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Congrats guys! Wish I could be there!
I found a post from 2015 quoting MTM trouser prices:Is this still accurate? What about dressy cotton fabrics? Thanks!
Tauer Lonesome Rider - realizing I'm really sensitive to castoreum and as this slow dries down I don't smell leather as much as animal.
No in the wild pics but the white cotton linen is probably my favorite white shirt. Wears so well, dressed up and more casually sans tie. Wish I had a second.
I feel like those would be pretty hard sells but I'm not much of an ocbd person and the Epaulet look doesn't appeal much to me, so there's my bias.
Gorgeous. Wish they had a single leather sole. I'm going to use that as my excuse for not buying. Yep. What last is this on and what size do you normally take in common lasts? Not interested at all. Nope nope nope.
Striped or solid tie? Hmm. Interesting...I don't know why I'm having such a hard time picturing this.
Appreciate the honesty. I'm probably gonna give it a try anyway. Thoughts on how to style the navy guncheck? Almost added it to my order today but I haven't seen too many of these and idk why it feels a little difficult to wear vs the brown one.
Rick, can you compare the weight of the navy herringbone 3 roll 2 that's coming in October and your gray herringbone wool cash? I'm guessing theyre the same weight and composition but does the navy wear cooler because it's totally unstructured? Looking for something that I can wear into the spring in Houston.
Can someone care to explain the Monsieur Fox sales? The website has a separate section for end of summer pieces but the prices seem the same even as I go through the checkout process. Is there a special code or handshake or something? Don't call it a sale if what you really mean is "Our stock is almost out. Come pay full price for your last chance to buy these items!"  
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