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it is exactly what you say, however in internet shitfights it is often used in this colloquial meaning
that's already trademarked unfortunately
take far left positions on migrants, blm, feminism etc and attach them to a body of effeminite man, or if we go with our migrant thread you can just call them Swedes instead
Ok good point, but still I really doubt you could put xxx xxx xxx there so someone from the campaign likely had to approve the post. Still it was removed only after some time and after considerable amount of bitching. Also you had ppl like rev. wright or nation of islam behind obama and it didn't mean obama run some black supremacist antisemitic platform. Same with Trump him getting so much flak over endorsment of random idiots like duke shouldn't be as big story as it...
I'd be happy if I'd get that fit on suit jacket online
Well, Obama campaign put endorsment of New Black Panthers on his website and it was only removed after it was protested. Corbin enabled trockists to basically infiltrate labour party and also hasn't spoke against them because they are his backers. I wouldn't say that makes obama a black supremacist, corbin a communist and trump a neonazi It may be insincere but you don't shit your own bed.But sincere etc or not, I guess him getting large part of that vote is very unlikely...
yea makes sense, current political climate makes it super hard for any republican to win over black votes
^ "The graffiti referenced the Council on American- Islamic Relations, also known as CAIR. One statement said “CAIR not welcome.” Other remarks were crude and the terrorist group ISIS was mentioned. - See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2016/08/muslim-faked-hate-okla-beheaders-mosque.html/#sthash.OSqRhwvu.dpuf" trololol CAIR is a trojan horse bunch of brainwashed islamists, also so dumb they give away their hand so easily all the time
Well yea but there are some societal diffrences between black and white people communities that seem to me are likely not a result of nowadays systemic racism but historical systemic racism that was negative contributing factor to shaping black communities back in the day. So they have problems now because state sanctioned discrimination in the past. What's your perspective on this?yes that was what i meant and I noted that it is not a perfect analogy to black people...
yea he should have, anyway if you're sick and tired of your wife that seems like a good planhttp://photographyisnotacrime.com/2016/03/02/kansas-cops-shoot-woman-dead/yea but is bad though, asian were racially discriminated agianst and now they are richer than whites in the USA, also they started with little to nothing in comparison with whites. Ofc it's not that easy since you can easily make case that black people were at bigger disadvantage but still cultural context...
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