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Yes, the waist can be let back out and if you don't like the shoulder pad, you can have it removed. Like I mentioned earlier, it's hard to say what went wrong because I don't know what it looked like pre-alterations...and I'm definitely no expert on alterations/tailoring. On another note, I think you could use another lock on your door
Wish I could...too damn expensive. I'll have to settle for living vicariously through the awesome pics in this thread and IG.
I like everything you linked and I think most of it can work together.  Have you thought about an EG Bedford jacket?
Thought I was coming, but doesn't look like it now.  Should be another awesome event.  Looking forward to the pics.
I'm not sure what it looked like pre alterations, but it doesn't look like they did a great job on the waist...looks like they overdid it.
 No, not really.  Black oxfords would be best.
@jahowyu Grey suit, white shirt, and a black knit tie is a classic look that would be good.
Have you considered emailing @luxire?  Ashish is very good at weighing in on changes and will know how to note them in your request so that his team can get it right.  That said, those trousers are definitely a good starting point.
  You could wear those with denim, chinos (tan, olive, grey, etc.), and shorts.  
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