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Told myself I'd buy a suit when I got home from work today. It was sold out. Saved $300 but I kinda wish I'd spent it this morning!
So if I purchased two suits with MTM trousers, would that be like 412 CAD x2 + 50 CAD x2 = ~950CAD?
double-post, ignore.
Ughhh I wish your contemporary fit pants had an 11" rise. Would buy at least two suits. Those look great, I hope that the indigo texture is still available by the time I make up my mind/finally cave, because that shade is perfect!
Great coats, shoulders a bit narrow and sleeves a bit short for me but somebody should snap these up!
It's the angle but it's also the distance. When I saw that full shot of you, I too was surprised at how slim your frame is. Is there any chance of, if not finding better lighting, at least setting the camera up from further away and cropping it before you post? Seeing you from the waist-up gives a really poor impression of the way your clothes fit you, which is a shame!
^ Most of the shoes seem to be EE width, but great sale nonetheless!
Incidentally,for the most part, CMs suggestions describe the Jcrew Ludlow cut.
Wish the SC were a little longer!
Selling two houndstooth SC. Please PM me if you have any questions. Shipping is included in the price for the CONUS and I am open to reasonable offers. 1. Brooks Brothers 1818 Fitzgerald Fit (modern fit) F/W cream/olive/blue/brown houndstooth tweed jacket, sz 40 Short, Full canvas, made of E. Thomas Wool/Cashmere fabric. If this were a 40R I would not be selling it, as I absolutely love this jacket but it's too short for me. $200 OBO. Great condition.   Details: Fully...
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