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He also has some great Isia SCs posted.
Oh snap
I was just about to post the picture from your fitting. Didn't see any issues there....
Yeah, great color. Congrats.
Thanks!These are straight from EG....I bought them from another SF member after they didn't fit him.
Ah, that NMWA feeling. Wore these pants Monday, but I wanted to wear them again....nice and rumpled from sitting at my desk. [[SPOILER]]
Looking good, Tifosi and Ironist. First wear....love these shoes. Really happy with the last.
Nice stuff, guys. New shoes for me:
"They are f*cking awesomse"....that's about all that needs to be said about Liverano's work.
No worries either way. Some creme should help, but I'm good even if it stays as is. I was just more interested in finding what they considered "seconds" about it.Museum burgundy calf, I like that. I had to hold my foot at an angle to even get a good shot of it so IRL, pretty undetectable and only on the inside of that shoe. I love these shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: