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Congrats (suit & boys), T1.
Me? With ties, never. Without, often.
This. That fit I did this week was a rare occurrence. I rarely wear cotton trousers to the office. I'm either in a suit or something like Stitch is wearing....depends on the agenda for the day.
You look skinny in that pic, Stitch. Looking very similar to what I wear about 2-3 times per week.
50/52....19in shoulders and 40-41in chest.
Thanks, I need a 44 these days. They are very nice for the price. I'm sure I'll be getting another jacket from this F/W lineup too.
I have one too. I love it and I look fantabulous in it. [[SPOILER]] You would too. Get one.
Please report to the nearest ICE office for deportation. Too soon, man.....
New Posts  All Forums: