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 Welcome to the forum, s40.  It really just depends what you want.  Both colors are extremely versatile and would work great with grey trousers...but....the gold buttons are a deal breaker for me.  Look for something with dark brown horn buttons...much more versatile.  
 I normally just ignore that stuff, but it's not your usual so I was just curious.
You can visit Ed at Panta Clothing. I was about to order a grey flannel from the Classic Flannel book through him last week.
Ordered this after seeing Brillopad's pictures. I'm impressed. Jort wool/silk/linen.
Give me your friends name immediately and I will make sure he doesn't have a head to put that hat on....traitor!Ozzy was one of everyone's favorite players.
Holy cow 6, that's awesome. You don't normally show that much cuff....your tailor mess up?
 You are allowed to support one team and one team only, but you can keep buying tickets to my A's game...maybe it will keep them in Oakland.
  Welcome to the forum, NK.  Ask here http://www.styleforum.net/t/151480/kent-wang-affiliate-thread
 Don't make me post that pic of you in the A's hat!
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