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That would have been me. I still feel that way but wouldn't object to another suit in this material but in tan, dark blue, or green.
Please please have a nice bottle green in a good fabric. Cotton sport costs are so easy to mess up when people cut them too slim or use a cheap fabric
2 years later, we are still wondering what sizes you have for sale :)
Got another batch of suits coming soon? Tempted to buy at least one of the new Guabello. Your SS selection last year was great so I'm hoping there are similarly summery patterns and materials in Rtw on the horizon.
Bvlgari Black on a stormy, cool day in Houston. Woke up to tornado warnings and rain, but it seems like things are okay, at least around here.
Incense Rose from Tauer today. The atomizer on one of my samples broke. Struggling to get the thing open without it spilling everywhere. Any advice?
I've got a big vacation coming up (Tokyo/kyoto) which will crush my savings but my name is still on the Lindrick list. I'm excited that the GMTO program will keep going w q6mo reviews and am considering taking my name off before the list is submitted. What's the payment policy again?
Gunchecks are 4-season. Brown may be harder to wear in S/S because pattern + color for some people (I'll probably still wear it), but the navy is a year rounder for sure.
Just want you to know this is how the rest of us feel about LS :)
 Is the 20+ thumb thread still going? Get this mannequin in!
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