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They're in the mail. Enjoy, my fellow Virginian!Actually, I'm a 9D. Sorry.
Now if only my Color 8 Pitt boots from Leather Soul would arrive sometime this millennium...I put down a deposit in February, 2013...I hear that Color 8 is really hard to come by...
My wife took this picture this afternoon. These bad boys are waiting for me at the house. Can't wait to see them when I get home! And my wife too.
I love my new(er) black ptbs. Great shoe. I've also got a pair of black wing tip boots and black cap toe boots. The wing tip boots are regularly complimented. But I'm telling you that you'd love a pair of black cap toe boots...
Gentlemen,   My line of work is fairly unconventional. But today it allowed me to introduce one iconic American creation, the Alden Indy boot, to another iconic American creation, the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor's revolving gun turret.       They enjoyed each other's company.
 Repp, those are completely amazing. And you are killing it with that combo. Those pics compel me to purchase those models. I first started out buying boots left and right. Now I'm refining a bit, 10 years later...  I recently purchased a pair of 9901, and now I'm keen on the model you are wearing and the idea of a black straight tip version is spot on. Fortunately my wife is a proponent of this idea. But for the record, I'm still a shell boot junkie.
Somebody on this forum may be willing to sell you their pair of ravello daytrippers if you honor your asking price in your signture...
Been a few months since these babies stepped outside. Perfect day for it.
Bravo, gentlemen. Bravo.
Freaking gorgeous.
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