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well nick don't mistake me for someone from bomb Iran crowd, I think Iran did decent job minding its own buisness for the most part and I wish them well But I understand jews and shit they have to deal to for several decades now I think they have been reasonable and measured not all of the time but most of the time, and Israel gets flak from EU and west all the time while the same people kiss asses of Saudis and for example make them heads of UN human rights comitee (LOL)
Israel is less in the wrong that countries that keep harrasing it, but yeah if my tax dollars would go to places like Turkey/Isreal/ Pakistan/buttfuck nowhere I wouldnt be happy about that.
look how it fits ;P
it's not worth suffering through mate, even for the tits
it would make x100 more sense to keep it like; Ellaria killed Myrcella and Cercei declares war on Dorne anyway, achieves same result saves time, doesn't remove actors that know how to act. I hope we don't get to see lame snakes anytime soon.
coming from country where education is funded from taxes I think it has some advantages over private funding 1. social mobility for plebs 2. student is a necessary evil not customer and you can't get away with being a dick to your teacher, you will get ignored at best Overall I think state funding for education seems to be a good thing, however with current state of US schools I'd probably wouldn't be in favour state founded education, unless it would only include STEM...
^ I may be wrong because it's recorded with some ancient phone but it seems to be Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yiannopulous(guy who says feminism is cancer, pretty sure it's his voice). I'm sure if we'd listen to whole discussion it would be most likely issue and fact based debate with occasional libtard trolling from Milo. I guess whole debate is a counter movement to SJWism and hence local SJWs and feminists send their cultists to heckle/disturb the event. So they are...
My guess would be ideep frying oil
how did you like it?
GOAT scene was when those two girl walked in to Trystane cabin with huge smiles on their faces and a fucking whip(assasins weapons of choice in close quarters apparently) Also Idk if these hacks done too much porn before GoT or what, but it's not facial expression a killer would have. For a while I thought it's a joke and they will drop to their knees and start sucking him but somehow the scene managed to end up being even worse than that with that massively corny...
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