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Feels like a slim. Went tts in a medium. I am a 40R in all tailored clothing. 5ft10in and 175. Have a bit of a gut, lift weights, and have large thighs (those are 3sixteen straight legs) @notwithit EDIT: I am pretty sure it's cowhide. Don't have a lot of experience w/ leather jackets but I know it's not lambskin. Leather is identical to this schott in terms of color and grain: https://www.schottnyc.com/products/naked-cowhide-g-1-leather-flight.htm?color=100&catID=8
Which idea are you suggesting me to do? Wear it jetted or adding patches? I'd need to have extra material to add the patches, which I don't have.Re; the shoulders. I would rather remove some of the lining than go this route because removing the shoulder pads kinda worries me (could ruin the suit fit). Anybody have a tailor in Houston they'd recommend? I've been here 7yrs but I usually just go to one of a few trust alterations folks for simple adjustments. I'd prefer to see...
Wish you were a size 40.. these are great.
Just have to pop in again to say how much I'm enjoying my core navy suit. Can't wait until summer (which in Houston will start any day now...) to start wearing the tobacco herringbone wool/linen suit. I know some folks are deterred by the flapped pockets but I'm going to wear the suit w/ flaps tucked in,  [[SPOILER]]
Lucky. I got it for 50% off, sale should still be going on. Yes, Lucky Brand. I know. Sorry for delay, hope they still have some in stock. There's also an A2 and Perfecto model (both Schott) on sale.
In on the 3 pack of white shirts. Thanks y'all. Also the 3pack of japanese socks. Damn.
My new Schott. Would love dual zips but very happy with it. The navy leather is really versatile.
Are the t-shirts worth it compared to Uniqlo? I don't know the weight of my Uniqlo Supima shirts so it's hard to tell how much heavier 5oz will be.  Thinking of buying next time there's a gray/white v-neck or crewneck bundle.
Rick, any chance you have an estimate on how much work I'd need to have done if I remove some of the back lining on the tobacco wool/linen suit jacket? I know that it'll involve the taping of some seams and losing some lining can lead to more rumpling and shape oddities so it's a risk; some jackets seem to be more of a horror show inside than others so if you don't mind sharing some insider perspective that'd be awesome. I'm really tempted to do it to make this a true...
Looking forward to buying some of these new fused collar OCBDs whenever they drop. I already have 4 Spier shirts unworn, still in original packaging. I feel like I'm just hoarding at this point but... nah, I'm gonna buy some more.
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