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As you should!Styling as always, DV.
Gorgeous. These are on my short list of remaining shell purchases.
Great boots, stevent!This recent deluge of #4 pics is driving me crazy!!
Lord almighty!No spoiler!!
 Mike, anything of note in DC? Surprised Kathy didn't lock the doors as soon as she spotted you wearing C&J boots!
Meant to post these two pics a while ago. I took them the day I purchased my ravello chukkas and Color 8 cap toe boots.   I know there are significant differences in shell color depending on type and quality of lighting, etc., as is particularly evident with recent shoe pics and discussions on this forum. I thought I would add to the topic by showing these ravello chukkas compared with the Color 8 boots.   The first pic is inside under incandescent lighting with a...
So jealous. I still haven't had a single sip of Whiskey and I'm getting really thirsty...
Awesome, rexet! These are some of the most versatile and kick-@ss boots!Welcome to the forum.
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