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Looking great, B. Very sharp. I have the same shoe but sadly haven't worn it in a while. Thanks for the inspiration.
Welcome to the thread and thanks for your contribution this evening. Great pickups for your first two pair!
Dubs, no self-respecting Mayor would be caught dead in those. Get on it!
You are correct, my friend. One pair in each size. 
Ali, I really dig those boots! I ordered the exact same pair on Wednesday to replace my new Leather Soul Pitt Boots which were just a bit too snug across the vamp to justify keeping. I was super excited when the FedEx truck pulled up to the house this morning before the blizzard kicked in. Unfortunately, my pair of boots has what I consider to be a major flaw. The cordovan on the inner upper of the right boot has physically separated from the leather lining, leaving a...
Thanks for the quick reply.
What's the current purchase price for TSM seconds (#8 cordovan boots on commando, bookmaker edition)? Thanks in advance.
Those don't sound like seconds to me.More like thirds!Care to share any pics?
Classic boots, good look. Don, nice job repping the calfskin! Love it, RTP. Man I sure wish it was sunny and 75 instead of staring down 15-20" of snow. Love the Titleist muscleback. I'm a Mizuno guy but appreciate the heck out of Titleist gear. Those shoes are looking good, probably look even better when the birdies are dropping! Amazing rich color. I'm not usually a snuff guy, but those are making me think twice... Let's see here...classic Made in USA golf shoes with the...
DV, your boot collection remains the gold (or cigar/ravello/whiskey) standard in my estimation!
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