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I would absolutely be interested! I say keep your model 2 style, and personally I'm a fan of the amount of shoulder padding they currently have. Drapes really nicely and that little bit of shoulder padding is nice for a business suit, IMO. I don't care too much about fabric provenance so long as it's good cloth (and I do think yours could use an upgrade), but I can see the benefit for brand recognition with VBC. If you had a triple patch pocket navy or just slightly...
Hope you guys release Model 2 core suits in dark and mid gray soon, I'm waiting to buy a navy in 40R contemporary until I can bundle with a solid gray suit to take advantage of the discount! I've got residency interviews starting in November 2015!   Side note: I'm selling my unworn 38R model 1 core mid-gray suit. If interested, send me a PM.
Those look awfully slim to me. You must have huge legs/glutes to make the contemporary fit look that slim. I'd size up.
Solid blue linen today. The value on these shirts is unbeatable
Wore my Spier & Mackay linen dress shirt today. Collar works well with a tie but I agree with everyone else that I would have preferred a cut closer/identical to the standard measurements for the slim/contemporary fits. I think that if you can do that in your next linen run and go with a standard collar instead of the cutaway you'll have a great shirt that stands up well to tieless and jacketless wear in addition to looking wonderful under a jacket. Of course I can always...
@Feelgoodfit it looks a little snug in the waist already, and if that's the case going down to 36 won't help. How's the fit in the chest and waist? I don't know how much you'd be able to let out in those areas if you go down to a 36 to accomodate your shoulders.
Way not my size but good lord...
WOW. Those were awesome. Even liked some of the 'Rake' collection choices.
If you can find me a pair of OTC solid wool socks with at least 60% wool that are cheap and easy to come by then sure. I can't get behind funky designs.
@Maxy I'd go with the standard brown burnished for versatility, especially if you don't have any brown oxfords to this point.  If you do have a few brown dress shoes already then dark chili is my second choice.  I don't think I'm going to buy many more AE shoes yet I still do want a pair of something in that color. I'm not a fan at all of the Bourbon finish as IMO it often comes out looking pretty streaky/bad and it's hard to re-do on your own (it's a burnish put on the...
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