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 Mike, anything of note in DC? Surprised Kathy didn't lock the doors as soon as she spotted you wearing C&J boots!
Meant to post these two pics a while ago. I took them the day I purchased my ravello chukkas and Color 8 cap toe boots.   I know there are significant differences in shell color depending on type and quality of lighting, etc., as is particularly evident with recent shoe pics and discussions on this forum. I thought I would add to the topic by showing these ravello chukkas compared with the Color 8 boots.   The first pic is inside under incandescent lighting with a...
So jealous. I still haven't had a single sip of Whiskey and I'm getting really thirsty...
Awesome, rexet! These are some of the most versatile and kick-@ss boots!Welcome to the forum.
Welcome aboard, bustert!Hang on for a wild ride...this forum will drive a man to do crazy things like post pictures of shell cordovan at 3:00am and sell his first-born for a pair of Color 4 anything...
Agreed! Why even consider putting those away for the season?I've never understood the "no boots in the summer" concept, and I live in the south!
 Great progression, mtc2000. What happened to that original pair? Yikes!
 mdubs,Incredible! You and MrDV have really taken the Alden game to a whole new level. I know it took some planning to make this shot happen. Well done. There are lots of jokers out here today, mostly good humored, but I think it's likely a case or two of LWB envy. I also think this photo speaks to the positive change in your DNA over the last calendar year. I'd swear you've now got Color 2 coursing through your veins. And I think DV's blood type is Ravello positive. Just...
 Looking royal today in those Kings!
One of may favorites, Don. An awesome all-around boot, particularly in black. I own these and black wingtip boots from TSM. I wear both pairs very often. I'm as guilty as the next guy of chasing rare shell, but so many nice black shell models are almost always available and deserve more consideration.
New Posts  All Forums: