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Former Trump employee on his sexism, before and after his bid for presidential campaign full article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3607052/The-sexist-boss-Trump-critic-Barbara-Res-REALLY-thought-turned-Donald-got-rid-refused-hire-back.html
as a chicken shit kin I find your comment offensive
Leonard over Durant for 1st team NBA, k lol
'duh, it's politics any reason to dissmiss opponent is a good oneanywya I thought his rant was hilarious, it's like watching reality tv but in politics, our own politics are so damn boring in comparison
I doubt anyone here questions her academic prowess, it's about her character. Resorting to that sort of tricks, wheter they helped her or not is disgusting. Especially when someone is a 'progressive champion', then also another question follows, how full of shit she really is? One way or another it doesn't look good when you attack somebody from place of moral highground and have skeletons like this in your closet.
that horrible offensive foul call on Iguadala was really some advanatage
I'd think so unless it's midget of color or with disabilities
^problem with this scenario is that what if Sanders becomes hostile to Trump and attacks Trump on some of his key points? Trump after sugarcoating Bernie will look like an ass then. Or if Trump attacks Bernie from start he will also look like an ass to Bernie supporters. IMO if Bernie decides to go after Trump, Trump has little to gain.
could easily backfire when Bernie decides to attack Trump instead and believe me there's a plenty of subject matter right there
New Posts  All Forums: