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it definitely was an interesting take at the genre, it had some underlying tropes that made me think of the hidden meaning it may have anyway it was strangely enjoyable movie even-though some sounds effects and acting was meh, good for super-low budget movie
good somewhere between regular and B movie, enjoyable
idk where to start, one of the best i've seen, amazing
I love kubrick, was not dissapointed. It made me think a lot in terms of how much the bulk of the plot was just an allegory.idk if that makes any sense, what you guys think? [[SPOILER]]
I think they are structured differently, I love both. I'd take Match Point over the other though since the stronger emotional impact it had one me.
speaking of Shakespearean tragedies, really enjoyed this what weird/great movie though it does not have some uber-profound depth it is still very thought provoking movie and quite unique, you don't often watch movies like that
lol at good though
Brand was a very good player, he played on shitty teams for most of his career that's why he flew under the radar
one of my all-time favourites, great movie
if you like a B from time to time this is just great; turkish remake of deathwish from 70s, holy shit this was entertaining,I feel the director knew he couldn't pull that off with budget Turkish cinema had at that time so it is so damn hilarious at times when they didn't bother to cut scenes in proper moments and made dialogues to be super dry and emotionless at times, overall so bad it's good
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