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Bravo. Those are awesome.
Why not just send them the picture....if it's something they able to adjust?
  I prefer A.  The first two suits you should purchase are navy and grey...not necessarily charcoal grey.
Was looking at that too...what did you get hit for customs?
Dovers n tweed today
Jeans on a Wednesday, @Cleav...you rebel!  Looking good, bud.
  No idea what that specific one is, but I think the best thing you can do is Google "shawl collar toggle cardigan".  Best of luck.
You'll look at least 5 years older next time I see you @jcmeyer...these kids do that to you quick.  Congrats, buddy.
  Depends on what you prefer, man.  Also, without actually seeing you, it's nearly impossible to say.  I have slim and straight fit denim and like them both.
New Posts  All Forums: