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I have to agree with the "keep both" crowd.I have coveted the Cigar Pitt boot since I first saw it on LS's website a few years back. I own the Alden DC cigar cap toe and a cigar Indy, but I would go nuts if I had a chance to pick up a complimentary cigar Pitt boot even though they are all generally similar.The Jumpers are clearly awesome, I just have a thing for the Pitt boot.
Whiskey Wednesday. Hand-knit socks.
Yes sir, they are from the most recent batch. Thanks.
These boots are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs. And I don't let summer heat and humidity stop me from wearing them.
Looks like the AF53 from Alden of Carmel, but may be a bit sleeker.
Unbelievable collection and fantastic photos.I'm a huge fan of the ptb.
Really digging the patina on your #8 Brixtons. I don't know if it is a coincidence or if that batch was constructed from a particularly pristine batch of shell, but my #8 Brixtons also have a great patina (better than most of my other shell).
Thanks Mdubs! You should get a pair, great casual shoe.
I enjoy the multifaceted nature of shell.   Here are my Ravello chukkas in the shade.   And here they are glowing in the sun 30 seconds later.
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