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Only passed in the polo because I rarely wear them (work is dress shirts and casual is tees or sweaters) but they looked great. Iirc I think the polls are one of the items SM hopes to keep in stock regularly, like their ocbd. I may be wrong though.
Congrats! I need an excuse to visit Toronto so I can drop by eventually.
Love the attention to detail and excellent customer service I've recieved at S&M. This company gets the bulk of my clothing budget and continues to impress and improve, and I've only stuck with the OTR offerings to date! Thanks for doing such a great job Rick!
So glad I grabbed the blue puddle dock to go along with my 2 linens. It looks great! Rick, if the madras drop before my order is shipped (since I requested a delay as I'm traveling) could I add them to my order at the bundle pricing?
Measurements are accurate in my experience. I wouldn't tuck a shirt in, I wear my 3 pairs casually with tees and untucked shorter length shirts like the Spier madras shirts. So yes, rise is too low Imo. I take a contemporary fit in the Spier trousers but for these I quite like the slimmer fit (and lighter weight since I live in the south) . Looking forward to the next iteration.
Status on those OTR linen shirts? I'm halfway around the world and compulsively checking this thread whenever I get WiFi just to be sure I haven't missed the drop since I wear a common size.
@MrVenneri I wear a 40R contemporary in Spier and pretty much all other brands' suiting, I also go w/ the 15.5 contemporary fit shirting and it's an excellent fit - my chest is probably ~41".  I am pretty sure you're gonna have some pulling at the buttons with OTR 15.5.
Linens dropping today or tomorrow as anticipated?
Give me a reason to sell my AE's and I'll gladly do it. Not too happy with most of them, and I agree re: whoever made the comment about Meermin. I'm interested in Carlos Santos but otherwise my eye's squarely on Carmina and to a lesser extent EB/C&J these days but I can only afford such a purchase about once a year.
I just reloaded w Uniqlo and Gustin tees (mostly the former, I like the fit, shorter sleeves) but there's always room for another Heather gray v, especially if its not some stubby shallow v. May be good for the Canadian customers though. Saw something about you considering doing your own shoes... Can you elaborate on the decision/details? Tbh from your target price they're probably not right for me or a lot of the SF base so this sounds like a Canadian market choice?
New Posts  All Forums: