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Beautiful, Rick. Are you going to upload any of those gorgeous solid white button cuff shirts in contemporary? I see FC shirts in contemporary and both FC and button in slim.
Lapels aren't thin at all. They're normal. SF kind of skews our perception of that.
Looking for some advice on this Corneliani for RL tweed raglan balmacaan I just received. Would you keep it? What would you pair it with? And can I get away wearing it with a worsted navy suit for some upcoming winter interviews or is that universally a bad idea?  I initially started out my search for a navy or camel, notch lapel, SB topcoat to wear over my suit for residency interviews I have this winter since I currently don't have anything warm that fits over a tailored...
Honestly I'd go neither if that's how you're gonna wear them and instead get the Dundee instead. I think there's gonna be too much shaft for that small an opening. (or maybe not, I just wanted to say that). If that's too clunky, just stick w/ your gut and get a chelsea or buy the Kent Wang suede chukka.
Seeing your photo today I agree w/ the bolded statement. Shoulders look narrower than hips here, would prefer more extended shoulders.
Pretty sure I'm not going to need trousers as my count yesterday on trousers (wool and linens) was something like 19. But I do need to get myself one of your ties on my next order because they look good and I want to see how they knot.
Yeah I meant the chemically treated shirts. I agree with the prevailing sentiment against this option, as I said I don't recommend them - summer in TX became so much more bearable after I switched to Spier & Mackay's must-iron shirts.
@Cao Cao You could do more non-iron (not recommended) or wear more OCBDs (recommended) to cut down on ironing at home. I'd imagine $2/shirt adds up pretty quick. I enjoy ironing but I don't do it enough.
^Agreed. Also I just started going through Foo's greatcoat thread and saw that my incoming jacket is quite similar in scale of pattern to his own:   Now I feel much better. Mine won't have the amazing plaid cashmere lining though.
The proportions and details of that SVB jacket look a lot like a JCrew Ludlow, no? Not trying to insult him if it's not, just saying how we can't universally pan a certain design or trend.
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