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Struggling so hard not to buy the tobacco herringbone suit with the current discount code. If the jacket had patch pockets I'd be a goner. As it stands, <$200, I'm fighting a losing battle.
Flight delayed, just hanging out looking awesome and giving you guys all kinds of free publicity!
What color Strands will go with my new Allen Edmonds Jorts?
Are the complimentary trees included for GMTO that completed this summer but haven't been fulfilled? Impatiently awaiting my split toe bluchers as the weather starts to turn gray here.
Goodness knows how much I push your brand on that forum! Maybe I need to start posting more pics there of the shirts or something, wearing them and your suits for the next few months for interviews anyway.
I'm so in on these.
I grabbed http://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/3480_ a while ago thinking it was this http://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/3626_dusk_bue_end_on_end instead. I just received a bunch of shirts and as much as I'd like to drop another $100 on 3 shirts I'm going to be patient. Any suggestions on how I can wear the light blue chambray? I'm really struggling.   Also Rick is this the wrong picture here? This doesn't look like an end on end to me, more...
@Ebichuman I misspoke. Not Reda, not sure who does the Model 2 fabrics. Their sample full canvas was made by Reda. My bad. Also, when Kulata puts it below as $60 more for an italian mill, I'm starting to change my tune...
I just don't buy this idea that an Asian milled fabric may not be a premium fabric. Maybe it's just the industry I'm coming from but I don't buy into the "Well this is how it's been done so we should stick with it" mentality, and I don't like the immediately negative perceptions toward Asian manufacturing as we're not talking about Old Navy or Banana Republic, so I trust Spier to choose an appropriate fabric and I'll buy regardless of the decision. At >$500 though I will...
I'm open to trying the Asian mill. Do you have swatches you can share/we can order? Would love to know how it wears vs. the Italian ones but it's not like the entry-level VBCs and whatnot have phenomenal wear either.
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