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@Ebichuman I misspoke. Not Reda, not sure who does the Model 2 fabrics. Their sample full canvas was made by Reda. My bad. Also, when Kulata puts it below as $60 more for an italian mill, I'm starting to change my tune...
I just don't buy this idea that an Asian milled fabric may not be a premium fabric. Maybe it's just the industry I'm coming from but I don't buy into the "Well this is how it's been done so we should stick with it" mentality, and I don't like the immediately negative perceptions toward Asian manufacturing as we're not talking about Old Navy or Banana Republic, so I trust Spier to choose an appropriate fabric and I'll buy regardless of the decision. At >$500 though I will...
I'm open to trying the Asian mill. Do you have swatches you can share/we can order? Would love to know how it wears vs. the Italian ones but it's not like the entry-level VBCs and whatnot have phenomenal wear either.
Somehow one of the madras shirts I don't own popped up in 15.5 contemporary last Friday, promptly snatched it up along with 2 of the new white shirts (can't have just one). Nearly all of my dress shirts are now Spier & Mackay, a decent number of casual ones as well. Beyond happy with the quality and value I'm getting on these.
For a suede chukka take a look at Kent Wang. I'm stuck on a pair of broge suede AE Malvern until I can budget for another shoe but the KW are probably what I'll upgrade these to in a year or so.
For a longwing, in this price range I don't think you can beat the AE Macneil 2.0 in brown grain.
Please drop some solid white shirts with barrel cuffs in contemporary soon! I can't wait to get rid of this last Charles Tyrwhitt shirt sitting in my closet.
Question, I'm still looking for outwear and found a gorgeous. chesterfield on eBay. The lapel gorge is low. I'm wondering if this is as much a factor for outerwear as it is for jackets, as most of my jackets have high gorges, would it look weird or anachronistic? Pic http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTYwMFgxMjAw/z/QKYAAOSwcF9UXA36/$_3.JPG
 So yeah this is the one thing I don't like about these pants but I thought for like $20 USD was tolerable - the buttons don't fit great with the buttonholes and there's an awful lot of tugging on the button threads just to get the button into the hole. I just think about what else I can get for $20, and that's Old Navy, JCrew Factory, or Gap on sale (maybe BR or J Crew on deep deep sale) and this is probably just as good, if we're not including the random amazing Gap...
Highly recommend people pick up some of the khakis, at $29 CAD they're an incredible value. Got them in British, Standard, and Sage since I actually didn't own any chinos, and really like these. Trim but not skinny, and the light weight makes them perfect for summer (or in Texas, anytime that's not winter).
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