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Beautiful makeup! Would have jumped on that one had my budget not been limited to one pair (I have a pair of brown suede plain captoe oxfords on the Simpson last already). Carmina suede is phenomenal, looking forward to seeing photos soon!
Which GMTO was this? I'm hoping it completed around the time of the brown split toe blucher GMTO because that could mean we'll be getting our notifications soon!
Oh I meant the region in Chile not the store
Thanks, you anticipated the question I forgot to ask about heat tech as a Base layer. On to the question of if I should really go to Patagonia despite not being in great shape or use the down market to travel China instead.
Is the Patagonia packable down any warmer than the uniqlo (are you talking about the Nano Puff?)? Doing the W-Trek in a few months and I need a lightweight but warm outer layer that can withstand the rain, cold, and heavy winds that Patagonia can throw at you out of the blue.
Wanted to pop in to wish a belated happy new year to Rick and Spier & Mackay. The majority of my clothing expenses went through Spier in 2015 and I anticipate that being the case going forward as well. I'm really looking forward to your upcoming releases and the brand's continued growth! (And to finally wearing my tobacco herringbone suit when the weather heats up, the pants are hemmed and cuffed and jacket is ready to go!)
^I actually would say to stay out of the grenadine market. There are too many sellers right now all hovering around the same price point, I'm not seeing much differentiation among them, which will make it hard for you to gain a foothold with buyers. Matka/shantung are nice but again, I don't know if S&M could obtain materials and then have them crafted at a price point significantly different from competitors who are already established. That said, I'd love some shantung....
Don't touch that jacket.
Feels like a slim. Went tts in a medium. I am a 40R in all tailored clothing. 5ft10in and 175. Have a bit of a gut, lift weights, and have large thighs (those are 3sixteen straight legs) @notwithit EDIT: I am pretty sure it's cowhide. Don't have a lot of experience w/ leather jackets but I know it's not lambskin. Leather is identical to this schott in terms of color and grain: https://www.schottnyc.com/products/naked-cowhide-g-1-leather-flight.htm?color=100&catID=8
New Posts  All Forums: