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Waiting for full pics but I may be pre ordering both #1 and the herringbone. Good gracious.
Yeah exactly, I have pretty extreme requirements (more because of the humidity than the heat) and it's not fair to impose my location imposed preferences on the rest of customers. I'd like to try the pinpoint oxford or whatever it's called at some point, especially if the fabric becomes available in uni stripe as an MTM, but I'm otherwise pretty happy with y'alls OCBDs. Wore an old Brooks pinpoint oxford today and it made me miss how nicely yours is cut.
Hoping we can get the dressier, less burly ocbd in uni stripes also, as I'd like to wear them to work and thr standard ocbd is a bit too rumpled and warm for my setting.
Got my Madison loafers last night. Definite heel slip with socks and would be unbearable without, but I'm hoping it gets better as the shoe breaks in. Went tts, had I gone down by a half I think it would have been too narrow for me. Bummed I may not be able to keep these because the leather and build quality, lasting, comfort, and looks are all there.
 Is this close to the new cut coming out this F/W? Looks great, would love to see this style available otr.
Purchased the Madison loafers in brown calf/brown grain. Great price, and hope they fit as I went with my size in the Carmina Rain last! Needed a more dressy brown loafer as my current one skews casual (AE Patriot in brown calf) and these tick off all the boxes. Excited to receive my firs tpair of J Fitzpatrick shoes!
Fighting the urge to buy the indigo blue textured suit. I really need a medium gray suit first but I'm telling myself "I need to know how that sweet blue herringbone f/w sportcoat Rick showed us is gonna fit me" lol. Really excited for your F/W sportcoats, I think I need to overhaul a large section of my SC collection for fit issues and my hope is w/ the softer shoulders and slightly improved cut these will do the trick.
 Bumping my question - hoping someone in this thread could point me in the right direction. Thanks!
Is there someplace I can purchase metal trouser side adjusters from online that ships to the US without ridiculous shipping fees? I found "Magi Buckles" on The Lining Company's website but shipping to the US was 20+ GBP! Cannot find a website/store to buy these from - my tailor doesn't have any that I like (too large, not intended for trousers) so she asked me to supply her some to add adjusters to a few pairs of pants I own. Also if someone has a great template for...
Another vote for 3.5" ties with texture, dry hands, and/or large block stripes
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