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Thanks....my picture is terrible.
End the sadness...I got it.
Oh snap...I got an award! Thanks, Clags.
Well there you go...order a couple Lazio and call it a day.
You can't seriously expect us not to give you a hard time....we just had this conversation a few months ago! If you can find a good SS fit, grab a couple. They are decent suits to have in a rotation. You know I love Formosa, but I have three SS suits that I wear very now and then. They will eventually get sold and replaced as I fund new projects, but they are good for now.
I knew I had that déjà vu feeling.
Did you try one on? Picture?
La spalla is a fully canvassed suit and has some handwork and nicer fabrics.
Bummer...same sizes for me and I'm picky too.
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