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 chukkas, suede derbies, sneakers, etc.  
 The suit, but I'm not crazy about the shirt.
  If I could mix, it would be the chest pocket of the blue and the hip of the tobacco.  They are both really nice and most importantly, look like they fit great.
  Two nice jackets.  I prefer the shape of tobacco patch pockets. 
  I'm going to move this to Menswear Advice, where other member may benefit from your having asked this question. Navy, brown, dark green, and burgundy would be my choice for solid ties....grenadine, knit, wool challis, etc.
His comment was directed towards Justin's Miller's (Kirk Miller) Oath jacket, Tom....long after Justin posted and without a quote so that's probably the cause of the confusion.FWIW, I assume the appearance of Justin's jacket is due to his terrible photo skills .
  Definitely not something I would wear with a suit...casually maybe, but it's not really my jam.
To be honest, if he cares that much about what we think, he has bigger things to worry about. It doesn't look good...and I'll just leave it at that.
The middle shoe isn't the best option for a suit. The left derby and the right monkstrap will be alright. If you're wearing grey or navy suits, it's pretty simple. White or blue shirt and a wide variety of ties.
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