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Cool as ice. Every time.
Looking good, Katch!
 Sighting in the wild? Those are as rare as rare shell!
Hard to believe anything could one-up your boots, but those damn!!
 Great looking Tankers.
Spectacular, sir!
Tough decision. I've been upgrading my two bags over the last two years so I can relate. Makes Alden $ look like chump change. What driver are you considering replacing with the GBB Epic? You should check the classifieds on Golfwrx ( Guys are always dumping nearly brand new stuff at a discount. Like every other place, be patient and you may strike gold.
Great looking boot. I own multiple pair of #8 that started out exceptionally dark but mellowed and lightened simply by wearing them.
I'm not generally a tassled loafer guy but that's a solid look.
Great looking shoe. I like the combo of CXL, brass, and commando.
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