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 I hate dry cleanners, couldn't they just use plastics straps or something, morans
 voted for Amar, but there were  others who were good too
^ main character from Last of the Mohicans
thank you for suggestions, unfortunately Tiecrafters are a long way from me, on a different continent :P But some sort of specialized dry cleaners could be a good idea... not your regular dry cleaner devils who break buttons :/
just rewatched last of the Mohicans with my dad; it's a really great well paced movie with amazing music
Wasn't the whole versality talk about black grenadine not black knits? Because grenadine seems hella more versatile to me.
Hi, so what's the preferable procedure in cleaning a silk scarf dry cleaning or hand wash? What is more damaging to the fabric? It has a bad small(bought SH). I haven't own a silk scarf before so pardon my ignorance Any tips would welcome as well.
Tie is a little overkill but I don't agree it such a hard combo to pull off... not really, not with tweed and suede or casual shoes/boots. it's more some preconcieved notion that jeans are work clothing and should not be mixed with sport coats.
 I really liked it
don't worry about Swaggy though, you are so screwed it won't make a difference anyway :)
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