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Welcome to the forum, Frank. This thread was initially intended to help a guy choose ties for his business wardrobe. Check it out from the beginning http://www.styleforum.net/t/375309/noodles-good-natured-advice-thread-improving-a-business-wardrobe
I've got some 10 and 11oz flannel that holds a pretty decent crease. It's the perfect weight for CA too.
You guys can keep your fancy credit cards and nice showers. I'll be in the USO with the rest of my Proletariat peeps
  No worries, dude.
 Just a general statement....not directed solely at you.  
  Hang dry.  Always.
Please keep the discussion about MR's jacket in the Marketplace listing or via PM. Thanks.
I don't know, Scott. My legs are reallllly long and I think high rise would just make me look even less proportionally balanced. Not sure if they are for me.
This peachy [[SPOILER]]
Just make sure one of them is the fawn. You can thank me later
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