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I like when democrats reject Christianity but still come up with their own version of original sinthe power of religion bitch!
I don't think it has to be repulsive by definition, I think that there are many Muslim men that treat their women good by our standards and there are many women who like the arrangement(at least in those somehow more progressive countries). Problem I have with is that it is by large INVOLUNTARY so a woman can't choose. But yeah violent behavior towards women is often culturally and sometimes legally justified in most of these countries(and undeniably more common) so this...
it does not matter who it was directed at, it was rather poor point trying to deflecting hypocrisy of some of the march organizers with Trumpmany feminists have blind spot when it comes to Islam because it's in majority religion of brown ppl, that's an issue worth bringing up
very unlikely, the shitstorm caused by it would politically finish the authors of it besides May has now made it clear in that speech that they are going to leave asap
sometimes it is the sam thing, vide Palmyra
hahahahahahahahaa8 minute talk about blood stain on jeans and hitler, Trump is winning this fight without fighting
still better candidate than Hillary
^isn't he Danish and Nootje Dutch?
you ould at least link proper feminism thread instead of another one of your fails
God you are such a bitch, SAD!I see that the meme of original sin is strong with you, but please burden yourself with this guilt not me.
New Posts  All Forums: