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Please do hurry up people. It's been a rainy week in HTX and I keep wishing I had those grain ECs already :)
Holy shell (excuse the pun.)I didn't see anything listed in my size (9.5D) that interested me (randolph's got too low a vamp and while I love the Patriot if I'm going to have a shell loafer I'm saving up for something in Cigar or the RL Marlow). There was a 9.5E Burgundy Dalton last I checked. It's a beautiful shoe and if somebody reading this wears that size, please do buy it before I rationalize the purchase as "Well I'd be wearing thick socks anyway..." PSA - If you...
I think in general pindots and foulards are more formal than repp ties, which is why you'll see folks in the CBD thread tend to wear the former over the latter. Solids are fine interview ties but I'm guessing you mean like a silk twill or grenadine and not a shiny satin tie.
I'm so relieved for Grain to cross the finish line. I'm looking forward to receiving my pair. Now the wait begins! GREAT job WI, just absolutely phenomenal. 46 orders between two pairs of shoes, and more to come!
I'm in need of some urgent sizing and sole advice as I'm currently in a GMTO and the window to back out closes in a few hours tonight. It's the Allen Edmonds Eagle County Grain Calf GMTO boot. I'm now really tempted by this: http://www.meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4482#   Two questions: I've read a lot about sizing for the Hiro last and I see that it's down -1 or -0.5 from your AE 5 last depending on how wide your feet are. I'm comfortably 9.5D in the AE 5-last and in...
Well, fiddlesticks: http://www.meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4482#   These just showed up online. Rubber half-sole excepted...these are pretty much everything I wanted out of the grain ECs and more.
That's just a matter making sure to ask for no pinking and having a single-leather or oiled sole.
This boot is gonna look amazing. I'd buy more than one if I could right now because I know I'll never have another opportunity at this price.   As for a snuff EC: I posted somebody's snuff EC a while back. Looks nice, a lot like the NMWA Alfred Sargent suede boot but cheaper. What's next? I've love a snuff suede Patriot or an austerity brogue'd mcallister in Bob's chili or a mid-brown (that'll be the day!). I only have one wingtip in my collection, the RL Marlow. It's...
Can't answer the second but yes, yes they can and should be worn w/ jeans and chinos. And they'll look better and better the more you wear them.
That shoe is a contradiction.
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