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Just ordered the SARB033 through the Massdrop deal. First "nice" watch for me, a graduation present from my parents for finishing medical school next spring. Would love to supplement it with an affordable diver or flight watch, looking at the Orient Mako/Ray and the Skx007 for divers and Orient's flight watch. I like the specs and construction of the skx007/009 but I think they may be a bit too much watch for me day to day considering I have 6.5" wrists and will be in a...
WOAH WOAH WOAHSnuff suede Malvern? Thought they discontinued the Malvern. That's great news! I've got a pair in Brogue suede I wear all of the time!
Is it possible for a Napoli suit to be fully canvassed? I swear this purple line napoli suit I picked up feels that way in the lapels and they roll quite nicely: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/napoli-grey-plain/P3457I.html   Here was the other one I thrifted: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/york-blue-plain/P2529Y.html which fits in the chest/shoulders pretty well but is tight in the waist (I'm a 40 in the Havana, both are 38). Oh well, I could use the...
The grain 2.0s are awesome!  Almost bought a pair myself before #8 1.0s fell into my lap last weekend.  Really well-executed shoe right there.
Were a chocolate suede NST tanker option available last week, I would have chosen it over the vegano marron split toe GMTO on Skoak.  Wasn't a fan of the polo suede split toe they offered. For some reason I love the idea of a suede tanker boot but am not a huge fan of suede NST derbies...does anybody else feel the same way? Maybe it was just the light color of the polo suede, as the chocolate model above looks great.
Deposit made in the early hours of the morning. Very excited about my first pair of split toes.
@Skoaktiebolaget just placed my order (better late than never) for the Carmina split toe GMTO. Just a head's up, because pre-orders for GMTO require a 50% deposit up front, I wasn't given the option to use FedEx free shipping because the deposit was just under 1500 SEK. Now, from what I'm reading this may have been a blessing in disguise as fees seem like they're going to be much higher than the $17ish I'll be paying via USPS, but I just wanted to bring it up in case you...
What time do GMTO close? Midnight of the stated day? I'm pretty close to biting on the Carmina split toe in an 8.5 UK but I need a little more time to think about it and can't right now with an exam tomorrow morning. Hoping I don't miss the deadline!
Ouch I'll have to think about it after I see how the suit I just purchased fits.  Thanks for the pic!
Oh SERIOUSLY? They look so different, the trouser separates look a warm, rusty brown online whereas the full suit looks like a cool brown.
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