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Raphael and Garment Dyed are awesome.  So much good Eidos stuff too.
Brand new..only tried on.  Great fabric on these.  Details can be found here:   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/chocolate-brown-micro-houndstooth-sal-trousers-9-10-oz-wool.html   Waist: 33" Opening: 7.5"   Extremely comfortable up top with a nice slim leg taper.   Shipping CONUS is free.  Shipping OCONUS at cost -$10.  Price is firm.  PayPal only.   Photo credit: No Man Walks Alone
@DavidLane, I really enjoy the combinations you put together.  Good stuff, man.
Letting out his leg (unbending it) would do the trick
 Welcome to the forum, @swishbig.  Moved your post over here where you'll get more feedback.  Best of luck.
Can't make it, but I'll see some of you next week.
Mine sat at LAX sorting for 6 days and then suddenly headed 3 hours south to San Diego, instead of 3 hours north to my house. My other package from Shaya is sitting in LAX sorting again...
After taking a long USPS detour, these finally made it
  Nope, navy is perfect.
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