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Worn for about eight hours indoors. Zegna lambskin Euro sz 50 jacket for $225. If its legit (can't tell) someone might want it.
I bet they refer to it as "big data" lol
Just used my rumble roller for the first time. One of the small blue ones. Dunno if it actually *helps* with stuff, but it feels godlike.
Budget? If I knew what fit properly I'd be willing to pay $220 for a raw selvedge pair or something (ie, 3sixteen list price).   If it helps at all, I'm 5'9", 30" inseam, 30" waist, ~37" hip, 23.5" thigh, 16.5" calf. *shrug* Those are all circumference by the way.   The only pair of jeans I have that kind of fit OK, 33/30 of some off brand I got at Ross. Thought I was supposed to go with a longer inseam because looking at the WAYWT thread most people seem to have quite a bit of stacking above the shoe for instance.   Any specific suggestions on a brand/model? To put it bluntly I am a noob. Thanks a lot for responding though.
Lololol trust me I did not for one second consider buying those, was just trying them on. And I only took a pic because it was hilarious.   IIRC these were Levi 550s, does that look like a proper fit? The 550s are "relaxed at seat and thigh" and "slightly...   Suggestions on finding a pair of jeans that fit properly would be... great. Waist is about 30", thighs are a bit over 23.5" in circumference. T_T <--- 32x32 514s. Looks hilarious.
  Check my whack form. Also I tried on like 30 pairs of jeans today at Macy's. Like every major Levi's fit I could find. I think 32x3x 501s are the best I can get, but the waist is too big and the ass is like, crinkly and loose. Siiiiigh.
I think it physically pains me when I see 300 lb middle aged women come into the gym to do tricep kickbacks and curls. Also, aren't there like several Sheiko programs?
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