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 Hey ray, you can try Epaulet, Big John (via No Man Walks Alone), Gustin, Naked and Famous, APC, etc.
I'm not a big fan of paisley, but that one is nice...love the colors.  
Thanks, Clags.
  Welcome to the forum, I9.  How about you post a picture so we can give some feedback?  If you're not comfortable with that, just take a picture of what your wearing on the floor...like a clothing grid.  You can also check out this thread for some inspiration http://www.styleforum.net/t/253842/waywrn-classic-menswear-casual-style
Welcome to the forum, Anedae.  You want a jacket that is about 3 inches bigger than your actual chest measurement.  The shoulder measurement should be as close as possible.  You will find that depending on how the shoulders are constructed, you will have a bit of an allowance + or -.  Best of luck.
 Welcome to the forum, GJ.  Can't tell much about them except that they look like dark green chinos.  Can't tell if the sheen is actually from the fabric or just the picture.  Check out Epaulet Rivet chinos, they might have something you like.
Awesome is always appropriate.
 This guy likes them to....as do I. 
I'm going to sit this one out.
Just saw this in the Eidos thread and thought you guys would want to see it Shipped from Italy today.
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