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Didn't see anything when the Outlet was open that stood out to me (They had a few plaids and one bold suit but it was a bright blue w/ peak lapels), though outlet prices would be ideal.  Nothing looks that good from their current crop of jackets either.  Any other ideas?
Does anybody have suggestions for a sub-$250 wool windowpane jacket? I don't have anything in wool with patch pockets or w/ a 3-roll-2 button stance so I'd love to have both features but willing to make some compromise as long as I can find something within my budget. I was initially thinking something w/ a navy ground and white windowpane, like this Beckett & Robb one featured on the From Squalor to Baller blog today: but I couldn't find anything in exactly this style...
Patriots are TTS for me (9.5D in both them and 5-last shoes) for a snug fit with socks on.  I have to be sure to use a shoe horn to slide my foot in gently on these so as to not wreck the heel counter.  I agree about getting a pair of loafers in snuff suede!  I think your Burgundy will do just fine for any situation when you want to wear black.  A snuff suede loafer is high on my list - probably something from the RL Singleton.
Do you have any pictures wearing a Chipp grenadine? I've got a maroon one from The Knottery and a chocolate one from Jack Spade (don't like how this one ties very much but I got it for the same price as one of these Chipp ties) and I'd like to add a third soon.  Also, anybody have recommendations on colors? Torn between silver, blue/navy, and black. I have a black silk knit and a navy w/ white dot silk knit, but no solid navy or silver ties.
These just popped up on the Outlets. First nice jackets in a while, IMO: Wool, unlined, triple patch pocket. Cut really short (it's called a Faro fit, never heard if it before) so I ordered one in 40L. I'm a 38R in the BB Fitzgerald fit so I hope this fits. Looks like it may be a tad big in the chest but they didn't have any 38L. Edit: Fit looks identical to the Copenhagen - just compared 40L measurements. I'm hopeful this fits and looks good but I've had poor...
Single vent!
 Answers in bold.  Read the thread. Lots of good (and varying) advice here.  This is just my opinion based on my experience.  Man, I'll do anything to avoid studying for my shelf...
No, they're only being made in black at the moment.Also, I called to cancel my order on the Singletons.  There's no special going on for them at the moment ($149 is par for the course w/ RL seconds) so I'm going to wait until this summer and place a 2 for $250 on the loafers and a pair of McAllisters in either Bourbon or Merlot. With the incoming Fifth Streets my shoe collection looks like this:Fifth Aves (brown)Park Aves (black)Kenilworth (brown)Malvern (brogue...
Nope. Just did it.  Ordered a pair of black Fifth Streets (my only black shoes are Park Aves, and they are too plain to get much wear from me) and snuff Singletons.  Bummed I can't get the Singletons any cheaper than this.  I'm debating cancelling them and waiting until the summer for a 2/$250 to get the singletons + another pair of shoes.
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