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Rick, can you compare the weight of the navy herringbone 3 roll 2 that's coming in October and your gray herringbone wool cash? I'm guessing theyre the same weight and composition but does the navy wear cooler because it's totally unstructured? Looking for something that I can wear into the spring in Houston.
Can someone care to explain the Monsieur Fox sales? The website has a separate section for end of summer pieces but the prices seem the same even as I go through the checkout process. Is there a special code or handshake or something? Don't call it a sale if what you really mean is "Our stock is almost out. Come pay full price for your last chance to buy these items!"  
@spiermackay I think I may need to start sizing up to 16" neck on my shirts, it looks like the next step up from 15.5 contemporary would probably be a 16 slim for me. Are the arms/armholes still as slim on those as they were a year or 2 ago? I don't have huge arms but those shirts felt like they would pop at my biceps, which was part of why I moved over to contemporary. I'm tempted to order a shirt in 16 slim and give it a try again.
Best look I've ever seen from you @An Acute Style!  You wear that style of facial hair really well.
Just found this thread. Speaking of feminine leaning unisex, Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Aqua Universalis Forte again today. Reminds me of summer nights in the garden at my parents house.
Any preview pics for the remaining jackets, Rick?
Sorry forgot to update - sold!
Those pearl buttons on black suede are incredible. Wore my Madisons again today, no sock pulling, and they felt a lot more comfortable as they continue to break in! Happy because I wanted to keep these shoes, the last and design is gorgeous.
@spiermackay when does the pre-order end? Will the remaining jackets be released before the pre-order for these 5 is over? Thanks!
:embar:Love that idea of cotton separates. I need higher rise, dressy cotton pants. Trouser change: I'm not buying suits from yall because the contemporary pants fit a bit too slim and low rise. Would aim for an 8.5" opening and a flat front with rise of 11 to 11.25 to be accommodating to the largest number of people's tastes. A bit more room through the thigh/hip would also be nice. This also goes for cotton dress pants you develop. For the jacket, go with slightly...
New Posts  All Forums: