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Get a cotton solaro...it's exactly what you need. ....I just want to add to the confusion.
Here are a few....Vass will be here Monday. [[SPOILER]]
Me? Yeah, this NPC turned out to be a major bust for me. I've bought more stuff this month than probably another other month...ever. I blame it on the NMWA F/W drops, they got all my money. 4 Inglese shirts, a Bigi tie, a pair of Rota, Inis Mean sweater, and a pair of Vass.I don't think I'll ever join a NPC again....I can't afford them!
No you have to buy the individual blades. It is not a trimmer, they are barber clippers. I cut my own hair a lot so I forked out the dough for them years ago. I can't stand plastic clip on guides....to uneven.
The best.
Right now, I just brush it so it doesn't fro out. I don't plan on trimming it anytime soon. Usually, I trim at 3 1/2.
Coming from a guy that still skates a little bit...that is awesome, EFV.
Look at that Inis texture though, Elio! I dunno, RTC....I just shampoo and brush it. I let it go on the weekends and tame it for work.
Thanks! This is probably the longest I've let it go. You should see it untamed! [[SPOILER]]
Thanks. I remodeled that room this year. I just wanted it to be "comfy".Thanks! I plan on drinking whiskey and beating people up all day.
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