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OCBD looks good, I'll probably order it. It also looks to be a slightly brighter light blue, like a sky blue color? If so, that would be great as I love your OCBDs but sometimes wish the current blue had a bit more vibrancy/brightness to it. Now I can have both!
I wasn't an Econ major but I took every opportunity to see Ariely speak when I attended Duke. His wife is also pretty awesome, if I remember correctly she does Psych or Global Health.
 Not spoilering because this is un-fucking-believable. What a find!
I don't think anybody's saying it's not casual, they're just saying it's not SW&D. Or in other words, dressing casual doesn't mean dressing SW&D and vice versa.  It's not, say, boardroom-approved like CM is, but people who seem to understand how to utilize the brands and ideas better represented on this side of the forum (I'm not one of them) can put together a great "SW&D-formal" look for serious, formal parties, galas, openings, etc. and look great and fit the theme of...
Really interesting concept in this thread, I like it. Subscribed.
Fun game. I mostly lurk because I'm mostly broke and about to start medical residency in a year so here are my current limits and also what I think I'd be willing to pay while in residency/soon thereafter: Suit: $400 ($600) - I just don't wear suits enough to justify spending more. Would like to be able to purchase fully canvassed eventually. Even when I'm a practicing Psychiatrist I imagine I'll wear an odd jacket and trousers on private practice days more often than a...
Where do you get your PR coffee from? I loved the local beans when I visited San Juan last summer and forgot to bring some back with me so I've been missing it ever since.
What size?
@ShawnBC totally appropriate and solid look for an interview, I hope it went well!  Since you're soliciting feedback I'll say that I kinda sorta have a similar body type and a slightly longer jacket may help balance things out. I believe the havana in a regular length is probably a bit under 30". I have jackets in a similar cut and I'm fine with them, but I have also have a few that are about 30.5" which I think, along with pleated, higher-rise trousers helps my legs and...
About 6 years too soon for me >_<
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