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Freaking gorgeous.
Woah, very cool. I would've jumped on that too!Here's the TSM calfskin version:http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-5-eyelet-plain-toe-commando-sole-boot-barrie-last-black-trapper/pvc-ald-mxsbc-d4820hc_ald_m_5_eyelet_plain_toe_commando_sole_boot_barrie_last.html
Dropped by TSM today on the way back home from vacation on Cape Cod. Walked in with the intention of buying a pair of 9901s and I did. Then I spotted something pretty unique on display: Black calfskin plain toe boot, antique edge, commando sole, brass eyelets (and speed hooks), 270 welt (just like the Indy boot), Barrie last. Looked pretty kick ass and fit like a champ so I bought a pair of those as well. I know there is probably a 90/10 split on the inappropriateness of...
Wear 'em around the house!P.S. Hope your son feels better soon.
Yeah, buddy. You bet!
Highly underrated beauties!
Haha! Great explanation, DV.
Beautiful boots, RTP. I've had my pair for about a year and sadly have only worn them once around the house. For whatever reason I have always reached for something else in a green Alden box.
Those are truly amazing shoes.
       Well done to all the Whiskey Wednesday Warriors!
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