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lol jared dudley best teammate ever
well if that one skill is scoring than okaybut being good offensive rebounder doesn't warranty a max in my book, they are unlikely to offer him more than 16mil/yr which is still a lot for player like that, let's not fool ourselves if these guys were on raptors nobody would even consider playing them 16mil
that was a pretty good sub
idk any team crazy enough to give thm this kind of money, even the wolves wouldn't do itwell okay maybe besides the wolves
lmao, Iggy is 2x better, they are mad to offer him 16mil in the first place
Half of the players drafted top10 turn out mediocre- so yes this draft has a big bust potential. Say like 50%.
I'm old school then, and still I would be ok with giving MVP to James. Not looking at the numbers it was easy to see that James was in league of his own and without him it would 4 straight 30pts blowouts. If he was only better than GSW players and with better team like last year SAS vs MIA then NOBODY would propose him as the finals MVP. And nobody did last year iirc. He outclassed other players, therefore he was in conversation. And imo it was a good thing.
Obviously it's for the best player on the winning team only time it was otherwise it was with Jerry West who dominated and was by far the best player. LBJ was miles ahead of everyone that's why he got votes. If he wouldn't be a lvl above everyone else he wouldn't be considered.
cool but he didn't exist in more than one game until a comfortable lead in 2nd half was established for example game4, Iguadala carried the team in pivotal moments when curry was underperforming, he is deserving. curry james iggy all were somewhat legit choice though and there are arguments for each.
^ it's up there if he keeps playing like that, certainly most dominant since 2000-2002 finals performances by Shaq. 2003 Duncan was impressive as well, 24-17-5-5 lol
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