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https://www.jihadwatch.org/2016/09/washington-state-turkish-muslim-arcan-cetin-arrested-for-murder-of-five-people-inside-cascade-mall no proof so far it was an act of terror suspect identified as Arcan Cetin
all points to that being an accident but they can't officially appologize because Assad is in theory the enemy in Syria, even if they don't egage him directly
both video and music is just another level, Rammstein makes German sound cool
What Reveller said is so blatantly and demonstrably true that it makes your out of touch with reality reply even more hilarious
^ that's the same problem alt-right has, there are intelligent people with legitimate concerns in their ranks as well as racists of worst kind and I think you correct pointing out that this will prevent them from getting support of the general public.
^ ye well I have to concede that point in this discussion it will be hard for trump to steal those swing states and a lot can happen till the election either in his favour or in favour of Hillary- so we will have to wait and see
It ain't over till the fat lady singsI said from the start to amusement of some people in this thread that Trump has a big chance of winning and it will be close election. Tbh I still think that because I've a lot of similarities with what once happened in my country; party running negative campaign appealing to disenfranchised and old people actually managed to overtake a heavy favourite. Ratings were pointing to their defeat, yet they won. Some people from big cities...
I would suggest frontline ISIS and ALQ soldiers ultimately are motivated by something more selfish than that. By their belief in martydom and vision of heaven that awaits them. I doubt it eventually matters if they would achieve this under ISIS banner or banner of some other organization. Ultimately if like you put it these fuckwits didn't hold these beliefs they wouldn't join either ALQ or ISIS. ISIS is doing a much better job with marketing though and selling their...
I think you are approaching it from wrong angle. They have very similar goals but they do approach them diffrently using diffrent methods and strategies. Ideologically they are close to each other, if your motivation is to remove secular/apostate governments from ME and western influence you can join either. In fact ISIS partially sprung with AlQ Iraq branch. They do recruit some of the same people as their agendas are in many points very alike, plus with ISIS they do...
It's not so much a problem that there are predominately muslim areas, this is natural for all people to stick around with people from their own country/culture. Problem is some of people in those area wish to live their lives in total ignorance of culture/laws etc forming parrarel societies(probably size of minority pop. plays role too). From what I observed/read so far it is predominately self-segregation.As much as kids sympathizing with extremist agenda- we at least...
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