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@ridethecliche I don't know what you mean by grain being totally informal. I wish it had blind eyelets and then speedhooks but I still plan on wearing them in the hospital on rainy days with wool trousers, that's what I'm buying them for.  They won't work under sleek worsted wool trousers with a worsted navy blazer but for more rugged business-casual days like foul weather accounts for, I think they'll do the job.  Remember, you're entering the medical field - as long as...
@WI: are the brass eyelets on the brown grain makeup going to be polished or antiqued?
Anybody know for sure about the brass-eyelets question above (antique vs shiny)?
When I went to get sized at AE last week an SA told me the EC was coming back, along with some other favorite styles (don't know which though). I also mentioned to her that I thought a lot of the newer models were pretty awful and she kinda sighed in agreement, then noted "But people still buy them"
@Count de Monet - I think if you're in a foul weather situation you can absolutely wear the grain ECs with flannel trousers, a coat, and tie. Would be better if the coat weren't a worsted dark navy but I think it's appropriate. Would be nicer with blind eyelets for such purposes but whatever. Will look something like the Carmina posted above or these Enzo:
I'm sorry but you have no other option:   In all seriousness it sucks that it happened. Post some pics for us.   On the side: Sometimes you can feel better about it that it was a gift and not your own money but it can also make you feel worse. Post some pics. Hopefully, chances are that nobody else will notice these errors but you, and it's just a process of overcoming that self-consciousness/obsession when you wear them.  Silver-lining to all this: This is a good...
I don't get the appeal of sharkskin or most exotics. I've seen a few nice croc/gator shoes but I think if I ever go the exotic route it'll be a stingray wholecuts like these:   Of course, I'd probably wear them all of once or twice a year at black tie events, and that's only if I stay in the city to practice instead of moving out to the burbs/rural America. Edit: These are also quite nice but I'm in Texas so it'd be cowboy boots for me instead...
Typically a lurker but for all you other lurkers reading this thread, seriously pay attention here. Most people, IMO, are not as hard to fit OTR, as they've convinced themselves to be. It's a matter of a different fit, a different brand, a different size.  Don't jump the RTW ship because Suit Supply or RLBL doesn't fit you, it's going to be an expensive mistake.  Instead take advantage of return policies and try on more expensive suits from other brands.  As stitchy...
This happens and price-contingent I'd be back in. Aaagh. This is so hard.
@AnGeLiCbOrIs Do you have any double monks in US 9.5? Sold out online but man I'd love a pair
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