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Truce if we agree to ban hurricane jokes as well. Lots of great shell on the East Coast...
Beebs, you and DV are neck-and-neck for best boot collection. The weight of all that lovely California shell (if you add Mdubs) may actually be the primary reason why the state eventually fractures at the fault line and falls into the Pacific!
Almost wore these Natty CXL Brixtons on Wednesday and Thursday because of the rainy conditions in the area. Didn't do that and somehow ended up wearing them today -- on a sunny, dry perfect shell day instead. Go figure!
Now THAT is a beautiful pair of shell boots!Worn, loved, but not babied.
Amazing DV.Your boot collection...I've never seen its equal.
[[SPOILER]] Beautiful pair, Uncle Mac. Such a rich glow.
Love your boots, DV. Sometimes the classics trump the fancy rare shells. This was the third pair of shell boots I purchased. Now I'm up to nearly 15 pair and my 4060's receive the most wears, hands down. They should be in everybody's collection.
King Tankers and KING TROUSERS!!!
Lord almighty!!
Beauties, Uncle Mac.
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