last, which tends to fit one-half size larger. They also feature speed hooks for easy lacing and unlacing.   These rugged boots have been worn approximately 20 times. They have been stored with Alden trees (trees not...
Gentlemen, Great looking shoes all week. Many of your posts over the years have inspired me to upgrade my trousers in a big way. My photos tend to look like a bum in crummy khakis or old jeans robbed the Alden factory. So today I was very active online at Epaulet and snagged a few pair of Walts. Still haven't been bit by the raw denim thing, but Epaulet makes a damn fine trouser. Can't wait for them to arrive. Upgrading my wardrobe slowly from the ground up! Dave
Sazon, you win Shoes of the Day.Kwhitelaw, you win The Seconds List superlative award. Congrats.
Gentlemen, congrats. These are amazing. I love the shortwing and trust you will wear them in style.
Whiskey Wednesday, early in the morning.   First photo in bright, indirect light.   Second photo in the shade. Love me some PTBs.
[/B]I'd crash the double monk party with you, DV.
Thams, thanks for the inspiration. Now I'll definitely wear my pair tomorrow.
Truce if we agree to ban hurricane jokes as well. Lots of great shell on the East Coast...
Beebs, you and DV are neck-and-neck for best boot collection. The weight of all that lovely California shell (if you add Mdubs) may actually be the primary reason why the state eventually fractures at the fault line and falls into the Pacific!
New Posts  All Forums: