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I bet DV could walk on (notice I didn't say in or through) water in those babies.
Congrats! It's crazy exciting to receive your first pair of shell. Squeakiness is part of the charm of the Real McCoy. I have pairs worn 20-30+ times that still squeak. I recommend that you simply wear them loud and proud!
Thanks! Alden of Madison from about a year ago or more.
Busting out of Corpus Christi. Ceegars.
I'm a dead-on 9D in Barrie and TrueBalance boots and shoes. Have owned a few pair (3) of Grant lasted boots in 9D and had to sell all but one. They were simply too tight in the forefoot/ball/vamp. Really constricting for the shape of my foot. Particularly sad to sell the Cigar cap toes because they were a perfect color. Tread with caution and, as always, get fit somewhere if you can. It will save you a lot of time, money, and heartbreak in the long run. That's a promise.
Lord have mercy!
Mission accomplished!
Very unique. I'll be interested to see how they break in over the coming months.
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