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Almost certainly going to buy that hopsack sports coat. I would love it if you could also make it in a tobacco brown!  On the whole I don't really like herringbone patterned wool suits/sportcoats though I think I'd change my tune if I already had a full roster of basics. Also probably buying that linen shirt if it's gonna be an RTW offering. Any sales or deals coming up we can take advantage of if we're placing a larger order? I've sold one of my two Model 1 suits and have...
Literally check the previous page.
Can you please post measurements? Thanks!
@coffeegrowler you didn't do anything wrong. If I'm gonna pay full retail for GMTO (which is fine, as most companies do this), I'm probably going to go with Skoak when SFers organize Carmina group-buys. It's just a shame because I was really looking forward to this one.
I need a dark chili bal but at $295 I'm out. I don't think we killed it. If you are a shoe company offering an MTO service you should make sure that your manufacturing process is capable of consistently producing shoes at your RTW first-quality standard without having to do make-ups so frequently. The defects posted here that wound up being sent back were bad. Mistakes were made in terms of specs.  I don't think it was "Oh SFers are being picky."  It's frustrating and I do...
All of this. I have the RL Marlow but no wingtip bal and had been considering a pair of McAllister 2nds for a long time. This blows that option out of the water. New color, new style, great last, great specs, ridiculous price. Really hope this gets approved and my MTO is error-free.
Could be due to flexing your foot against a more firm surface causing your foot to flatten out more against the toe box. I would give them some time to stretch/break before stretching them but if they're unwearable don't cause yourself any injury by keeping them on your feet - get them stretched.
@ridethecliche FWIW I'm heading into my 4th year of medical school after taking a year off to work. While a handful of my classmates invest heavily, they're the exception to the rule (and most of them were able to do this because of significant parental support). It's hard - I was up against the same decision you're facing of how to handle my savings heading into 4 years of loans and debt. I decided to put it toward living expenses and loan-reduction as much as possible,...
On the flip side...best diet ever. Also generally avoid any street treats that involve ice or rabri, just to be safe. My dad (born in India) just had to push his limits the last time we went as a family... It's a fun time though. Roadside sandwiches are great, but maybe my favorite roadside meals have been pav bhaji while visiting Mount Abu as a kid. Hot, buttery bread, spicy vegetables, can't go wrong.
Any thoughts on a University in Brogue suede? I'm generally very anti U wing shoes but saw a grayish brown suede model on either the Carmima or Skoak threads in the past week that I absolutely loved. Can't dig it up right now as I'm on my phone, maybe somebody can help out? Could be one to keep in mind as this shoe seems to always be on sale.
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