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For sale are the following pants. No returns. Reasonable offers entertained. Prices do not include shipping. Please ask all questions before purchasing. All of the pants are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.   1. RL Made in Italy (Corneliani) amazing 100% virgin flannel wool brown houndstooth flat front pants, excellent for F/W, nice and warm. Lined in the front to the shin for your comfort. Has buttons for braces. $75   Measurements: Waist: 17 + 3.75 to...
Bills Khaki's - M2 model in a light gray summerweight cotton, NWT size 38, unaltered, no stains/tears/damage. measurements: waist: 19+2.5 Inseam: 30.5 + 1.75 Rise: 12 leg opening: 9.5 Price is $40 + shipping. No returns, PM me if you have questions prior to purchase.
+1. Rick's said numerous times that S&M is a young, small business and doesn't have the economies of scale or capital that SS has, the comparisons being made about stock, range of fabrics, etc., are kind of unfair.
I grabbed the light blue, white, and blue stripe. Along w/ the two button-downs, the previous cotton-linen plaid, and last year's two linen spread dress shirts, I have a nice rotation of work-friendly shirts for the Texas heat. I'm with you, totally fine wearing these spread collars without a tie but made up in an Italian semi-spread they would have been even better.
It's the thought that counts
For the record though, isn't the Skoak shoe that flVinny posted a Carlos Santos and not Carmina?
Please do explain where you see SS being significantly better in terms of quality. Given the fervor of your response I'm expecting to learn something new and shocking.
You're a good father.
@Claghorn The McAllisters? I don't know what it is about them but something feels off compared to offerings from Carlos Santos (flvinny's first pic) or Carmina. Maybe it's the sixth eyelet or how close together the pieces of leather are on the "wing". Also, I've found boots are handy when it gets all floody as HTX is wont to do. Have a pair of dressy, tall pebbled grain boots from AE for that purpose, but yeah, typically it can be a bit too warm for them. What I really...
How are AE's suede belts, specifically? I have a leather belt (the Bombay, iirc) and it's a workhorse, the leather is beautiful and has held up really well.
New Posts  All Forums: