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Yes, both are. I received your pm, sorry I haven't had a chance to look yet.
Beautiful color!
I've been trying to avoid buying this SC but I might just have to.Edit: I have some vacation to burn before this academic year ends and I haven't been to Toronto since I was a kid. I imagine it'd be nice to visit in June, do I need to watch out for any Canadian holidays when the shop would be closed? Would be great to get my measurements on file for MTM and I could use a 4 day weekend when Houston is starting to get swampy.
Yeah, that was annoying. Especially the entire NMWA thread anytime NMWA/Greg (who has created an awesome web store) is minimally offended or disparaged.
It's been almost 2 years and 20-25 wears and my barrie lasted Alden x JCrew #8 captoe boots still don't feel broken in. I remember my RL Marlow wingtips taking some time but probably after 10-15 wears they were quite comfortable. The heel padding seems to be cut funny and overflows beneath the arch of my foot, so the arch isn't laying on a uniform surface since I'm unable to wear it down sufficiently (hard to explain). Maybe this last isn't for me. I've tried on the Plaza...
That policy has been in place for a while.
If you're a size 16 contemporary why haven't you picked up the remaining madras shirts?! These things are excellent, sid mashburn sold shirts with the identical fabric for like 3 or 4 times the price! Edit: The sale is great. Purchased my two favorite pieces from the F/W collection pretty soon after it dropped and wear them frequently - the brown and blue gunchecks. They're still available in most sizes! Good time to pick up some high quality pants too.
Really want those grain split toes from CS. Shouldn't have slept on them. I know a lot of people are buying CS but not seeing very many wear pics or reviews of the shoes and how they're holding up. Would love to hear as I've yet to buy a pair.
Ditto the can't wait for easy online MTO/MTM suiting statement. The contemporary 40r is nearly perfect for me so I finally have a company where I'm comfortable enough w the base product to use these services.
On the topic of MFK, wore Aqua Universalis Forte today. Anything similar on the market that won't break my budget nearly as much? Love the jasmine scent.
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