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Gotcha. I didn't think so based on the quarters, but the shoulders had me wondering.
Is that jacket Steed MTM @dalevy?
Thanks, guys. I'm really happy with it. Now I need to figure out another one. As nice as the stock black shell is, I doubt I'll wear it much at all. Would like to have two nice PP options.
Quick iPhone shot @New Shoes1@DLJr
It was edited and I deleted a quoted post. You're right...none of that is welcome on the forum.
 Not sure anyone can give you an answer to that question...especially without seeing it.
 Light blue shirt and simple (neat or solid) ties are your best bet.  If it's just a bit different and no one would bother, give that a try.  If it isn't appropriate for your office environment, then it might be best to keep it for events outside the office.
 I'd try to find something right in the middle at 10z, if possible.  
Moved your post over here @gadfly.  With the Dainite sole and that color, I don't see why you couldn't wear those year round.
Those are interesting.  They'll definitely be the loudest item you're wearing (I hope), so just try to keep it simple with whatever pants and shirt you go with.  
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