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Is there a way to tell the style/cut of a SS jacket or suit from the inside label? I don't see any obvious "Napoli" or anything on a few that I have (purchased secondhand). Thanks!
All look great but somebody has to pick up #1, it's a wardrobe essential. I would if I didn't already have something very similar from Luigi Bianchi Mantova!
Agreed. Maybe on a slightly rounder last, but I'd like it back. I was really interested in that GMTO and disappointed when it fell through. Would look excellent in loden or chocolate suede
Wore my light blue linen shirt today. Cannot say often enough what an incredible value these were, Rick. The quality of the fabric is truly special, I love the texture, the speckled appearance, everything. Hope you're able to offer something similar next summer. I'd love to have an entire closet of these!
I appreciate Skoak's transparency. I hate that I have medschool loans as my sole source of income and need to put them toward residency interviews this fall. Been lusting at the low Carmina prices for such a long time and was they'd stick around til I started earning money again but guess it wasn't meant to be. (I'm sure there's $340 of useless crap and discarded groceries I've purchased in the past 6 months that could have been better spent on a pair of shoes.Regrets)
Hey Rick, super basic request but how about a nice plain white poplin in your semi-spread? If it's not in the pipeline I'll probably just MTO it as it's nothing special, but I think this has been missing for a while from your recent releases.  (PS I love the full spread but I frequently go tieless so it's nice to have some semi-spread options on hand as I think they sit and frame the face better)
@Burzan is that Kenwood in Tan Saddle a full grain loafer? Gorgeous but I always thought the Kenwoods were corrected grain (burg and black are for sure).
Goodness please let this be true. And let us GMTO and waive the damn SMU fee. Just once a year guys, come on.As for "too many specifics" - err, I think the phrase MTO kind of implies specifics. If somebody wants to design their own shoe they're probably already a bit obsessive and detail oriented about shoes, now you're letting them design one, well that just goes up another level. But this conversation has been had before, just venting, carry on.
If the shoulders were a little smaller I'd be in trouble. As it stands, I'm still very tempted. #s 1 and 5 are absolutely stunning. I have some of the good old days RL made in USA stuff and it's held up fabulously well. Whoever gets these is very fortunate.
Rick are you releasing any solid suits for F/W? When do you expect these to be up?
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