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Color: Blue Size: XL Material: Polyamide   Measurements  laid flat: Shoulders: 18.5" Chest (pit to pit): 23" Waist opening: 21.5"
@sinnedk pics or it didn't happen!
@artishard116, looks great!    @nicelynice, I suppose I could go to Denim Revival and get the sleeves shortened... I'm a bit hesitant as it's so new... but the zipper makes the end of the sleeve really stiff (and it pushes up on my hand) so I'm really tempted to get it done.
The Julius jackets are available for long term testing - please see my classifieds.   The Julius leathers have a dry hand.  The Julius calf is slightly thicker than the lamb and has a distressed finish.  It isn't as heavy as the Rick calf from this season (which is a plus if you're looking to wear the leather in the spring or summer).   Rick (left)  Julius (right)  
 Challenge accepted. I'll post pictures later.
Took better pictures with my camera instead of my iPhone.   RO calf leather closeup compared to the Julius lamb:    
After posting in the leather jacket thread for a while, I figured I'd jump over here.    
Here you can see how I'm measuring the shoulders in the front (16-16.5") and the back (16.5-16.75"):     My chest is slim (39-40" actual measurement) but I have broad, athletic shoulders and typically require 17.5-18" shoulders on a blazer. I get pretty significant shoulder divot in many designers that cut slim suits unless I size up one or two sizes. You can see me in a Rick Owens XL (52) and two SLP size 52 blazers:       Shoulders definitely don't fit...
So the RO Calf Stooges this season in size 50 is a 4lbs jacket.  The Julius I have is a thin, dry, lambskin that has a natural shine.  The Calf we've been discussing is thick and a little bit oily to the touch with a matte finish.   Here are the sleeve ends next to each other:   I hope this picture conveys some sense of how thick the leather is on the stooges:   A big difference in grain - the Calf has a much heavier grain than the lamb (as you'd...
Just got the RO Calf leather Stooges.  WOW   Incredibly heavy leather - super thick... super substantial... super soft.   Size 50 is 21.5" pit to pit, 16.5" shoulders by my measurement. It's fitted on me and I'm 5'11, 175lbs.     I'll post some pictures of the leather in a second comparing it to the Julius lambskin jacket that I have.
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