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Same applies to any player who isn't a great ballhandler and slasher at the 2/3 spot; like Danny Green or even guys like Reggie Miller, Richard Hamilton etc. So it isn't a big deal on NBA level since it has been done regularly.
yeah but they don't even get to hear about pussy I think well at least less often that the guys that are not in the friendzone,but it might be more painful as they will not get close to tapping that xD
doesn't happen too often
Marcin Gortat ‪#‎NBABallot‬
I watched last one vs Dallas. Jennings and Augustin outplayed Rondo. Rondo was terrible, throwing shit passes whole game.Brand was overpaid but he was good. Not sure what went wrong he was beast with Bulls and Clippers. nothing Josh Smith ever did could touch Brand best years.
he just uses one dribble and easily gets to the basket from behind the 3pt line to the basket... so unfair
They are not. That was team loaded v.good players. Not in the terms of star power but but they had decent player at each position, especially offensively- with a top5 passer in the NBA at 3 or 4 postions. Sacramento Kings also had a team like that 2000-2005 and were very successful, talent in such team build is just more diluted. 2004 Pistons they did not have a player close to Shaq and Kobe, yet they totally owned the Lakers at every other match up than starting SG and...
I agree, however talent wins games. If you significant talent gap you will lose majority of games even if all your players go out there and compete every night. So tanking is more on GM than on the players- example you trade all your valuable players for draft picks and sign 6 rookies.
well when I look at Howard that first Miami squad seems quite likeable in comparison
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