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S/S jackets - pale Blue with bold orane, green, or other overcheck, varying shades of green, tan with light blue check, dark brown hopsack in a loose weave.
As others have said, not as odd trousers. And I'm also all herringboned out! Agree wholeheartedly with the above poster who talked about softer, less formal/shiny fabrics for your SC collection. I would have loved your navy flannel windowpane suit as a SC w/ patch pockets, your olive/forest green wool trousers as a solid SC, or that same color with a chunky orange windowpane also as a SC.
Contemporary fit looked perfect, Burzan! Looked trim and comfortable, not baggy or too skinny. Perfect silhouette to pair with an SC
Oh gosh I hope I don't buy all 3...
Rick, is the navy hopsack the new one pictured on IG or a restock of the old one? Olive check also looks great! When do you expect the unstructured Navy herringbone to drop? Will there be a pre-order discount on these also?
Good lord, lightly structured, 3 roll 2 hopsack navy suit? I may have to buy my first pair of "odd" navy pants. Also, Rick "Could be a good thing though." re: the MFA/FMF crowd: yes, yes it is. This is the crowd you want.
Probably, but I have my fair share of Corneliani for RL flannel pants. We love our air conditioning. Also, I've been here for over 7 years... 40F feels like 20F used to feel when I lived on the East Coast.  Looking forward to the next round of sportcoats, I'm really happy with the brown guncheck and plan to pick up probably 2 more SC from y'all this season.
I have toooo many dress pants to try this out, but I'm really happy for y'all to have knocked it out of the park on these. Any idea when we should be seeing that gorgeous 3-roll-2 hopsack and the unconstructed wool herringbone jackets hit the online store?
These look REALLY good. Huge step up for you guys. Damn.
@spiermackay Whatever this is, I cannot wait to buy it: https://www.instagram.com/p/BKmcby5gpUg/
New Posts  All Forums: