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huh? that was unexpected. I wonder if it will hold up
machete attack looks like a personal dispute and suicide bombing not so muchmeanwhile Iraqi arrested in Poland for planning terrorist attack in the city of łódźhttp://wiadomosci.wp.pl/kat,1329,title,W-Lodzi-zatrzymano-Irakijczyka-podejrzanego-o-terroryzm,wid,18437915,wiadomosc.htmldamn you can fill this thread daily nowadaysI'm on the otherhand I'm waiting for apologetics from the usual bunch like mainstream media, TYT, Reza Aslan or Glenn Grennwald and expected tribalism...
^this should go to the terrorism thread
no, no, noyou don't get it, progressives feel snub and feel that Bernie was cheated and everything was stacked against him, they only hate trump a tiny little bit more than Hillary. One way to appease them would be to select a known progressive, Warren. Trump did it correctly, to appease true conservatives/cruz crowd he selected Pence as VP. She selected some dude who is for wall street deregulation and TPP this will not resonate well with Bernie crowd. It's massive fuck...
it skipped my attention when it originally happened, but apparently major online news outlet TYT crew was trolled by Alex Jones at RNC and totally lost their shit diff angle better quality
http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/dnc-replaces-two-vermont-delegates-because-theyre-men/article/2597311 finally the progressive dream coming true
1 seat can cost her election, I think it's a miscalculation on her part, she must think she has this thing wrapped up already but don't get me wrong it made me happy, I want her to lose
hehbut seriously conservatives would give him shit over that, but it's not like level playing field liberals should be OK with having multiple wives and kids from diffrent marriages
After she did not endorse Bernie and waited for his de facto elimination to endorse Hillary at last moment? I don't think so.
German minister making an idiot of himself“We cannot ignore — and I don’t know the solution, but without a doubt, and this was the case in this instance — that the glorifying of violence in internet games has a damaging effect on the development of young people,” Thomas de Maizière, the German interior minister, said on Saturday.http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/07/24/world/europe/munich-shooting-attack.htmlanyway this summary from telegraph has more details than usual...
New Posts  All Forums: