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  Welcome to the forum, @Gingham Check10.  Some great recommendations above....best of luck.
Raphael and Garment Dyed are awesome.  So much good Eidos stuff too.
Brand new..only tried on.  Great fabric on these.  Details can be found here:   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/chocolate-brown-micro-houndstooth-sal-trousers-9-10-oz-wool.html   Waist: 33" Opening: 7.5"   Extremely comfortable up top with a nice slim leg taper.   Shipping CONUS is free.  Shipping OCONUS at cost -$10.  Price is firm.  PayPal only.   Photo credit: No Man Walks Alone
@DavidLane, I really enjoy the combinations you put together.  Good stuff, man.
Letting out his leg (unbending it) would do the trick
 Welcome to the forum, @swishbig.  Moved your post over here where you'll get more feedback.  Best of luck.
Can't make it, but I'll see some of you next week.
Mine sat at LAX sorting for 6 days and then suddenly headed 3 hours south to San Diego, instead of 3 hours north to my house. My other package from Shaya is sitting in LAX sorting again...
After taking a long USPS detour, these finally made it
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