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@Indyoshi68 Beautiful shoes and boots. Agree that most Santoni I've tried on feel like gloves, it's a really exquisite thing.  As for the Grain EC's, SWIMS?! Man I bought those boots for the snow and rain.  Took them up north with me for the holidays and waited and waited for the snow to fall. It finally did on my last day and you can be sure I was out there in my Grain EC boots as soon as possible!
In for at least 3 of the BD shirts, OC and poplin, once RTW models start showing up!
@spiermackay Ridiculous. I've barely worn my two Spier & Mackay suits and now I want the new ones. Keep up the great work, I agree with all of the changes and think the new model looks phenomenal!
Thank you! PS I received a box of goodness today, several RTW shirts. They're calling to be tried on but I need to study some more first. Haven't even opened the box yet, this wait is killing me!
FWIW I have a 50/50 Wool/Linen jacket from Cantarelli and I love it! yes it wrinkles but elegantly so, and it breathes really well.
So I know the AE sportcoats aren't well reviewed and at $400 quite a lot of money for something with a poor cut (they are half and fully canvassed btw) but I came across this made-in-USA charcoal wool dress pant on sale for $99. http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SFAE8001_1_40000000001_-1?style=AE8001   I've got a pair of charcoal pants already but somebody may want to give these a try. Looks like AE moved their production elsewhere for the subsequent batches...
Posted about this over at Dappered and if any of you have an account there and are organizing or participating in this round of GMTO I encourage you to post in it to draw some attention: http://threads.dappered.com/showthread.php/16221-PSA-Allen-Edmonds-GMTO-Going-On-NOW!   Not participating because I blew a ton of money on casual outerwear instead. 
@7_rocket the old pants IIRC are the new "slim" cut and they added the contemporary fit.  @spiermackay Does that mean you won't be offering RTW OCBD's with a better collar roll, it'll all be through MTM?   Looking forward to the spring belts, ties, and sweaters. And for any opportunity to wear my two Spier & Mackay suits! Just purchased 5 shirts in the contemporary fit. I've found the slim fit to be too slim for me so I think this may work better.   (If anyone is...
No, sorry. But it's certainly incentive for me to lurk more in this thread. Got my grain EC's last weekend, haven't had a chance to wear them out yet but they're flawless and phenomenal. I am so happy that my 1.5year long search for rainy weather boots is over. Just dropped $400 at Yoox so I'm running on empty.
Just to clarify, is this the standard SF AE GMTO policy now or are we assuming Paul will continue w/ this arrangement?
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