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Moved your post over here @otherw1s3.  These guys will chime in with recommendations.  
Awesome. Congrats, Greg.
I don't know to be honest. I'm guessing the guys in the thrift thread could help out http://www.styleforum.net/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread
They don't have a shop, but I'm pretty sure they are based out of NJ. You could always try contacting them to ask about stopping by.
Welcome to the forum, ND. You check out this thread for wedding advice http://www.styleforum.net/t/329568/official-wedding-attire-question-answer-picture-thread and this one for formal wear http://www.styleforum.net/t/275650/the-state-of-black-tie-your-observations. Best of luck and congrats.
Chukkas for sure. Two or three eyelet chukkas for me.
  You disgust me.  Happy Thanksgiving.
Get over $1000 worth of beautiful handmade shirts in excellent condition for $300.  Two of the shirts have been worn less than 5 times and the two oxford stripes around 10 times.  They have been meticulously cared for; washed in cold water in garment bags and hang dried.  All purchased from No Man Walks Alone.  I plan to replace them all with MTM, but my shoulders have grown out of these and they are a little too snug.  I would prefer to sell the lot for the price listed,...
New Posts  All Forums: