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that tee is awesome
used pal zileri lab supposedly black, cotton. Dude wants 60$ Im thinking of buying it for streetwear purposes.
Or get both Lopezes
well overall the main reason could be that its still easier to shoot a set shot for most men
anyway i just youtubed it; it has been done already lol looks weird, but seems you're right with it being close to lane violation, but i guess that also depends how you land
well yea you're right FT is a good indicator of shooting ability, butif you shoot 60% FT you could at least try :P would be easy because i never land more than say 30cm closer to the rim on midrange jumpshot, so extra 40-50cm would be more than enough and my jumpshot from there is as good as from FT - I guess for a PRO it would be super/very easy to learn and get respectable result
it's pretty easy to do, i could learn it easily it is still easier do shoot a regular set shot, because you have more control but i guess a jumpshot could work for people that suck at FT
you don't have to shoot from the line either, you can move 1-2 feet back no problemo
who said you can't jump on freethrowsyou can
idk, it would seem logical that sweep and sway is more useful to the guys that have poor elevation on jumpshot, as it creates some extra lift at least it seems to me that it does tbh i noticed people have their feet turned when they shoot before these vidoes came out, and it's really logical since it makes shooting way easier to have your elbow pointing directly at the basket when you shoot. Still they are helpful and tbh they helped me become better shooter. Anyway i...
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