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Congratulations, Stitch!
Definitely don't like the commando sole on anything other than boots. Not worth it if you are just going to re-sole...MTO or find another RTW from another vendor.
Nope, it's actually a grey nailhead...but I'm sure Kent Wang won't mind his suits being mistaken for Formosa! Sadly, I only have the navy birdseye and now that I have seen the Spring lineup, I don't know which one will be next.
Give them a shot. I think these were less than $250...had them for about a year and they are holding up fine. Was going to order a third pair last week, but decided on some brown Carmina double monks from Skoak.
Shoes are Meermin. Pants are part of a Kent Wang suit.
I have something special for this one...a Bay Area baseball tie, just for Sugarbutch.
AJL, I'd say you did pretty good for RTW.
I still think Sugarbutch put together the only fit that is entirely casual, which you have to do when wearing jeans, jacket, and a tie...in my opinion. There are plenty of entires that are very close, but failed due to one element that was a bit too formal.
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