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@spiermackay Had family in town last week for my medschool graduation, wore a ton of your stuff in the process and everybody was really impressed with the products. I need to go ahead and upload the pics here soon, but a quick rundown of things I wore included your chinos, madras shirts, dress shirts, the navy wool/linen hopsack blazer, navy model 2 suit, and brown herringbone wool/linen suit (this one for the ceremony itself). Your lineup is such an incredible value for...
Any RTW? Deets on the makeup? Really happy with the cotton-linen plaid dress shirt currently available for purchase, would love to own some more.
Restock of the medium gray model 2 suit coming anytime soon? Must have totally missed the announcement about these! (I wear a 40r contemporary)
If you purchased a Cantarelli jacket in Burgundy sz 50 and are thinking of parting with it, please send me a PM!
@galileo Not casual by any means but whenever I get married the plan is to MTO a pair of stingray Sinatras. I think these would look great with any color of tux you choose.
I know this has been asked before, but I'm trying to make my first NMWA kop and don't wanna lose out in the search so is the tailoring credit applied in the final price for the private sale? Thanks!
@dazedstate contemporary.
The suit is beautiful, you can find some pics of me wearing it in this thread. I'll probably be wearing it again very soon, and looking forward to it!
Rick, any plans for a staple navy flannel in your f/w sport coat offerings? Been unable to find one and it hasn't been a priority living in TX but would still be nice to have. Also hopeful to see some nice odd jacket patterns. Any changes to the fit planned? (I wouldn't hate it if the model 2 were a couple cm longer)
Is it that time of the year again already?
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