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@sinnedk I've had the heel on both my CCP tornadoes lift off (separate from the outsole) and The Firm put nails in as a fix.  Unfortunately, the nails weren't enough and I took them to Raul @ Willie's Shoe Shop and he used screws to hold on the heels and I haven't had problems since.     @dmash I haven't been impressed by the firm.  Raul will go to lengths to preserve the silhouette and style of the boot when repairing but the Firm slapped a double thick rubber heel on...
Does anyone know whether the GM/2576 Lined-Unlined Blazer fits differently than the GM/2320 Lined Blazer?  I'm a size 50 and I'm worried about the shoulders being too narrow on the 2576 Blazer.
Me three - I'm at 13 months waiting for a blazer.
D01 is 17cm.
 Are you suggesting shoes have hands? or perspective? Hahaha, anyway.  All the m_moria footwear seems to be very limited release.  Last time I was at Dover Street Market in NY they had quite a few.  I don't think they are available online.
Had my LAICO breadstick trousers taken in. Tailor did a fantastic job.  
  I don't know if anyone else saw this colorway pop up on DL.  Easily my favorite colorway that I've seen the drips in (or maybe tied with the urine colorway). Their stock didn't seem to last more than a few days!
I think I may overlook the... authorship issue. It's made with Guidi leather?
 They have listings for MA+ style wallets listed as "Guidi"... do you know which they are? I'd love to get one.
These appear authentic but I've never seen the Ranger boots with 11 eyelets... can anyone else confirm they are legit?  
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