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Awesome, buddy. I just joined you. Gave AoM a call this morning and now they are inbound. I think this will be a good general use boot for me.
Solid look.
A rainy Friday evening with my old faithful buddy. And some Natty CXLs.
Great pic, looks like you are floating just above the ground!
Mike,Out of curiosity, have you worn those out of the house yet? I Mac'd mine and they are ready to roll, but I haven't taken them out for a full day yet.
 I'm feeling a little buzzed just from looking. Well done!
Gentlemen, I am selling the Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan High Lace Boot (AF53) in size 9D. I purchased these boots in 2014 from Alden of Carmel. The plain toe design truly shows the beauty of shell cordovan. The commando soles also make these an outstanding all-weather boot. They were made on the Truebalance Last, which tends to fit one-half size larger. They also feature speed hooks for easy lacing and unlacing. These beautiful, rugged boots have been worn approximately 5...
Don, I really love these boots. Your picture reminds me that I need to take mine out of the stable once all this snow melts in Virgina. You are a brave man dashing about Massachusetts in your shell after all the weather you've had this past month.
Very nice. Watering the grass with a splash of pinot. The bar lacing looks great on those. Solid tankers, MP. Keeping it classy, Mike!
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