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Alden isn't always clean with heel work. It's hard to tell from your pics, but I'd guess that the heels would even out during the course of normal wearing due to your body weight. If you are very concerned about this issue and this is a readily available model, I'd inquire about an exchange. If this is a limited run, you may not be able to find a replacement pair in your size until the next run (months-years?). 
This has probably been posed before, but name a pair of Aldens you let go (for whatever reason) and still wish you could get your hands on again today.   I've been thinking about a pair of Ravello chukkas I let go of about 2 years ago. They fit well but I wore them very infrequently to the point where I thought it wasn't worth keeping them. Of course, now Ravello is nearly unheard of and my work situation has changed and casual chukkas would be perfect. Damn I miss that...
 Patrick_b batting cleanup!  Those prices keep reaching for the sky.
Happy to help, Met. Alt Wiens are stellar and they go with a ton of stuff. I rode the giant bell curve of #8 as my gateway drug, then move into exotics, and have now whittled my collection down to the most-worn and most-adaptable models and colors. Turns out #8 is way at the top. I don't think you can overdo it with too much #8, but you may want to consider an 8 with dark edges as opposed to antique. I don't know what Brogueshop is pitching. #8 with black edges paired with...
You'll likely get many different answers here. I love the Barrie last and find that their boots run just a fuzz smaller than their bluchers. For example, my size 9D Barrie lasted boots (tankers, plain toe boot, multiple short wing boots, etc.) fit light a champ. But I legitimately can't fit a size 8.5 boot without major problems. That being said, my size 8.5D Color 2 barrie lasted longwings fit me great. Conversely, my Barrie lasted Whiskey PTBs fit amazing in a 9D. 8.5D...
I've never been interested in snuff let alone snuff suede, but these are compelling! Great pairing every time, JSO1. Turning heads left and right, no doubt. No need to wait for Tuesday.  The dark arts.  Smfdoc, slaying it at the pump.
Even the tips of the tongues are spectacular.
Those are some wide boats. Great tag line on your signature!
Thanks Patrick! Appreciate the plug. I'm really surprised these babies haven't moved. I put them up for sale in January.  I think the price is pretty fair considering they were only tried on once inside, but I guess the market says otherwise...
 Agree with these three statements wholeheartedly. Thams makes us all look timid.
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