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My kids can pay for their wedding and earn their own education like I had too. Life's tough.
My credit card should have the NMWA logo on it....it's the only thing it's used for. I'm going to pay off my house too.......in 27 years!
Those look like more of a mid grey, not quite charcoal. RD. it looks very good.
Is she looking over your shoulder.....?
I'm in the same boat as Stitchy. It's probably because we are old(ish) and have been married for a while....13 years.
That's terrible advice....always listen to me. So I didn't bury my nose in the damn thing, but it didn't noticeably stink to me. The tags are cut and there is no way it's going back.
Uh, negative.
Recommend posting in WAYWRN. To keep it simple...this thread is not about what you're about. That's not meant as a dig...
Yup...like that wool challis Hober in that pic.
This is right up your alley, Noodles. Navy tie and blue stripe oxford shirt. [[SPOILER]]
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