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Gentlemen,   I am selling the Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan High Lace Boot (AF53) in size 9D. I purchased these boots in 2014 from Alden of Carmel. The plain toe design truly shows the beauty of shell cordovan. The commando soles also make these an outstanding all-weather boot. They were made on the Truebalance Last, which tends to fit one-half size larger. They also feature speed hooks for easy lacing and unlacing.   These beautiful, rugged boots have been worn...
Don, I really love these boots. Your picture reminds me that I need to take mine out of the stable once all this snow melts in Virgina. You are a brave man dashing about Massachusetts in your shell after all the weather you've had this past month.
Very nice. Watering the grass with a splash of pinot. The bar lacing looks great on those. Solid tankers, MP. Keeping it classy, Mike!
Awesome, I love Natty CXL boots.Now go put some shoe trees in those babies before you are wearing a pair of ski jumps!
Still one of the best.
Thanks, BootSpell. My wife bought these boots for me a long time ago. Not too many still around with the cotton duck lining. Henry, I find the most variation within my collection to be in Cigar. My perforated cap toe boots, Indys, and chukkas all vary quite a bit from olive to brown to something approaching a darker Color 8. Mike, it's been loads of fun seeing what style of Aldens people enjoy, who's able to buy what and when, and realizing how crazy we all are. Definitely...
Great minds think alike. I was organizing my shoes outside for a group pic when I saw you posted this. Great collection of Indys!
I had been planning on taking a revised "family photo" for a long time. Finally got around to it this afternoon. Group shot first, then a bunch of additional shots spoilered. Back row, L-R:Cigar medallion cap toe boot (Alden DC), #8 Brixton (Epaulet), Black wingtip boot (TSM), Natty CXL wingtip boot (Epaulet), Cigar Indy (TSM), #8 Tanker (AoM), Cigar cap toe boot (Alden DC), Black cap toe boot (AoM), #8 cap toe boot (Alden DC), AF53 (AoC), Cigar chukka (Alden SF), Ravello...
When I logged on and saw the thumbnails of these in the "Recent Images In This Thread", I seriously thought they were some crazy rare version of a Whiskey-ish/Ravello 6-eyelet chukka on commando with mocc hand stitching.
@Mdubs, now it looks like you have no choice but to officially open an affiliate!
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