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Me three - I'm at 13 months waiting for a blazer.
D01 is 17cm.
 Are you suggesting shoes have hands? or perspective? Hahaha, anyway.  All the m_moria footwear seems to be very limited release.  Last time I was at Dover Street Market in NY they had quite a few.  I don't think they are available online.
Had my LAICO breadstick trousers taken in. Tailor did a fantastic job.  
  I don't know if anyone else saw this colorway pop up on DL.  Easily my favorite colorway that I've seen the drips in (or maybe tied with the urine colorway). Their stock didn't seem to last more than a few days!
I think I may overlook the... authorship issue. It's made with Guidi leather?
 They have listings for MA+ style wallets listed as "Guidi"... do you know which they are? I'd love to get one.
These appear authentic but I've never seen the Ranger boots with 11 eyelets... can anyone else confirm they are legit?  
Have you guys not noticed the Hedi style guide?   Only thing that goes in pockets is four fingers (never thumbs).
 I ended up getting a size 33 (fits my hips and thighs really well).  The size 33 has a 35" waist, which is huge on me (I have a 31" waist; athletic build) so I took it to Denim Revival in LA to get it taken in.  I didn't want the rear darts, pocket spacing or tags to get messed up so I asked them to take in the waist at the side seams above the rivets.
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