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In defense of LS, I've only had one purchasing experience with them. Granted it was initiated nearly 3 years ago, but I called them about the Pitt Boot and they happily added me to the list with a deposit. I had never stepped foot in their store nor purchased a thing from them by phone prior to the PB. They were responsive to my emails and professional during my periodic phone calls for updates.Times may have changed due to supply/demand issues, or maybe I was just plain...
Thanks for the extra info, MP!
Thanks for chiming in, MP! Out of curiosity, where have you seen pics? I briefly saw an Instagram pic from Leather Soul, then it disappeared. Any good links? I'm lusting after them at this point in the most pathetic way!
Finally going to receive my Color 8 Pitt Boots w/ antique edge from Leather Soul. Nearly 3 years of waiting, hope I'm not disappointed. Crazy wait for Color 8, that's for sure! Pictures at some point this weekend.
If all goes according to plan, by this time tomorrow I will have finally scratched an Alden pre-order itch I first felt in January 2013. That's one heck of a wait!
Anybody receive their Pitt Boots yet?
Those almost look like Color 2 LWB...
They're in the mail. Enjoy, my fellow Virginian!Actually, I'm a 9D. Sorry.
Now if only my Color 8 Pitt boots from Leather Soul would arrive sometime this millennium...I put down a deposit in February, 2013...I hear that Color 8 is really hard to come by...
My wife took this picture this afternoon. These bad boys are waiting for me at the house. Can't wait to see them when I get home! And my wife too.
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