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I rarely *have* to wear a suit (heck, I live in TX and work in medicine, so I could get away with wearing a shirt and tie, sans white coat, for the rest of my career, but let's not get crazy) so I don't have too many balmorals as whenever I consider wearing one I typically consider one of the bluchers in my collection (Marlow wingtip, #8 Macneils, suede captoes) to be a better fit. I'm in the process of trying to refine/upgrade that part of my shoe collection because I...
  Promised I'd share all the S&M stuff I wore for graduation but only slowly getting around to looking through the photos. It's my mission to make you sell out of this suit. It's phenomenal. Obviously a S&M shirt, as I only have 4 dress shirts that aren't by you guys.   @Spex the old chinos are perfect for these swampy Houston summers. I've got 4 pairs and if I'm not wearing linen-blend pants (or shorts) after work, I'm wearing these.
Loafers w/ a suit, for my medical school graduation. As @Claghorn discussed, more appropriate/easier to do this when you have less formal fabrics. In this case a wool/linen herringbone suit and a knit tie (considered a navy tussah but really like this combination) to go along w/ the shell tassel loafers.
Rick I wanna buy a few of those cotton-linen blend OTR shirts but they're still not up yet :( Please help me spend my money.   @Claghorn looks great, that's one of my favorite shirts from S&M.
Another big fan of BR's cotton-linen blend trousers, wearing a similar pair right now and have another pair waiting to be ironed. Their old Monogram stuff used to be pretty good as well.
Just hearing about your company for the first time, @hnwhite! Wish I'd browsed @Murlsquirl's instagram two weeks ago instead so I could catch the sale (and a few sold-out ties). Gorgeous ties though, still may pick up a couple as it's so hard to find good block-stripe ties. Great collection and keep up the excellent work!
So the cotton linen blends are available OTR? Nice! Spread collar I presume? Can't wait to buy these once they hit the website.
I don't know if it's the cost, I've done the CT 4 for $200 before. Maybe it's just that 5 shirts is a significant bolus to most people's wardrobes. 3 at a time, or maybe 4, seems reasonable per quarter what with normal wear and tear. When you need five to tip a discount you're motivated to wait for more styles you really like to be released, or you get stuff you don't want. Then stuff runs out in your size. Better to just buy a few full price. Oh wait, hey maybe this is a...
@spiermackay Had family in town last week for my medschool graduation, wore a ton of your stuff in the process and everybody was really impressed with the products. I need to go ahead and upload the pics here soon, but a quick rundown of things I wore included your chinos, madras shirts, dress shirts, the navy wool/linen hopsack blazer, navy model 2 suit, and brown herringbone wool/linen suit (this one for the ceremony itself). Your lineup is such an incredible value for...
Any RTW? Deets on the makeup? Really happy with the cotton-linen plaid dress shirt currently available for purchase, would love to own some more.
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