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^ I enjoyed the movie too Just watched Dancer in the dark with Bjork and it was very good, esp if you like/tolerate musicals
meh another remake, so lame
90% of them don't belong in our societies, I think it should be pretty obvious by now let them stay in Lebanon and Turkey and wherever rest of these freeloaders are from
yeah it's most definitely his tactic to be vague and even contradictory at time, the more a politician gets in detail the more people are gonna disagree with it, he is running this campaign on his personality we don't really know any specifics about his policies other than some generalities like republican, replace obamacare (and replace it with trumpcare w/e it is), not intervene in syria, change trade deals, limit illegal immigration but really no specifics how to do...
ending was lame I think another knock on him is that his movies are all pretty much the same concept and style, little variation or growth between his early and late films, you've seen one you've seen them all they are pretty entertaining though
make America great again and watch blood coming out from their whereversyou can do it
War movie was his 2nd best after Pulp fiction imo it was terrific imo, especially all the languages used after watching so many war movies esp Hollywood ones I loved opening scene where Landa spoke actual german, I've seen all sans Jackie Brown I think and the new one. I've also seen the True Romance which was written by him and it was very good too.Anyways if a guy says he didn't like Pulp Fiction then I guess Tarantino is just no for him.
you want feminists to win
you're missing out man
I've enjoyed it, good book for a basketball fan
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