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I hate to ask because I know things are really backed up but any timeline on when the Carmina Vegano Marron split toe blucher GMTO will start shipping? Estimated delivery was in November, IIRC.
I believe the solid swatches were already previewed several pages back. I'd search through the images for them.Rick, do you have any plans to add a burgundy belt to your collection? Been looking for a decent, affordable option and having the hardest time finding something that isn't absolute crap but won't cost me $80+
Is there a way I could make my gray OCBD more brushed?
Got a bunch of my stuff from a recent order. Love the tobacco brown suit, I'm so glad I purchased it. The fabric on the soft washed casual chambray is fantastic but i wasn't expecting dual chest pockets with buttons, I'm not a big fan of the look. Debating returning vs taking a seam ripper to the pockets (at least one of them, anyway). Very happy with the light and mid-blue poplins and the milner stripe shirt as well!
I won't be buying because I have a true hopsack sportcoat from SS I like quite a bit, but I'd say patch hip pockets, barchetta chest (like your current offerings) and I do like the idea of offering pants as separates. Minimal shoulder padding and light canvassing. Half-lined.
Light and Medium blue, primarily for me. I think I'd be open to a light brown or pale green stripe.On the side, I have this Brooks Brothers buttondown tattersall shirt, it's a simple solid navy grid on a white base, the squares are maybe 1x1cm and the fabric is a pinpoint oxford I think. It's getting along in years and I'd love to see such a fabric offered in MTM or OTR. I don't see it in the current custom offerings and I can't remember if it was offered in the past...
Hope this still winds up being a mid-gray as some of the initial shots showed when you guys were testing a different fabric. If it is, insta-kop for me.
@Darkside is correct. The shirt was tucked into a pair of unwashed 3sixteens and layered with a heavy wool sweater when I decided to hike the coastal trail in SF. Was not thinking ahead to how much moving, stretching, and sweating would be involved and the indigo rubbed off.   Fact: The journey would not have been as fun if the OCBD was lacking a chest pocket. I'll be buying another one of these very soon.
Should have added the white ocbd to my last order, Rick. Went for an impromptu hike on Saturday. I feel for the shirt, but it was worth it:
 I have bigger thighs, not huge, but bigger, and the contemporary fit works for me. I'm also not a professional cyclist or bodybuilder. I couldn't do their slim fit suit pants, I purchased them, tried them, and ultimately had to sell them. Also, bear in mind that jdrizzy isn't wearing a belt in all these photos, I think the rise is actually fine, and I'm someone who doesn't like the JCrew Ludlow low-rise trousers and prefers my RL by Corneliani instead. I'll see if I can...
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