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Amazing color variation. Simply amazing.
Looking good, Disco. I'm now inspired to bust out my AF53s.
^ strong lineup, Moosic.
Looking very well organized, Alci. I'm jealous. My Aldens share a closet with a vacuum, clothes iron, and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff.
I love DC.
Looking good, Uluabob. Welcome aboard!
Love 'em, DV. One of my casual staples.But thought you recently said you didn't have a pair of Indy boots. We're you referring to the classic 405? Or did you pick up these recently?
Top men.
Thanks, Mike. This pair is just over 1 year old, bought last July at TSM. They were much darker at that time and have only now started to display any sort of nice patina. I hope my Cigar cap toes from Alden DC age nicely as well.
New Posts  All Forums: