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Aberdeen is rarer in that makeup, but my vote goes for Barrie.
Let's see some rare Color 4 on the 4th!
Beauties, DV. Happy 4th to you too!
I play and support this idea 1000%. I'm in Richmond VA and would be up for any eastern seaboard locale.Just played this morning. Mizuno MP-69s, an older Callaway driver and 4-wood, and a late-90s Scotty/Titleist putter.
Spectacular shoes! What's in the golf bag?
Gorgeous shoes, great pants, killer combo.  Short Wing > Long Wing
Thanks, Mike! I got them from one of the Epaulet "Ends for Friends" events. Pretty sure they are Barberis Flannel. As for the socks, I'm 100$ in agreement. Not the most tasteful combo that day...
Definitely a bummer. I can sympathize.But I know for a fact that some people have waited more than 32+ months for special pre-orders. Sad but true.
New Posts  All Forums: