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I also don't get why you are so mean all the time Bhowie you're a moron too so you should be sympathetic to me at least
pushing 18 but very immature
women not checking men out (well at least not as often as men do), we stare a lot I don't know why is that some old wise person tell me plz
the last missing tune, found it after all these years My life is complete now
^sounds a like a fun guy
^is there something I don't know about codfish or a microwave?
Basing it on my extensive and long(2yr) career(lowest level) in a corporation, I say this is a classic Houston-Dallas scenario. Houston sees you as a role player, so figure out who is willing to overpay for you(Dallas).
take a dump on him asap, i think your relationship has peaked
well if he isn't share holder he probably doesn't give a shit about company saving money or not I'd say just before you jump ship take big load of work and leave it unfinnished in various stages of progression, then don't return his calls
well zone is team oriented D so if people never/rarely played zone before it's gonna suck balls when you play it (well maybe it can work if the opponent team can't hit a thing from outside and don't move well on O or in other words when they suck too )
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