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Coordinating your work outfit for post UPS delivery fit pic = next level.
Thanks guys. That was just a quick try on after I opened it. I can't wait to actually wear it.
I love those shoes. So glad I grabbed them.
Congrats, Niyi!
Dealio.GRP fits!
I will likely come straight from work...in a suit....purchased from NMWA.
Me neither, Clags. NMWA has all my money. I could use a new tie though....I'll check out what HC has to offer these days.
I plan on breaking mine in while walking all over DC next week. Hopefully it isn't too painful....but at least I'll look awesome!
^ Man, if it wasn't for how well you dress, you could easily pass for Johnny Knoxville. EDIT: oops, Gnatty snuck one in. I was referring to PandArts.
Everything is awesome!  Everything is cool when you're not part of the shantung team!  Everything is awesome!   If you don't have kids, you won't understand.
New Posts  All Forums: