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These are amazing. I don't know what else to say. Well, and maybe that DV probably had a heart attack knowing that you wore them in the rain. 
Very nice, DV. On commando too? Where from?And the trousers might be even sweeter.
Henry, outstanding example of a versatile boot. Dress it up, dress it down. You take the prize.
Steve,Big props to you! Thanks for sharing this nugget. I've been waiting on the Halleck re-issue for a long time. I've got a pair of #8 Brixtons from Epaulet from years ago. It's an awesome boot with double leather and antique edge. Since then, I've wanted a Brixton style with commando and all eyelets. I know this run of Halleck's has black edge trim, but I'm all in. I wear my Alden commando-soled models probably 3 or 4 times more often than leather-soled models. Just...
Some of the best looking CXL boots I've seen. Beautiful.
Looking great, B. Very sharp. I have the same shoe but sadly haven't worn it in a while. Thanks for the inspiration.
Welcome to the thread and thanks for your contribution this evening. Great pickups for your first two pair!
Dubs, no self-respecting Mayor would be caught dead in those. Get on it!
You are correct, my friend. One pair in each size. 
Ali, I really dig those boots! I ordered the exact same pair on Wednesday to replace my new Leather Soul Pitt Boots which were just a bit too snug across the vamp to justify keeping. I was super excited when the FedEx truck pulled up to the house this morning before the blizzard kicked in. Unfortunately, my pair of boots has what I consider to be a major flaw. The cordovan on the inner upper of the right boot has physically separated from the leather lining, leaving a...
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