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I play and support this idea 1000%. I'm in Richmond VA and would be up for any eastern seaboard locale.Just played this morning. Mizuno MP-69s, an older Callaway driver and 4-wood, and a late-90s Scotty/Titleist putter.
Spectacular shoes! What's in the golf bag?
Gorgeous shoes, great pants, killer combo.  Short Wing > Long Wing
Thanks, Mike! I got them from one of the Epaulet "Ends for Friends" events. Pretty sure they are Barberis Flannel. As for the socks, I'm 100$ in agreement. Not the most tasteful combo that day...
Definitely a bummer. I can sympathize.But I know for a fact that some people have waited more than 32+ months for special pre-orders. Sad but true.
Pretty sure my pants don't match with the convention center carpet, nor do they match with my socks. But they look damn fine with their partner in crime - the trusty old 9901.
Dubs and Duck,Thanks for the props. I'm loving these Cigar WTBs. I'm trying to wear them in good health and like boots not a Picasso.
When in Rome, ummmm, I meant when in DC...
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