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Found a sample in my recent luckyscent spree I hadn't worn yet! Tea for Two. I like it quite a bit but projection and longevity are limited for me.
Bummer, wish the burgundy uni arrived today as I only want that and the blue! All of them look great though :) EDIT: F-it. Grabbed a lavender to hit the bundle.
My need for new Oxfords went from a 4/10 to 8/10 this week as it cooled down outside. Can't wait
Speaking of the Thorpe...does CS do a split toe boot? I have a brown grain "field boot" type boot from an AE GMTO (Eagle County) so the current GMTOs haven't interested me much but a burgundy or dark green grain, chocolate suede, or other textured leather split toe boot would probably motivate me to give CS a try.
@smansoor Yes, the armholes and sleeves are by no means massive like something you may find from Macy's or another mass-market retailer but if you have larger biceps you'll find the sleeves on the contemporary to be more comfortable/flattering because they're not wrapped around your arms like sausage casings.
Excited to get the new navy hopsack soon! I already have the brown guncheck and really like it, the weight lends itself to year-round wear and I may eventually pick up the navy guncheck.
S/S jackets - pale Blue with bold orane, green, or other overcheck, varying shades of green, tan with light blue check, dark brown hopsack in a loose weave.
As others have said, not as odd trousers. And I'm also all herringboned out! Agree wholeheartedly with the above poster who talked about softer, less formal/shiny fabrics for your SC collection. I would have loved your navy flannel windowpane suit as a SC w/ patch pockets, your olive/forest green wool trousers as a solid SC, or that same color with a chunky orange windowpane also as a SC.
Contemporary fit looked perfect, Burzan! Looked trim and comfortable, not baggy or too skinny. Perfect silhouette to pair with an SC
Oh gosh I hope I don't buy all 3...
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