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Those pearl buttons on black suede are incredible. Wore my Madisons again today, no sock pulling, and they felt a lot more comfortable as they continue to break in! Happy because I wanted to keep these shoes, the last and design is gorgeous.
@spiermackay when does the pre-order end? Will the remaining jackets be released before the pre-order for these 5 is over? Thanks!
:embar:Love that idea of cotton separates. I need higher rise, dressy cotton pants. Trouser change: I'm not buying suits from yall because the contemporary pants fit a bit too slim and low rise. Would aim for an 8.5" opening and a flat front with rise of 11 to 11.25 to be accommodating to the largest number of people's tastes. A bit more room through the thigh/hip would also be nice. This also goes for cotton dress pants you develop. For the jacket, go with slightly...
I actually went TTS on the crosshair loafers and the fit is great for me with a minimal amount of heel slip. I think i'd have had too tight a squeeze in the forefoot had I gone down a half size. My feet are a little on the wide-side though (but I take regular widths in most all shoes nonetheless).
Not at all, I'll give it a shot. Prefer thin wool given that I live in an urban swamp but it's worth a try.
Will buy it when you do!
I too hope/expect they'll break in soon as they already received compliments and I'm very impressed with the construction and quality of my first pair of J Fitzpatrick shoes! They're easily on par with my Carmina and the C&J benchgrade I used to own (Don't think I ever owned any handgrades). As for the sock thing - I'm glad I'm not alone. Most of my socks are a wool/nylon blend from Lands End, I'll experiment with other pairs and see what happens but I again think it's...
That large block stripe is great, I received mine a few weeks ago and like it quite a bit!
First day wearing the Madison, killing my feet, which is kinda expected. Pulling my OTC wool socks down constantly is not. Idk what it could be, this has never happened before, they're not falling, each step yanks em down. Hoping it resolves w break in.
Light blue wharton stripe is a great fabric, purchased it a few months ago. Are we to expect another batch of shirts soon? There are two I definitely plan to purchase and I can't really say there's a third I want for sure, but I also don't want my selections to run out!
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