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Yeah, walk around in that B&T jacket. You'll fit right in!
I didn't expect any votes on this one...it was a weak entry. About the only "summery" thing I own is that tie. Not much need for seasonal wear round here. Holdfast killed it.
Some ol' thing. Rich are just richer and the poor poorer.
New Fall offering will probably drop in mid September....I'm guessing. No idea about restock of last years lineup. Didn't Greg say he hasn't re-ordered yet? How are you going to order anything? The jacket you need comes with trousers that are two sizes bigger than what you have. Are you going to try and have them tailored?
Conservative Business Dress
Eidos had impressed the hell out of me. Can't wait to see the lineup from NMWA.
Completely unaltered and only worn once. Measurements can be found at: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/olive-green-lightweight-cotton-twill-trousers.html CONUS shipping (USPS Priority)included in price. OCONUS will be cost -$15. PM with any questions. Thanks.
Sorry....I meant the Aussies winning a challenge. That weather looks miserable...
I don't have good LONG term memory....when did this happen?
Good luck with the corns!
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