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Many/most who id as feminists are really egalitarians(fortunately). They have no idea of core ideas of feminism etc when u take a look at activists/scholars who get most following it is ugly, plain ugly. Last girl who told me shes a feminist, really wanted to be dominated and asked to be slapped in bed rofl, many many women have exactly zero idea what feminists loons are about, they just assume its about equality and its cool like Che stickers were 10yrs ago, thats my exp...
Germany needs to sell cars, eu needs to sell products, its not like EU can damage UK without damaging itself
most of them are lunatics, certainly whole 3rd wave feminism now. Somewhat moderate 2nd wave feminism is now hard to find. When core belief of your ideology is that western women are oppressed and that there is rape culture in the west than your ideology is fucking bonkers and youre a lunatic. Yes, yes not all nazis- just most of them.
Probably searches from 2 million polacks living there 🐗
Everyone knew pound would go down for a while, doesnt matter. Also it would be sucide to ignore the referendum.
Still could be an act of terror, anyway interesting news
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3656518/Gunman-opens-fire-German-cinema.html failed attack in Germany motives not known yet
you mean Pentagon or CIA ?
so far remain winning by narrow margin http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36612368 edit; and now leave leads by 20k votes this may be a close one
I sort of agree with Joffrey, the show feels cheap and dumbed down compared compared to seasons 1-4, it is still by far best sci-fi/fantasy show out there anyway last episode was very solid, looking forward to R+L=J stuff in next episode
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