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Love 'em, DV. One of my casual staples.But thought you recently said you didn't have a pair of Indy boots. We're you referring to the classic 405? Or did you pick up these recently?
Top men.
Thanks, Mike. This pair is just over 1 year old, bought last July at TSM. They were much darker at that time and have only now started to display any sort of nice patina. I hope my Cigar cap toes from Alden DC age nicely as well.
Cigar Indy boot on this sunny Friday morning.
Started my day with a Cigar. Ending it with a cold drink or two.
By now, we all know that our boy Mdubs is feeling a little under the weather. I'm posting some pics of my Color 2 LWBs in hopes that he no longer feels like #2.   Please excuse the poor indoor lighting. I'm also posting two pics with flash just for kicks.      
I'm with you, bud. They look barely worn. But a half size too big for me.
Some robust offerings on ebay right now. Cigar Pitt boot, Color 4 short wings, and a few Ravello and Cigar options as well. None of them are mine, just spreading the word.
I have not been able to find one in shell.AF53 only hits 2 of 4 of your requirements (plain toe, commando) because it is on TrueB and has speed hooks.Alden Madison has a boot that hits 2 of 4 (plain toe, Barrie last) because it has crepe soles and speed hooks.I considered buying the Alden Madison boot and having it resoled by B. Nelson, but never pulled the trigger. Good luck and let me know if you find one!
New Posts  All Forums: