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If you can find me a pair of OTC solid wool socks with at least 60% wool that are cheap and easy to come by then sure. I can't get behind funky designs.
@Maxy I'd go with the standard brown burnished for versatility, especially if you don't have any brown oxfords to this point.  If you do have a few brown dress shoes already then dark chili is my second choice.  I don't think I'm going to buy many more AE shoes yet I still do want a pair of something in that color. I'm not a fan at all of the Bourbon finish as IMO it often comes out looking pretty streaky/bad and it's hard to re-do on your own (it's a burnish put on the...
deleted, will reply to him in the general AE thread
@TexJake That jacket looks pretty dated on account of its low lapel gorge, sorry.   That being said, here are my 3 brown jackets. The middle one is an old, quarter-lined Cricketeer I picked up off Ebay for $17 that fits me well and it does have a lower gorge although probably not as low as the Hickey Freeman you purchased.  I do agree w/ Claghorn that your first brown jacket should be solid or something that resolves to a solid such as the donegal on the left. Far right...
Hugh Laurie's been great in Veep this season.
Usually just for phones and a wallet but I need to carry around a notepad and papers at this work location and sometimes I just get tired of holding everything in my hands.
Windowpane in the middle pic looks great. Wanted to share a couple of photos of the hopsack with the thread. It fits great and I've been happy with it. Very soft, still not what I think of as a hopsack, and as somebody else mentioned a magnet for dust and such but happy with it nonetheless.     Size shown is a 40R. Shirt is not Spier & Mackay but there's a great Spier & Mackay ecru shirt that I posted in another pic in the Noodles thread. Vastly underrated color.
Responding to a couple requests here. First for @The Noodles the best picture I can get of a pair of my pleated pants with a pair of Trafalgar braces. Don't have access to any full-length mirrors at this work site. Pants are a brown cavalry twill by Corneliani for RLBL. Pleats are symmetric but due to the lighting it may not appear so in this photo.  [[SPOILER]]  And then for @GuP and anybody else asking about Spier & Mackay, here is a shot or two of their wool/linen navy...
+1 on thin merino OTC socks. A year ago I stocked up at Lands End when they were still 80/20 wool/synthetic and I love them. They were around 8$ for two pairs on sale, regular priced around 12 or 13 maybe. Their new ones have barely any wool . would want to see solids in gray, Navy, burgundy, Eggplant, and olive. Herringbone or Birdseye would be nice also.
This thread is so useful that I recommend it to people on the Dappered forums all of the time as kind of the "next step" for them to take once they've got their training wheels off.
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