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Thank you! These are Carmina.
Happy birthday, Greg! I just bought myself another pair of Buttero to celebrate!
I haven't either and no idea why. I'll go and change that...
Yep, that's why I'm not too worried about it. I'll size down when the tan leather come in. I love these shoes. Even my wife said they were cool and I rarely get anything out of here. Good luck.
Thanks. I'm a 10/10.5UK and went with a 44 in the Buttero. A 43 would probably be snug at first but work out fine once they break in. Ideally, I probably need a 43.5. I'm happy with the 44...no heel slip or anything, just a little room in the toe box.
Thanks guys. I'm pretty fond of OS and I think this polo came out to about $50...no brainer. Kyle nailed the size recommendation. I might need to size down on Buttero next time, but these aren't unwearable big...just a smidge.
Gerry Nelson is my vote for MVP at the moment.
I present to you the perfect combination of appearance and health...me! Just kidding...new OS polo and chambray Butteros.
^ Shine those shoes!
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