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Honestly Rick, we need more places doing good ties in the 35 to 50 usd range ever since Knottery got all weird on us. I'm fine with lesser fabrics s long as they look good and tie well. If you're able to get wide block stripe ties on printed, duller fabrics in that range, I'm pumped. The tie market is really packed and competitive right now, I don't really see a reason to jump in w a premium product when you've got something close to a flagship right now in your ocbd just...
Yeah, that beige or brown + navy combo is really popular for block stripes, you could also work it with a brown-leaning olive, you just can't go gold or brass.
@spiermackayAn example in an IMO terrible color scheme, just to prove that you can do it with a woven tie: http://www.bensilver.com/Woven-Block-Stripe-Tie-GreenandPurple,23314.html#.VvnvBXozz0QIf you can pull these off at a reasonable price they're going to sell really well I think. [[SPOILER]] This thread in general is full of great ideas for stripes: http://www.styleforum.net/t/400833/a-study-in-stripes-regimental-and-repp-ties/120 Also re: width I'm gonna make a plea...
@spiermackay - Stripes. Tasteful ones like you can get at Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren and also, and I think this would be huge if you can source it: wide block stripes in muted tones (read: no sheen, martin or charlie) and 2-3 colors max per tie. Don't understand why we don't see any of these at the low-end. I'd be in for so many provided your source can do a dry hand/matte silk.
@Claghorn this is OTR, a sz 40 Contemporary. The only adjustment was hemming and cuffing the trousers. Waist could be taken in a bit. Tucked in the flapped pockets for a cleaner look.
I purchased a pair of #8 shell tassel loafers on Ebay thinking I'd flip them but they've been surprisingly versatile so I'm keeping them. I originally expected to get a #8 plain toe blucher but I'm pretty certain now that the PTB spot will be filled by the RL Marlow or something in a similar cognac/brown shade. I think the #8 tassels would be a lot more versatile than loden suede loafers, I even wore them with a brown suit yesterday: Apologies for the bathroom pic, it...
Wore my tobacco wool/linen suit for the first time tonight! No outdoor shots but I'll put up a pic tomorrow, just wanted to say how much I totally loved wearing it. I'm going to make excuses to wear this thing from now on, it is an awesome suit and I cannot recommend it enough. Got a ton of praise for it.Update, pics - not great quality unfortunately but hopefully people get a better idea: [[SPOILER]]
@gbandi - what you want is already available from places like Club Monaco. I agree w/ Spex' post above, a normal S&M BD collar would allow me to wear this with a summer sportcoat or to work without a tie, the tiny collar is super casual and not really a professional look or one that's in favor on SF.
 Love it, I'd leave the length as-is, the OCBDs are cut short enough for most folks, IMO. Will you be taking preorders on the linen shirts?
Returned it but it was this one: http://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/3703_navy_soft_casual_chambray I think the pocket also felt bigger to me. It's not a spier and mackay thing, I just can't pull it off in general, maybe it's my build or something but whether I've tried from JCrew or S&M these sorts of shirts don't look right on me.
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