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Noodlers, basic question: thoughts on tan (think: traditional khaki color) wool trousers? Yes/No to someone who already has an array of grays? Should I go for a light brown instead?
Captoe chukka just seems bad, and again the captoe proportioning is off.  Or perhaps the captoe is actually proportioned well here but as with the Dalton there's an unfortunate amount of blank space across the top of shoe.  If you're going to MTO a chukka-style boot with a captoe, I encourage you to go for the Fifth Street. I understand it's far more formal, but just personally speaking I think this shoe looks much better. Somebody has MTO'd a burgundy shell version. Two...
Any codes out there right now that work on discounted merch? Thanks.
Wish these were 9.5E!
Looks really well done! Maybe they'll eventually release it in Snuff
Most of my daily wear shirts are CT. Sleeves and back are billowy but they're cheap. Also look at Spier & Mackay for affordable and slimmer shirts.Whereabouts in Texas? Med Center?
Not a big-timer here with respect to suits but I just wanted to chime in and say what an awesome girlfriend you are.  Don't let the comments about most of the brands being out of your price range dissuade you. You are going to be able to get a phenomenal suit, no doubt.  You don't really have to worry about fusing as long as you stick to the brands listed here, it should be full-canvassed at the price you're considering (not even half). Canali, as stated above, would be...
You'll be in good company
Don't know why you were trying to go sockless with those particular shoes anyway. Sorry Noodles, I guess I don't think black bluchers + khakis + sockless works together on a number of levels.
Button placement seems off to me (a little too low slung and the buttons themselves may be placed a hair too close together for my taste).   Wait, RTC, that's not for your medical school interview is it?
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