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Butler has a potential to be a solid starter for years to come, Love is a star. Trade makes little sense now since they got Gasol. But I doubt there's a gm in this League that woudln't flip Butler/Gibson for Love. For a good reason too.
Interesting, you should watch then interview with Larry Bird on grantland too. IN that interview Larry says that not long someone would put a random Celtics game from the 80s and watching it he could tell play-by-play what happens almost with no mistakes.
check his stats 1993-2004 if you have short memory also Kobe having only one sub 25ppg season since he turned 19 is also bullshit, so you guys might check both these thing while you're at it
His longevity is underrated. O'Neal played 11 seasons combined with Lakers and Magic, missed PO only in his rookie year and made finals 5 times out 10 during that stretch. That's a decade of being a top5 player in the game. And that's not counting 2 really decent years he had with Heat.
that's one of the best passes Ive ever seen no joke
To me they are both great players, if you give Bryant nod over O'Neal I'm fine with that. I wouldn't say it's a crazy talk taking O'Neal over Bryant it's not like the big guy doesn't have a case.
^well I am serious Shaq in Lakers in those three-peat years was an unstoppable beast, pure domination like Jordan. Still longevity wise he is more or less same as Bryant both will give you 10years of being top5 player in the game. I feel Shaq was more consistent player and he rarely ever had bad games in playoffs. Bryant is more on/off player(like his poor finals game7 vs Celtics). I think Shaq is slightly better in his prime because of that. Also he won 3 as the man, and...
anyways Butler and Gibson is weak package compared to Cavs, what use would minny have from 2 vets... it's not like they are in the playoff hunt lol, anyway if I was Gibson I would be pissed after giving 110% to Bulls and in return being shipped to Castle Black of the NBA
I should have added it was sarcasm, makes no sense at all to me either also I wouldn't like to part with Jimmy Butler, every team needs a stopper like him anyway stop hate on Love, they said same thing about Gasol, he didn't achieve much with Grizz same will be with Love this dude can ball, if he joins a good team he will be in the playoffs, still putting up same numbers
there isn't enough minutes to go around in Bulls frontline so they look to add Kevin Love, makes sense
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