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All pretty good brands.  Sneakers wouldn't really qualify for any business casual look, but the brands that you picked are good ones.
 Depends on the material.  Best way to minimize shrinkage is cold water and hang dry.
Looks good to me....hopsack jacket and light grey trousers.
  Moving this to the Menswear Advice forum.... I wouldn't say it is normal, but it isn't uncommon with shoes at that level.  Your guy is right, you can't compare them to C&J.  If it really bothers you, exchange them and hopefully you get a pair with a better finish.  It's on the inside heel so if you keep them, just throw a little dressing on that spot to darken it up and then forget it's there and enjoy.
 Give John Smedley a shot.  I'm 6'3" and they work fine for me.
  I don't see anything to be worried about there.  
I wouldn't pay $300 for any of those.  Spend a bit more ($100-$200) and you can get something of much better quality...i.e., Crockett & Jones, Carmina, J. Fitzpatrick, etc.
I use a Filson 256 briefcase and really like it.  My son calls it my satchel...my boss calls it a fashion bag.  I don't give a crap.  It's useful.
  You can ask three people and get three different answers.  Most will tell you 3.5" is the "traditional" length....it's what I use for most.  Anything from 8-9cm is good in my opinion.
It's not bad, but it could be better. You're getting a roll across your upper back from what looks like your drop shoulder. The back of the sleeves are also a bit messy and that is not something that is easily fixed. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the cut/look....it's just a bit blah. I'd say if you have time, send it back and try out some other stuff.
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