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Those are great.
Yep, good choices.
Jesse from Put This On did a piece about one years ago and now I can't remember their name. I sent them a pair and they did a good job. Let me do some digging when I get in front of a PC.
We're working on that.....the filters.
From the dispensaries?
Those look nice.
Welcome to the forum, truth. You're salary doesn't really tell us anything about what you can afford. I have no idea how many bills you have and what your budget is like. You could have more disposable income than someone that makes twice your salary. How about you tell us what you can spend, short and long term, and then we can go from there? Also, what is the office dress code? Suit and tie? Sportcoats ok?
Buy me a black knit and I'll make it happen. All I have is a grenadine.
. Betel should know I'm just messing with him....couldn't resist.
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