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Off with is head! A pox upon BeSpiff!! I hear you. There is definitely a difference between heavy wear and simply wearing them for Styleforum photos. And I can imagine that Minnesota winters add an extra degree of punishment to whatever you wear.
Be, They are on neo-cork. When you say your commandos "broke down", do you mean deteriorated? I have a few pair of boots on commando that see regular use, like my Cigar Indys, and those soles remain in excellent condition.
I remember when I bought my 405 Indys. The soles of my feet hurt quite badly for the first 10 or 15 wears. The fit was great all around out of the box but simply hurt when I walked around for extended periods of time. It felt like walking barefoot on a boulder. I never tried insoles but experimented with different socks.After a while, they became increasingly comfortable with every wear. Today (10 years and hundreds of miles later) they are the single most comfortable pair...
Love those 405s.
Gents,Good evening. So far it looks like everybody has had a great Alden week. Solid showings from many of you. Last year was a big year for me in terms of Alden purchases. I definitely went overboard, acquired about 6 or 7 pair including #2 LWB, cigar cap toe and medallion toe boots, Ravello chukkas, #8 boots, and some Natty CXL options. I also pre-ordered a pair of Ravello wingtip boots from Alden Madison that I am expecting in the next month or two. As a result, I...
Thanks, bud. I'm a huge fan of the wingtip boot. I've got pairs in black, color 8, Natty CXL, and I'm expecting Ravello from Alden Madison in the next month or so. Great boot.Do yourself a favor and buy a pair in black. Now. I promise you won't regret it.
Sazon, I have 2 pics in my photo album of my black wingtip boots broken in and side by side with my Brixtons and Cigar Indys, but they aren't on my feet. Feel free to browse that folder under my profile. I'm also planning on taking a few new pics tomorrow so I could add that shoe to the mix.
Repp, those are some stellar boots. I've always had fair dealings with Adam. Good to know he continues to keep an eagle eye on the distinction between firsts and seconds. Enjoy wearing those everywhere.
Don, you knocked it out of the park today!
Amazing shoes and boots, CEE. I particularly like the Ravello and Whiskey, but those Natty CXLs are nothing to scoff at! Thanks for sharing the great pics.
New Posts  All Forums: