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Well i meant mostly for monta but Rondo can cause some problems if he plays anything like he used to in playoffs
ATL in 5 (Joe will steal one in NY)CLE in 4 (LBJ will steamroll over them in PO)CHI in 5WAS in 7GS in 4HOU in 7 (hou will have hard time guarding anyone esp monta/rondo)MEM in 5SA in 6
no it wouldn't be a let down at all, but i'd like it more for the Grizz to win it this year, they have waited long enough
Well if you would play Rockets vs Warriors sans their MVPs... then it wouldn't be a pretty sightI think Rockets need Harden more than any other team needs its top player and he has beengreat this year so he should get the MVP with Westbrick as the runner-up
besides Harden they have a v.good passing team, good wings and experienced guards(terry/prigioni).... but still yeah they should be winning so much
each time a basket is made it's 'bad defense' and it happens on 50% of possessions so idk what is your point exactly it's not like this play could be easily stopped, it was pretty entertaining as well so cheer up and enjoy instead ^_^
there's no way he would be there in time to take a charge or make a block, if anyone i'd blame bad communication on p'n'r because it seems anderson wanted to switch it and the other player didn't i think and they ended up not switching and anderson was caught guarding nobody anyways you can't stop perfectly executed basketball plays most of the time..
you may be right, he could be Rick Barry 2.0 ;D
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