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  You'll have more trouble finding combos that don't work with a blue suit.  Solid blue and white shirts in a variety of fabrics/textures is your safest bet.  What is your budget for a tie?
Not sure if this has been posted already, but a big congrats to my pal @Andy57. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_578fdbade4b0fc06ec5b6f14
  We can't hang out anymore  Thanks for the shouts @heldentenor 
 +1.  I've never contributed, but I always enjoy what I see/read when I check in.
What are the details on the suit @justinkapur?  Looks like 100% linen...?  I think I was going to have a pair of trousers made with that fabric.  Looks great!   Awesome, @UrbanComposition.  
Great stuff so far.  Hopefully I can put something together.
Fantabulous.  I like my tobacco with snuff and burgundy.  UC's StC are perfect.
  I wear Vass F last and EG 606 and 82 with no problems and have a pretty high instep.
  I use Saphir.  One place you can get it is here https://www.hangerproject.com/shoe-care.html.  For the sole edges, I just rub in some Saphir Renovateur.  Just get the color closet to your shoe leather...just be aware that darker cream polishes can sometimes darken the leather over time.
 That should do the trick.  Just don't over polish and condition as needed.
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