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Had a total OCD moment when I opened my tanino Buttero and found them dirty/worn looking. I had to fight the urge to break out the cleaning supplies...but man are they awesome. [[SPOILER]]
^ Exactly.
I wanted that tie to wear with my tobacco fresco suit. I like it.
Yeah and me both. Lucky for me, I have to do MTO for suits so there is no temptation of instant gratification. That Eidos gunclub is staring at me hard though. I don't usually go that bold, but that jacket is awesome.
I went with a 6. Unbel's pics helped out a lot. My tanino Buttero are "out for delivery"!
Coordinating your work outfit for post UPS delivery fit pic = next level.
Thanks guys. That was just a quick try on after I opened it. I can't wait to actually wear it.
I love those shoes. So glad I grabbed them.
Congrats, Niyi!
Dealio.GRP fits!
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