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I found myself rarely wearing my black Park Aves (though that has a lot to do with the shape and fit) and wanting something affordable and black in my shoe rotation so I purchased these about 1.5 years ago and now really enjoy having a pair of black shoes in my wardrobe. They won't work in the most formal settings but I've found them to be acceptable almost anywhere else I would wear a solid navy or gray suit or trim-fitting gray wool...
Just won my first LuxeSwap auction. Feel like I'm officially a SF member now
Good grief.
Not my size. I have no idea what style or last this is, but size 8.5 US on Yoox: http://www.yoox.com/us/44798656BD/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=44798656BD&sizeId=8
I think Sid and Suit Supply are going to make a positive change in the way HTX is dressed. We're a pretty poorly dressed city on the whole, larger-sized oil barons aside. I have been noticing more AE and Alden lately but also I do have a very skewed perspective basically living and operating inside the TMC exclusively for the past several years. When I go to Sid Mashburn it's encouraging to see men in their 30's and 40's taking an interest and dressing well. And it's O_O...
Those are def the snuff. The color variability on AE's snuff suede is high depending on the lighting, which is one of my favorite things about that color. Chocolate is consistently a flat, dark brown that I personally feel has little depth to it. Brogue is in between - I have both brogue and snuff and think they each have their place.
Oh wow, those snuff Graysons look...fat.  I always thought they were more elegant than that, maybe it's just the size of that pair?
Likewise, though more like 35 for me, and in HTX. Dallas has a few nice places (eg. Pockets). We've got Norton Ditto, Sid Mashburn, and M Penner on the high end and they're alright but I don't think Norton or M Penner have much of the sort of stuff I'm looking for.  It's nice having Sid here for sure, and they carry a great selection of brands.  Still a student so what I can buy there is quite limited.  Festari is...meh. I also haven't been impressed by much at Rye51.  I...
+1 to a snuff suede Grayson w/ a medium-brown/transparent brown (I dont know names) edge at GMTO pricing. I'll do that whenever it happens. I was also gonna +1 any desire to make a navy suede patriot but Club Monaco is selling an exclusive navy suede makeup w/ natural welt right now. It's beautiful but just a bit expensive at regular price, will wait for a sale.  Caveat: +1 pending the Grayson actually fits my foot, I'll go to the local AE store soon and get sized.
I have these and purchased them over a year ago for about $140 from RL. I love them, the color is so dynamic and they're wearable year-round. Medallion on the toe would be great but they're quite versatile as-is.
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