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They are not. That was team loaded v.good players. Not in the terms of star power but but they had decent player at each position, especially offensively- with a top5 passer in the NBA at 3 or 4 postions. Sacramento Kings also had a team like that 2000-2005 and were very successful, talent in such team build is just more diluted. 2004 Pistons they did not have a player close to Shaq and Kobe, yet they totally owned the Lakers at every other match up than starting SG and...
I agree, however talent wins games. If you significant talent gap you will lose majority of games even if all your players go out there and compete every night. So tanking is more on GM than on the players- example you trade all your valuable players for draft picks and sign 6 rookies.
well when I look at Howard that first Miami squad seems quite likeable in comparison
dunno while I despise Haren for his shameless flopping he is a great player imo, he would great in any era
imo that was a good interviewLin will never be a star because he doesn't have skills/talent of a star not because he speaks in generalities:D
^ yea i agree still I think Kobe takes some really forced and terrible shots, it could maybe better in long run if he tries to distribute more while they search for dleaguers who can make layups in the NBA. If he will pass more, they will move more.
yea this is good price for Ruday Gay
So Rose should live up to some retarded social paradigm instead of focusing on what he intrinsically wants? (that's assuming that he is 'soft' which is debatable anyways)
problem I have with that is that many are convinced Rose should give a flying fuck about their opinion about his health. He would be smart to have a cake and eat it, I would want that for myself so why would I judge him? I know some fans would love to see him on wheelchair after his career is over, maybe they would make them feel better, they be like "yeah maybe Rose made all his monies but look he can't enjoy it there's some justice in the world!"
New Posts  All Forums: