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$1110 for Eidos.
Yes, those are a thick green cotton twill. I plan on wearing them with that jacket quite a bit.I think the cut of the jacket looks better in this picture (not cotton pants...just trying on the jacket). I plan on taking up the sleeves a hair soon or later, but that is all it needs. I'm a drop 10.Thanks for the compliments. [[SPOILER]]
I follwed this forum daily for five years....not saying I'm great at it and I usually don't do many patterns, but stick around and you'll learn a thing or two.
The California Tuxedo.
That sounds like a good plan. I'm a big fan of dark grey sharkskin...they look really sharp and elegant. Can't wait to see the final product.
I am ridiculously jealous. What are you having made?
As do I.
Here's Greg's cotton and wool mix....it's awesome.
I'm in love...the fit is great for me. They are really nice. I like everything about the jacket I have. I'll be getting many more.
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