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[[SPOILER]] There's also this new made in USA RL Chukka with the same heel pattern: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271674620633?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2661&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AITwhich apart from the silly tassels looks fantastic IMO. Don't usually post the shoes I'm wearing in this thread but there's not enough love for the RL Slaton (terrible rainy day shot). Love how the color changes in different lights, and it's a very versatile color (snuff suede).
For sale is a pair of charcoal gray Corneliani for Polo Ralph Lauren trousers, made in Italy, for $50 --> $40 OBO shipped in the CONUS via Paypal. They are a great F/W flannel in excellent condition, barely worn. 93% Wool, 7% Cashmere, dual reverse pleats Waist: 33 + 3.5 to let out Thigh: 11 Inseam: 30 + 1.5" cuff + 1.5 to let out Opening: 9   Please ask all questions you have before purchasing. No returns.
Just wanted to clarify something re: this season's flannels - are they 280 gsm or 310? The description for each of them says 310 but you're saying 280 here.
White pindots on a solid b/g are considered formal, even w/ the b/g being green. I can see a herringbone grey working but for medical school interviews, I wouldn't push it. Repps? Nope. Go with dark brown shoes and don't think twice about it. Good luck!
How do the flannels compare to what you can get from BR Monogram/Suit Supply/JCrew quality-wise?  Debating whether to wait for a sale or buy them now with the current promotion. I have a pair of mid-weight Barbera flannels and I'm imagining that these will come in at a similar weight, which is fine in TX.
@watchidiot sure you can, thank you so so so much for pushing this one. This absolutely is the boot I was looking for and I cannot wait to get it. I even take back everything bad I ever said about the brass eyelets. May snip off the pull tabs but pardon while I drool.
Been a long day, finally catching up on the thread.   And man, I am so happy I went w/ the brown grain. The pictures look incredible. I am so excited to get mine, hurry up and get here!
@peppercorn78 Is that brown or cappuccino shell for your strands? Goddamn, I don't have a pair of Strands yet and that picture may convince me to one day buy a pair. If my local store gets a pair in Merlot I'm going to be in trouble...   Also jumping on the Fifth Street love. I too recently cleaned mine up and added some paste wax to the cap (neutral, I need to buy some black) and they look amazing. One of my favorite pairs of shoes, and I'm so happy that I went with...
Seeing those Merlot ECs still can't understand why everyone so badly wanted brass eyelets on them. Didn't even want them on my grain boots, hoping it works out though.
@Isolation I personally wouldn't use the worsted as separates.  They both IMO would look a lot like orphans from a suit, the birdseye less so because of its pattern, though this is particularly subtle one. Maybe a worsted or a woolen flannel or something with a little more textural interest? It just comes off a little too flat to me, something I associate with suits.
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