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Joining my buddy bkotsko and Team Natty CXL today.
For all you 10D guys out there, it looks like Alden MD(ubs) has a decent variety of whiskey shell for sale.
Haha, I remember that one. Would much rather have been finding a pair of long-lost whiskey swb this morning.
Wish I could help you with that assessment, Bespoken. Unfortunately I do not have the Leffot naval boot for comparison.But I definitely find the 4060 to be very versatile.
Beauties, DV. Beauties. Mine are now broken in and only slightly creased but have yet to hit the outside world.
This morning after getting dressed, I looked for my Color 8 chukkas on commando. Couldn't find them. I shuffled around my 13 boxes of Aldens, double-checking all the numbers and labels. Still couldn't find them. Then I started to panic. I hastily began opening boxes to make sure that I hadn't put my Color 8 chukkas back into the wrong box. Beads of sweat started to build up on my forehead. Had I lost them? Did I leave them somewhere? Where were they?!   That's when I...
Excellent ptb selections today, gentlemen. Steve, sorry to hear that your yours were sub-standard.
Nice, Mike. Those new Whiskey ptbs look like a clean pair with rich, even coloration.
RTP, that has got to be one of the best shoes/socks/pants combos I've seen on this forum in a while. Outstanding. As for the overshoes...
Mdubs,Going 2 weeks without Aldens by choice? You are a stronger man than I. I can only imagine the amount of hours needed to maintain your great collection...Keep that brush moving!
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