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Awesome looking boot and combo. Those whiskey ptbs looks great with the brass hardware. I have a pair of stock 9905. Drooooooooollllling on myself.
Gentlemen,   I am selling these Alden Black Calfskin Trapper Boots in size 9D. I purchased these boots in 2016 from The Shoe Mart. The plain toe design and brass hardware enhance the dark beauty of the smooth calfskin. These boots have commando soles and are made on the Barrie last. Another unique feature is the antique edges on a black boot. Alden does not frequently produce boots with this combination of features.   These calfskin boots have only been worn 3 times....
Gentlemen,   I am selling these Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan Cap Toe Boots in size 9D. I purchased these boots in 2014 from Alden DC. The cap toe design is a classic and shows the beauty of shell cordovan. These boots have commando soles and are made on the Grant last.   These shell boots have been worn approximately 15 times. They show wear on the uppers in the form of normal creasing. There are minor rain spots on each boot. They have gotten smaller with brushing and...
Respect! Best proof that readily-available old standards can still slay just about anything. Amazing combo.
Anybody out there with a pair of well-worn, nicely patina'd #8 George boot on Aberdeen?
I forgot to mention why I selected both of those. Well, they are about 3-4 years old and both are great examples of old school 8 and Cigar coloring. The 8 is actually rich and eggplanty and the Cigar is, well, browny Cigar goodness. Neither looks like each other, which unfortunately most Cigar and 8 releases look like recently.
Pretty much every rare shell boot I don't own. Because I don't own them...Honestly, probably a tie between my Color 8 Brixtons on antique double leather soul with all eyelets or my Cigar Indys from TSM with all eyelets and commando soles.
Best Brixtons on this beautiful Boo-filled evening.    
I bet DV could walk on (notice I didn't say in or through) water in those babies.
Congrats! It's crazy exciting to receive your first pair of shell. Squeakiness is part of the charm of the Real McCoy. I have pairs worn 20-30+ times that still squeak. I recommend that you simply wear them loud and proud!
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